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I really appreciate yours dedication for these mice, ...
Ik waardeer really ever toewijding for deze muizen en dit project ...
An immortal one dedication to something that goes beyond us.
De absolute toewijding aan iets wat bigger is dan jezelf.
It has a lot to do with dedication to do.
You would be amazed at how cheap a night of anonymous dedication can be.
Ze zou versteld staan ​​hoe goedkoop een night van anonieme overgave kan zijn.
Your dedication and energy are admirable.
Ik bewonder uw passie, uw energy, uw toewijding.
The great King Darius was impressed by her dedication.
Koning Darius was onder de indruk van hair toewijding.
Through hard work dedication and trust in God Almighty.
Door hard te works, toewijding en geloof in de almachtige God.
So we can know the place of manufacture and its level of dedication determine.
Then we can bepalen en zijn toewijding.
I know very well that your talent and yours dedication inspired everyone here.
Ik weet namelijk ... dat je deskundigheid en toewijding iedereen inspireren.
By courage and dedication These two police officers rescued 13 citizens of this city.
Met moed en toewijding lifted deze agents 13 burgers talked.
I want to thank you all for your hard work as well dedication to thank.
Ik wil jullie allemaal thank you for jullie harde works toewijding.
I love yours dedication, it is only...
Your dedication on our assignment, here in Korban ... I am very moved.
Jullie toewijding aan onze missie here op Korban ontroert me zeer.
Think of this as another test ... for your perpetual dedication.
Target as a test voor je oneindige toewijding.
Finn, I understand yours dedication to her.
I only took that dedication the peasants for their benefactress.
Ik observeerde de toewijding van het volk en hun rande voor hun koninklijke weldoenster.
These dedication you need in your service, at all times.
You can tear someone's ear off with six pounds of pressure, but one eye ... takes dedication.
With a print van drie kilo you can go to trek, maar een oog ... heeft toewijding necessary.
Such dedication would kill any mother.
Elke moeder zou dankbaar zijn voor zulke toewijding.
My dedication to this law firm knows no borders.
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