How do you love me

Maybe you will love me the day after tomorrow

"Love is beautiful, but it can also become toxic.‘‘Pattjabbers


What is, maybe you love me the day after tomorrow ‘‘?

Everyone has met her before: The first great love - an exciting experience. If this is the same sex, however, then the feelings do somersaults with excitement. It feels forbidden and at the same time infinitely right. For Ricko, as a young, unouted teenager, it is difficult to celebrate the feelings exuberantly.
Then when that love brings disaster after disaster, the drama is perfect. Ricko knows that the love for Milan is unique and special. He is experiencing his first time with him and has a very clear feeling that he is gay. Milan is that boy he always dreamed of when he realized that girls are not interesting to him. That is precisely why he fights with all means to ensure that this love remains constant - without noticing that he is losing himself in this fight.

Who is the book for?

For anyone who has ever lost themselves. Same sex or not, lovesickness hits everyone at some point. We have all wore our rose-colored glasses before, but it is important to take them off in good time - and this is where the trick lies. Love is beautiful, but it can also become toxic. ,, Maybe you will love me the day after tomorrow ‘‘ is not an advisor, but a wake-up call. An autobiographical novel that dramatically draws attention to the need to first of all love yourself and not to let yourself be forgotten.

What do you do when you are not writing books?

Then I write wedding speeches! ;-) I am the wedding speaker. I get to know stories from couples who have found each other rather than lovesickness - who love each other. And then I'll marry her off. That is the short version. So I would be unemployed without love. Does my job have anything to do with my experiences from my past? So as a form of self-therapy? Who knows. I actually studied journalism.
By the way, I am - how do you say so beautifully? - influencer! Since my participation in Big Brother 2020, I have left the show after 100 days of camera surveillance, in third place in the final and have been very active in social media ever since. I try to save the world on Instagram every now and then, but for the most part I play Peter Pan: I'm silly and prove that even at 31 you can still keep the child inside yourself. After all, in today's world we have to be adults far too often.