What do black lines in nails mean?

Manicured nailsWhat your fingernails say about your health

Our fingernails can give us clues as to whether we are healthy. What diseases can we read from our nails?

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Your nails can tell you if you are sick

So we should also take a look at our fingernails if we are not feeling well. They can provide us with important information on how our health is doing. In some cases, you should see a doctor quickly so that you can get treatment for the diseases. But don't panic, most signs are harmless and more likely to tell you that you are take a break from nail polish and nail polish remover should, because the latter in particular is very harmful to the nails. Maybe your nails tell you more about your health than you thought.

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Discolored nails

If your nails are discolored, there are several possible causes, such as Vitamin deficiency, infections or disorders in the organs. If the nails are yellow, you may have nail fungus. Brown nails can also be signs of thyroid disease. However, a few home remedies already help against slight discoloration.

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Black stripes on the nails

Black streaks on the nails can be dangerous and should definitely be examined by a doctor. Because there is one special form of cancer that affects part of the nail and result in black streaks or spots.


Brittle nails

Nails become brittle as they age or if you use too much nail polish and nail polish remover. Nail polish remover in particular is very harmful and every now and then you should give your nails a break from the chemicals. Another reason for brittle nails can be a skin condition that causes a rash: lichen planus, also known as lichen planus.

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Thickened nails

Thickened nails can arise if you have nail fungus. This is a rather harmless matter that can be handled well. But it could also be caused by arthritis or lung problems. If the thickened nails are growing slowly, a long-term disease may also be on the horizon.

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Spoon-shaped nails

The spoon-shaped nails point inwards on one side and outwards on the other. A painful inflammation of the nail bed develops. The spoon-shaped nails can also indicate weak red blood cells and anemia.

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Brown or red streaks under the nails

Mostly these are blood vessels that have been injured. Maybe something difficult fell on the nail? You can also click Swelling or inflammation indicate.

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