What are good exercises for beginners

The 10 best exercises for a strong back

"A lack of exercise is the cause of many ills - including back pain," says Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University in Cologne.

“In 90 percent of the cases, the pain disappears as unspectacularly as it came,” says Professor Froböse.

“Back pain is actually as normal as a cold, which is cured after two weeks.

But the risk of chronic complaints increases when the patient becomes paralyzed for fear of painful movements and thereby worsens the condition. "

Because passivity only provokes the spiral of pain: if the muscles atrophy, the sensorimotor system suffers - the body loses its important early warning system. Exercise, on the other hand, almost always contributes to recovery.

We introduce you to the ten best exercises for beginners and advanced users that will make your back supple and strengthen your muscles.

Here's how it works: It's best to take 10 to 15 minutes a day: Each exercise has three sets of 10 repetitions each.

Stretching exercises for the back

Before a workout, for a cool down or as a relaxing evening routine - stretching exercises prepare your body for stress, keep the fasciae supple and support regeneration.

Child's pose

Stretches:Lower back
Note:Belly rests on your thighs, relax your neck
Stretches:Upper and lower back, shoulders
Note:Make use of the full range of motion, inhale and exhale deeply
Stretches:Upper and lower back, shoulders, buttocks
Note:Pull in your belly button and maintain body tension
Stretches:Upper back, shoulders
Note:Keep your hips straight, shoulders and head on the floor
Stretches:Lower back, buttocks, thighs
Note:Pull your shoulders back and down, relax your neck

Strengthening exercises for the back

Strength exercises are ideal for strengthening your muscles in your back. We show five variants that you can choose to do with or without equipment.

For our exercises you optionally need an exercise ball and dumbbells or two small kettlebells.


Trained:Upper and lower back, buttocks, back thighs
Note:Pull your shoulders back and down, relax your neck, look at the floor
Trained:Upper and lower back, shoulders, arms
Note:Pull in your belly button, keep tension, neck in extension of the spine
Trained:Upper and lower back, upper arms, shoulders, buttocks
Note:Bend your standing leg slightly, pelvis parallel to the floor

Flys on the exercise ball

Trained:Upper back, shoulders, arms
Note:Pull your shoulders back and down, your neck as an extension of your spine
Trained:Lower back, buttocks, back thighs
Note:Tense your buttocks when lifting, push your pelvis far towards the ceiling

Tips for a healthy back

A long day at the desk makes you tired and stiff. The shoulders hang forward, the posture is stooped.

If you stick to the following tips, you will be good for your back - even if there is no time for a workout.

Get up more often: Don't arrange all of the study materials around you. Keep items that you need regularly out of reach.

Hands off the phone: Don't just use phone and email for internal contacts. It is better to pay your colleagues a visit every now and then.

Calling while standing: Keeps you fit, you are also a more active and attentive conversation partner while standing.

Think better: Conceptual and strategic considerations can be developed wonderfully while standing. Or - even better - while walking up and down the room.

Standing meetings: Short conferences can be held while standing, which also has a positive effect on their effectiveness, because lengthy monologues do not work so well while standing.

Walk: Leave work during your lunch break for a light, vitamin-rich snack away from home. For self-catering: plan a 15-minute walk after you finish your meal.

Get off on time: If you are traveling by public transport: get off two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. Drivers: do not park in front of the front door, but further away. In addition, you should climb stairs instead of using the elevator.

Drink: 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid (mineral water, fruit and herbal teas and / or fruit juice spritzers) during a working day are recommended. Healthy side effect: Going to the toilet more often gets you moving.

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