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In light of the current oversupply, we can also confirm the increased importance of product quality in comparison to the past - when
installation technicians and product
[...] developers, partiallyout of sheerdesperation, [...]
bought everything offered to them on the module market.
In view of the excess supply, we also see a higher priority for product quality than in the past
Years, as plumbers and
[...] project developer for Teil aus sheer Verzweiflung everything [...]
bought what was offered to them on the module market.
With agitation he tells them about the struggle for independence, about the
demonstrations and the collapse of the dictatorship, but suddenly notices that they are
[...] listening to him onlyout of politeness.
He speaks to them moved about the fight for that
Independence, the demonstrations and the collapse der dictatorship, but noticed
[...] that mat him just ouchs courtesyuhlocal.
Mr President, allow me to say first of all that it is my custom to
refrain from complimenting the
[...] rapporteur nOtout ofalackof politenessOr because of [...]
the content of his report, but rather
because of the need to be concise.
Mr President, first of all, allow me to say that I
Addresses of congratulations to the rapporteur
[...] not aus mangelnthe courtesy orr wegen des contents [...]
of his report, but because of
I regularly refrain from using the necessary word economy.
Reading Mr Kindermann's excellent report - and I do
[...] not say that justout of politeness,it is an outstanding [...]
report - it came as quite a shock
to learn that 30% of the world catch, some 30 million tonnes, is used for industrial fisheries.
In Mr Kindermann's excellent report - and this
[...] say ich nicht aus Courtesy, sondern weggl it a [...]
excellent report is - is
to read the rather shocking statement that 30% of the world's fish catch, around 30 million tons, is for industrial fishing.
The amount of energy we consume
in future will depend on two main
[...] factors: firstly tHesheersizeoftHe population [...]
and its growth - which you can see here
on the green bar - and secondly from the way these people live, in other words how and what they produce and consume, how they spend their leisure time, their means of mobility and communication and many other factors.
How much energy we will use in the future,
depends essentially on two factors:
[...] To the einen of der sheer Gsteede the B.population [...]
and their growth - read on
the bar in green -, on the other hand, on the way these people live, i.e. how and what they produce and consume, how they spend their free time, move around, communicate and much more.
As for the Baltic States and Slovenia, no regional differentiation
[...] could be carriedoutdue to tHesheersizeoftHe countries.
For the Baltic states as well as for
[...] Slovenia was able to grow upd the low Landesize no [...]
regional differentiation can be made.
It is therefore not onlyout of politenesstHat I say this [...]
but in genuine recognition of the fact that there is someone
who has in actual fact been able to make a difference in this area and has demonstrated in practice that an individual MEP too can set a good agenda.
[...] not thatt from rahe courtesy, sonder from eright [...]
Admiration for someone who excelled in this field
and has shown in practice that a simple member can create a good agenda.
Synonyms friendliness, value, validity,politeness,Obligations, debt, duty, legality, amount outstanding (liability), due, liability, Similar liabilities to Liability Referred to in without commitment, to free oneself from a commitment, unsecured commitment, to fulfill a commitment, short-term commitment, endorsement without recourse to a commitment, to free oneself from a commitment, to honor a commitment, unenforceable commitment, to withdraw from a commitment, long-term commitment, variable-interest commitment or liability, accrual of a debt or commitment, no binding commitment, to assign a rank to a debt or commitment, long-term commitment, to accept a commitment, to release somebody from a commitment, to backout ofacommitment
[...] validity, Validigkeit, Courtesy, Ifleaguetionen, Liabilities, duty, legal validity, arrears, debt, obligation, obligations compare Obligo partial word of without obligation, relieve a liability, unsecured liability, fulfill a liability, short-term liability, endorsement without obligation, break away from a liability, meet a liability, non-enforceable liability, reversing a liability, long-term liability, liability with moveable interest, liability incurred, without any liability, rank a liability, enter a liabilityehen, someone from einhe relieve liability, sich of einhe commitment [...]
The incarnation implies a movementofGOdoutfrom himself insheerlOve in order to bridge the gulf between God and humankind - while remaining God himself.
The incarnation means a going out of Gods out smyself aus mere Liebe to bridge the gap between God and man - while still remaining God himself.
The conditions achieved in the contract negotiations between the biggest customers and the six big suppliers have a significant effect on the rest of the market, not
least because the six suppliers
[...] account for 75%oftHe market, but also due to tHesheersize and volumeoftHite buyers.
The conditions agreed in the contract negotiations between the largest buyers and the six major suppliers have a noticeable impact on the rest of the market, and not just because of
the six largest providers 75% of the
[...] market, but also because of the size und the purchase quantities theser customers.
It is believed that Bhim, the legendary figure of the Mahabharta, visited this place to learn the secrets of immortality and became the disciple of a saint, but his impatience
to perform all the rites deprived him of
[...] his goal, andout of sheeranger he stamped [...]
on ground creating water reservoir,
this reservoir is now known as Bhim Lat.
It is believed that Bhim, the legendary figure of Mahabharta, visited this place to learn the secrets of immortality and became a disciple of a saint, but his impatience
to perform all rites deprived him
[...] his roomel, und aus loud Wut firstempel on [...]
to create a water reservoir for the soil,
this is now known as the Bhim Lat Reservoir.
What he failed to sayout of politenessis thas far too [...]
frequently in the past the CNC has financed films that neither made
it to festivals abroad nor were shown here at home.
What Giurgiu ouchs courtesy nIt adultuhnte, is, [...]
that the CNC previously financed films far too often that were not at a film festival
can still penetrate the local cinemas.
Sure, as a tourist you tend to focus on the positive sides of a place only, but I have to
[...] [...] things pointedoutin the original feature are quite similar to our first impressions: tHepoliteness oftHe people, the [...] [...]
walk down the street without being hit up for spare change ... anyone who has spent a lot of time in San Francisco lately would have to find that amazing.
Sure, as a tourist you focus mainly on the positive aspects of a travel destination, but I have to admit that much of the original article is ours
first impressions very similar to war: the courtesy the Leute, the fact that you can be on the move without standingG around Geld is begged ... anyone who has spent a lot of time in San Francisco in the past few years would find these things baffling.
Madam President, I would like to
[...] compliment Mr Parodi, not justout of politenessbut sincerely and enthusiastically, [...] [...]
he has provided those of us who want to go to the very end of the road to integration and rationalization of transport with a sure, definite and consistent map.
Madam President, I would like to give my colleague Parodi
congratulate his report,
[...] not to flatter him, butdern from real B.enthusiasm, [...]
since I am convinced
that he gives those of us who want to follow the road to the integration and rationalization of traffic to the end a safe, concrete and consistent timetable in hand.
The "good old days" are gone, in Mozart
[...] they sang thameslvesout-HOw fortunate are we that his rococo still speaks to us, that his "good company," his tender enthusiasm, his child-like delight in chinoiserie and ornament, Hispoliteness oftHe heart, his longing [...] [...]
enamored, the dancing, the tearful, his faith in the south may still appeal to some residue in us!
The "good old" days are gone
[...] Mozart hat she sI sung:-wie gl├╝ckWe like that his Rococo still speaks to us, that his "good company" is his affectionate enthusiasm, his childish love for Chinese and flourishesno courtesy des [...]
Heart, his longing for
Petite, in love, dancing, tears, his belief in the south may still appeal to any remnant in us!
[...] Muslims for theyirpolitenessand giving a few examplesoftHe open-mindedness [...]
that they show to the votaries
of other religions, Ms. Neave also dwells on some culpabilities and criticizes them.
Ms. Neave, in her view, touches on some critical ones
[...] [...] fixedtellt had and bcomplains about it after sie of den particularities [...] [...]
Has written treatments of Muslims towards members of other religions.
She hadn't opted against showing the new pilot around, but
[...] that was mostlyout of politeness,not because she [...]
had been very eager to spend her time with him.
jimmywolk.stude ...
She hadn't refused the new one
Showing pilots around, but that was for
[...] greatesten part ouchs courtesy &nd Not whurry them [...]
was eager to spend her time with him.
jimmywolk.stude ...
They all portrayed the truth that
[...] without commOnpolitenessand without gratitude, generosity, dedication and repentance it is impossible to build a civilizatiOnoflOve and peace.
[...] truth that it would be without the Gemeinsame courtesy, Dankbarkeggt and generosity, without devotion and repentance is impossible, die world the Deare and peace to [...]
If the Council is so keen to keep this responsibility all to
itself - after all, we as MEPs are
[...] only being heardout of politeness-it should also [...]
render account of its own role and responsibility.
If the Council really wants to remain solely responsible for this area - that
European Parliament will namely
[...] singleleftch heyflich listened to -, therenn muss he yourself [...]diit is also aware of its role and responsibility.