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rose meets charly: Networking creates space

  • Year: 2020
  • Author: Katrin Müseler

Dentist, software developer and business economist in one person: In order to gain more time for optimal patient care, Dr. Fabian Göckler of his motto of achieving problem solving through digital processes - with success. In close cooperation with solutio GmbH & Co. KG, the charly user pursues one goal: to make the digital helper even better. In the interview he gives an outlook on the dental workflow of the future and reveals how rose4charly is now supporting charly users in everyday practice.

Dr. Göckler, you are a dentist, IT specialist and business economist all in one. What's the story behind it?

Dr. Goeckler: I didn't have a master plan, I just did what I enjoyed. Before starting my dental career, I completed a degree in International Economics, a mixture of business administration and economics, and began to work as a business economist in a dental practice. I've always been interested in digital processes and the IT behind them. Over the years I wanted to understand the dental practice better, so I decided to study dentistry. In our large practice, the combination of business administration and dentistry has proven to be very helpful. My passion for software and digitization has always accompanied me.

Since 2015 you have strengthened the 120-strong team at TOOTHDOCTORSMG in Mönchengladbach. How does the knowledge you have gained help you in everyday practice?

Dr. Goeckler: It is important to us that our patients feel that they are in good hands and comfortable. All processes in the dental practice have to mesh perfectly so that our patients receive the best possible care. My know-how from various areas helps me to optimally set up and coordinate workflows in the dental practice. In principle, the dentist's profession is very handcrafted. In recent years, the demands on organization and bureaucracy have increased steadily. The question arises: Do I need more hands to get the job done or are there other tools to do the extra work? Which tools do I need to coordinate processes even better? This is where digital helpers come into play.

How do digital systems support you in the processes in the dental practice?

Dr. Goeckler: As a dentist, I would like more time for the essentials: my patients. Digital workflows help my team and me to focus and avoid mistakes. They are like an additional assistant and, above all, a relief for recurring tasks, of which there are many in everyday practice. Digital tools give me the freedom with which I can look after my patients even better.

At the beginning of 2018 you founded the software company rose GmbH. Since then you have been working together with solutio GmbH & Co. KG on the further development of charly. How did that happen?

Dr. Goeckler: For good practice management, I need comprehensive information about all processes in practice in order to show me what is going well and where we can still improve. One day I was faced with the challenge of wanting to analyze numbers that were recorded in charly, but that I could not evaluate in the desired form. Motivated to process these figures with web technology, I started to analyze the charly database with a software developer. I like to compare this with a diamond in the rough, because it offers a wealth of data that needs to be refined. With our rose metrics software, we have created a tool that automatically evaluates and provides our practice data in the background. At solutio I came across an open feedback culture with my ideas, from which an intensive collaboration developed.

The naming of your software solution rose has a special history. How did the name come about?

Dr. Goeckler (laughs): With our rose metrics software, we elicit certain information from charly. As a serial junkie, my colleague recognized a funny parallel to the US series “Two and a half men”, in which the protagonist Charly is “stalked” by his neighbor named Rose. Similar to what we do with our program, she elicits certain information from Charly. At first it was only a temporary name, but - as is sometimes the case with working titles - it has stayed with it in the end.

What development can charly users see for themselves from now on?

Dr. Goeckler: The first application we're launching together is rose4charly. It offers support in the processes relating to the topic of data centers. rose4charly shows all the necessary information from the data center directly in charly, which significantly reduces the effort required to create positive factoring requirements for dentists. During our pilot phase, we have already gained valuable experience with our new tool over the past few months. All in all, we save with the smart workflow rose4charly about 10 minutes of bureaucracy per patient per year. In our practice, this freed up more than one full-time position to deal with other important tasks. For me, this is a wonderful example of how we can improve our practice processes through the skilful use of digital tools and thus create new freedom in our everyday practice. Now I am very curious to see how other charly practices will accept this innovation.

What experience do you gain from working together with solutio?

Dr. Goeckler: The close cooperation has raised our development at rose GmbH to a completely new level. Together we have rose4charly created - a solution with which we can provide the dental practice with innovative, web-based services directly in charly. When implementing new ideas, solutio GmbH & Co. KG is very open to new ideas and a culture of change that opens up to the market. I am happy and very grateful for this valuable exchange.

As a dentist, you know the requirements for digital solutions; as a software developer, you know the associated challenges. In your opinion, what will a digital dental practice look like in 10 years?

Dr. Goeckler: Isolated solutions have established themselves in the dental industry. There is a program for every need, but only a few systems that combine all functions. In order to create better interface capabilities, software manufacturers and users have to work better together. The challenge is to create a synthesis from a powerful yet simple, intuitive system. charly, for example, is powerful software, an expert tool with many functions. However, it could be easier to use and combine more. With rose4charly we are taking an important step in the networking of applications. At the same time, we significantly reduce the administrative effort and save valuable time in everyday practice.

Photos: © Ulrich Pfeiffer


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