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Facebook Marketing

The main benefits of Facebook marketing for businesses

Facebook as a marketing tool, all well and good - but what's the point now concrete? There are already enough vague statements in the world of marketing, so here are those at a glance greatest benefits of Facebook marketing:

  • On Facebook you can get in direct contact with customers and get in touch authentic feedback.
  • Every Facebook fan has the potential to become an authentic ambassador for your company.
  • In Messenger, you can use chatbots to do exactly that Answer your leads' interests and questions.
  • This leaves you feeling good and increases the likelihood of conversions.


In practice, of course, these benefits don't just fall from the sky. In order for you to be able to build a positive brand image through your company website, commitment is required: Get in touch with users. React to questions, criticism, comments, etc. It actually goes without saying: ghosting your own fans is not the best way.

How it works is shown, for example, by the drugstore chain dm:


Several hundred likes and comments, which means translated: Interaction with the post and thus a greater range - the dream! And so we are right in the middle of our practical tips on Facebook marketing.

10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses

Collect likes (or even buy them - please not!) And drop off a post from time to time? Boring and inefficient. In the following, we will reveal how you can do it better right from the start 10 tips for everything Facebook for business concerns. (Pssst: You can find more details on the respective topics in the linked blog articles!)

# 1 Get to Know the Possibilities: Messenger Marketing

Only those who know what their options are can make full use of them. So the first step is to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the Features and tools known that Facebook offers. If you already know all of this, you can jump straight to the next point - if not, there is a quick run-through afterwards!

The company side

The Facebook fan page is the heart of every Facebook marketing strategy. Sure, because any central point your fans need it. Simply creating such a page is not enough (would be too easy).


On this page deliver high quality content and interact with users. There you can, for example, organize competitions or post exclusive content that is not available on any other channel.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing is no longer an insider tip, but a valuable tool that can help you like no other, Generate leads. As part of Facebook Messenger Marketing, you can use individually tailored service and content convince. Like Facebook Ads, Messenger is a tool without which Facebook marketing makes little sense. (Find out how to get started right away in the Messenger Bot Tutorial!)

Facebook Ads

Of course, there is the possibility to place paid advertising on Facebook. These ads play a key role because generating leads on an organic level is becoming increasingly difficult. Facebook Ads make it very possible to operate (re-) targeting in a targeted manner and Promote contentNot least thanks to the Facebook Pixel: Integrated into the source code of a landing page, it makes it possible to track activities and in this way to address precisely those people who are definitely interested.

Facebook stories and other posting formats

Content is only as good as the format in which it is presented. Conveniently, Facebook offers many various posting options:

  • Text and instant articles that don't even require leaving the app
  • Link posts
  • photos
  • Videos: live, in 360 ° or "classic" - it's best to upload everything directly to Facebook instead of a YouTube link or similar. to post!
  • GIFs
  • pinned posts that are pinned to the top of your own Facebook page
  • Stories

Especially the Facebook stories and that You should keep an eye on video format in generalif it is suitable for your content. Visual content is still best received.

Facebook groups

The is in a Facebook group Focus on the community factor. There, fans can exchange ideas with one another or with you as a company. Anyone who ends up here usually already knows your brand. However, that does not mean that you can unpack the advertising club at will - on the contrary, because nobody will be enthusiastic about it.

# 2 Define the goals of the marketing strategy

Collecting likes shouldn't be the main goal in Facebook marketing, so far nothing new. Concrete goals to be determinedthat go well beyond such general items must therefore be the first step. You need to know where you are going with your Facebook marketing measures, because this is the only way to determine meaningful partial steps.

Incidentally, it is not enough to define goals once and then stubbornly stick to this plan forever. Goals can (and must) change over time. This, in turn, can mean that other measures are necessary in the implementation.

Defining goals for Facebook marketing - that also means the ones available Allocate resources realistically. The most precise strategy is useless if you run out of time and money halfway through.

# 3 set up the company website - verification etc.

Creating a Facebook page costs no money and little effort (you can get started right here). Facebook guides you through the setup step-by-step, so the process isn't overly complicated.

At the Creation of the company page define the following points:

  • the right category - choose carefully here!
  • a meaningful description of the company
  • Information on data protection and for the imprint
  • administrative roles - who has which permissions on the site?
  • the name of the page - you can change this later if necessary
  • the CTA - request an action with the appropriate button.


We detailed all of these steps in our Tips for Facebook Business Pages.

momentyou may be wondering now and the verification? Well, that blue check marks next to the page name every company would like to have. Unfortunately, you cannot simply apply for it. On Facebook, this verification only means:

"We award the blue verification badge to authorized brands, media companies and public figures."

But then at least the gray tick, right? Nope, unfortunately we have to pass here too, because that gray check marks as verification has since been abolished. However, this is not the end of the world, because a gray or blue tick is by no means the only signal with which you can create trust.

# 4 The perfect cover photo for the Facebook company page

Well, a cover picture, can't be that difficult? With this attitude you leave a lot of potential on the track. Because in the end it is cover photo the noticeable first impressionsomeone gets from your Facebook business page.

It is most beautiful when Title and profile pic complement each other optically - as long as the two images are not too dependent on each other. It makes a difference whether the pictures are on the Desktop or in mobile view appear. It is better not to rely on the combination of profile and cover picture always being displayed in the planned ratio on different devices.

Speaking of proportions, the following resolutions have proven themselves:

  • profile pic - 170 x 170 pixels (desktop) or 128 x 128 pixels (mobile view)
  • cover photo - 640 x 360 pixels (desktop) or 851 x 315 pixels (mobile view)

# 5 Set the target audience

No destination without a target group! This can be narrowed down very precisely on Facebook, among other things. through the so-called Lookalike Audiences. Demographics and specific interests are just two of the variables you can use to determine your target audience. Get your best here as specific as possible: What details characterize your buyer personas?

You can also retargeting through the target group options on Facebook. In other words: Filter out existing leads and present to them tailor-made ads. This means that these people only get ads that they are most likely to find interesting. If you are in the ad then another meaningful call to action integrate, this can become a real lead boost and, in the best case, of course more conversions mean.

A word about the target groups: Depending on who your target group is, this has an impact on the ideal posting time.

It's almost impossible the Narrow down the perfect time of day for a Facebook post. Instead, you should use the as a guide Statistics on user activitythat Facebook so readily makes available. Apart from that, only one thing helps: test, test, test.

# 6 Content Marketing on Facebook - the right way

Anyone can share content on Facebook. Share content that actually clicked, shared, liked or commented become? Clearly not everyone can. If you are using your Facebook presence generate active fans want you must have one recognizable added value Offer.

And there is no getting around active followers if the page is to have a certain reach - there are plenty of “dead” Facebook pages.

So what you need is unique, really good content. Creating this content for social media requires creativity, perseverance and, last but not least, fun. Posting for the sake of posting is not the point of marketing strategy!

To make it clearer with an example:

The topic of environmental protection is now (luckily) omnipresent. Let's say you want to write a blog article related to:

  • Don’t: Everyone knows tips like “less plastic waste” or “eat less meat”. That would not be unique content, but simply the umpteenth contribution to the same content over and over again.
  • Do: Concrete facts and information are required: How useful is this and that “green” gadget really? How much CO2 do you actually save by using a certain alternative? And so on and so on.


Teaser the article content in the Facebook post sent to and conclude with a call to action. This can be a request to click, comment, or the like. - the main thing is that you clearly communicate what the next step can be. Zalando, for example, asks a simple decision-making question here:

The nice thing about social media is: It doesn't always have to be very serious. The next example has no informative added value, but is still a magnet for interaction:



Let's be honest: How many times have we all tagged someone in the comments on a funny Facebook post? There you go - promoting interaction doesn't have to be difficult. The bottom line is that it simply comes down to you balanced content mix at. Promotional or informative, informative or funny: as long as the balance is right, you can test pretty much anything.

# 7 Schedule Facebook posts

It is the cherry on the cake, the icing on the cake: the editorial plan. There you hold, among other things ...

  • ... which posts should be posted and when
  • ... who is responsible for posting
  • ... who takes care of the posting as soon as it is online
  • ... how the contribution is advertised

In order not to lose sight of anything, planning tools are ideal. This is especially true if several people are responsible for the site. By the way, you can make your life a little easier by using in the case of newly created posts, instead of clicking on "publish", initially click on "plan" click. Now you can in the administration view under the "Planned Contributions" tab Plan your postings in advance.

# 8 Promote the posts with Facebook Ads

All those beautiful posts want attention, no question about it! It works best specifically used Facebook advertisingbecause this way you primarily reach people who are really interested.

Social media advertising on Facebook doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot and, thanks to target group targeting, brings maximum benefit. With your Facebook Ads you can choose between ...

  • ... a daily or runtime budget
  • ... various advertising formats such as carousel or slideshow
  • ... specific campaign goals
  • ... ad formats (campaign, ad group or individual ad)

In the advertisement may againCall to action is not missing. This can be a button on the ad image that forwards the download, or the verbal invitation to chat with the messenger bot.

# 9 Analyze the business account with target group statistics

If you have a company page on Facebook, you should each Possibility to evaluate use. After all, you can only get better if you know what works and what doesn't.

The analysis tools (Audience Insights) provided by Facebook reveal, for example, which contribution which reach had or what reactions were submitted for this purpose. Pay special attention to the data about the interaction with the post. Here you can see at which time the users interacted most intensively with the post - an important learning curve for the next posts!

# 10 Detect and use Facebook trends

You have set up the perfect content strategy, everything is going well ... and now we come and say, the work is listening still not open? Well, the fact is that social media work always comes together with a sense of trends

depends. Some trends are mayflies, others persist - and you should be able to recognize and implement these developments at an early stage.

As for Facebook, for example Importance of visual content. Images and, above all, video content are likely to become even more important in the next few years than they are today. (There are a few interesting statistics on this in this post.)

On the communication level, too, await us some changes in Facebook Messenger. Facebook is constantly working on linking all of its services as seamlessly as possible. Direct chatting with Instagram contacts in Facebook Messenger: Anything but a pure vision of the future, as can be read on Bloomberg.

So it's not so much about whether a lot will change on Facebook in the next few years - when was that not the case? Rather, you should continually wonder how you can best use the innovations integrate into your Facebook marketing strategy can.

What are the costs associated with Facebook Marketing?

Facebook pages themselves do not cost anything and anyone can create them. To what extent can you predict what costs Facebook marketing will cause? Very easily:

  • Facebook Ads require a certain budget. That can be 10 euros or 100 - it's up to you. The range that arises from achieving organically is almost an impossibility today.
  • Strategy and conception take a lot of time if you do your thing thoroughly.
  • Professional content do not create themselves, they are also time-consuming.
  • In addition, there are the costs for the prizes, in case you want to hold a Facebook competition every now and then.


All of these individual factors take a toll on the marketing budget. Unfortunately, it is impossible to generalize to what extent the expenditure will hold up. As a rule of thumb, the larger the company, the higher the monthly costs for Facebook marketing. At a sensible, long-term strategy but that is an absolute worthwhile investment.

Using Facebook Correctly: The Perfect Facebook Marketing Strategy

Open Facebook, publish post, close Facebook - many companies still do Facebook marketing and are amazed if this does not bring the desired success. It is actually only logical that social media marketing on Facebook a system of several cogs that all must interlock:

  • Generate attention
  • Produce and promote content
  • authentic communication with customers and interested parties
  • Increase interaction rates
  • Lead generation
  • the transfer of awareness to the company website

So that all these factors interact seamlessly and Giving your Facebook presence the reach it deserves, some fine-tuning is necessary. It pays off, however, because good Facebook marketing has already gained a great deal. Like? Like!

What is your experience with marketing on Facebook? We are happy to hear from them!