What is the best job of prioritizing software

Simple tips for prioritizing your tasks

It happens that we postpone tasks because new ones have been added, one job no longer needs to be done so urgently or another is more important. The pile of unfinished business keeps getting bigger. We reproachfully say "I still have to do this, I still have to do this". The work to be done doesn't seem to be getting any less. We are just overwhelmed by it. How we classify our tasks according to priority in a meaningful way so that we can work through them constructively.

Motivate by prioritizing

Anyone who has too much work on the table knows how their own motivation to work is dwindling. Especially when urgent things have to be done that we don't feel like doing anyway. The smallest tips will help if you follow them consistently.

Recognize and set priorities

For project management to be successful, we need to know which tasks have to be completed and when, how important they are and what we would rather do without. Good task management therefore means that project managers know the objectives of each individual work and are aware of its urgency. So it means we have to properly prioritize tasks. There are things that urgent need to be done. These are deadlines, problems that need to be resolved quickly.
In addition, there are tasks that are fundamental and sustainable important are.

Classify the tasks to be done and divide them as follows:

  • urgent and important
  • not urgent and important
  • urgent and (in the long term) not important
  • not urgent and not important

Then do your work in this order, either removing the latter from your plan entirely or enjoying it at a later point in time.

Non-urgent and unimportant tasks are usually the ones we like to do best. In doing so, we run the risk of quickly throwing the previously set priorities overboard. The really important and urgent work is severely neglected. This will make them even more important and urgent at some point. The resulting pressure reduces our own motivation, creates unnecessary stress and prevents us from working efficiently. A vicious circle.

It is therefore important that we strictly adhere to the previously defined sequence of when we process what. If tasks seem equally important and urgent, do the ones that are most uncomfortable for you first! Admittedly, simple tips that we basically already know. The best project management software will not help if it fails due to its own discipline. So prioritize tasks according to urgency and importance and do them consistently according to this plan!