What's your favorite Seattle restaurant

The board of the 5 Point Café with the swipe at Tom Morello

As part of the 15Now campaign, Tom Morello and his old bandmate Chris Cornell performed in Seattle - Audioslave's first appearance in seven years. "15 Now" is an initiative whose proponents campaign for a minimum wage of 15 dollars in the American city of Seattle. Tom Morello and Chris Cornell had neither suspected that evening that this topic would come up again and lead to a minor scandal.

Because after the performance, the musicians and some people from their team, including Morello's younger brother, went to the "5 Point Café", a restaurant and bar. However, as this was well attended that evening, Morello and his friends became rejected by the doorman.

This prompted Morello to post a hate speech on Twitter. "Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the WORST. Super rude & anti-worker. Shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Prick. Spread the word. "he scolded that evening. However, it did not stop at this one complaint, he also noted that he would forgive the bouncer if “good guy owner” David Meinert adhered to the minimum wage in Seattle.

Said owner of the "5 Point Café" then wrote a statement on Facebook in which he defended his bouncer, stressed that he had created a positive working environment in his restaurant and noted that rock stars do not receive any special benefits in his shop and the employees only reacted grumpy when you met them in an unfriendly way. In addition, Meinert is disappointed with Morello, although he was a fan of his music and his commitment to the minimum wage for many years. The notice board of the café now reads “Eggs against the machine”.

Tom Morello responded with an equally detailed post on Facebook, in which he showed himself to be insightful and admitted to having learned his lesson, but still could not resist a biting undertone. He accused the bouncer of racist motives because Morello's brother is from Kenya.

As seen in a recent post on the restaurant's Facebook page, David Meinert finally broke the collar after this comment. "Maybe he was" Anti-Kenyan "?? Ok, enough Tom. That's fucked up. Stop trying to portray the door person as a racist. That really sucks and is crazy abusive. Done with you. Maybe you don’t realize you were acting the punk, but you were. Just because 10 people leave a place doesn't mean the place still isn't over capacity. Ugh. You should really STFU. I was totally willing to put an end to this but now you're really actually pissing me off. "he wrote in the post. Tom Morello has not yet responded to this rant. So it could still be exciting.