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How phrase came about

"We have to be online in 4 weeks," said the investor in the travel portal that we were just starting to develop and added: "It has to be rolled out globally right away!" Our team had experience in the technical development of rapidly growing startups, but internationalizing a large platform with 24 language versions in one month was also a challenge for us. In search of solutions for this task, we developed tools that made it easier for us to translate templates. Our in-context editor was later developed from this.

We showed other development teams what we had built and got a lot of positive feedback. So at the end of 2011 we developed a prototype that others could also use for their internationalization.

A year later we had a rapidly growing number of customers and expanded our tool into a platform: We added an API, integration tools and project management for localizations. Our goal became clear: We need to make internationalization as easy as possible for software development, product management and translation teams.

Since then we have been working continuously to simplify the internationalization and translation of software in all aspects. Phrase is now used by hundreds of companies in over 60 countries and continues to grow rapidly.

145+ different languages

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