Which artist sang the song Chillin It

song: uh uh uh ah ah ah

hm ... As I said, look for the song in which

uh uh uh ah ah ah

occurs ... unfortunately I don't know anymore about it.
But still hope that someone can help me.
Genre of music? Man Woman? Slow fast?
you mean "sexy cherry" by tools feat. iba right?
Possibly also "Witch Doctor"
Thanks for your quick help!

I was looking for the song Sexy Cherry ... thank you very much c-james!

25.07.2008 00:18

This is the Totti Song Popopopo from Euro 2008

The origiant is from The White Stripes and is called "Seven Nations Army"

Unfortunately there are ur vile versions, for example on u tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUyr6soJVOI is the version Po Poro Popopopo !!!!

I also searched like a madman but that's it !!!!!!


Your DJ Harry :) :)
21.10.2008 20:14
hello I'm looking for a 2-3 month old sorry pretty sad where a young woman often sings ahh
26.12.2008 20:30
hello, i'm looking for a song from the disco that doesn't always have "UH! UH!" interjected
So you can't do anything with the individual UH and AH information. There should be some more information. You will come up with something after all ...
10.03.2009 23:09
do not know if it is still up to date and will be filled out but I wanted to ask if someone knows how such a similar song goes, I think pulp fiction also plays it, Uh uh uh .. uh uh or so please help = ) thank you in advance.

Lg, Betta
14.03.2009 13:06
disturbed - down with the sickness?
16.03.2009 18:36
Hi, I've been looking for a song for a while, a woman sings and the chorus always comes uh uh uh uh ah ah etc., I saw the TV advert and yesterday the song was on vox at Der starpraktikant, please can someone help me ???
18.03.2009 00:26
I'm looking for the same song as Susilein, but I don't think I heard uh uh uh but you you you you and then repeated can't or get and that was ah ah ah ah I think it was more eyes. possibly. you help something, but may also have misheard me
21.04.2009 18:25
Find the same song as the two of them!

Appears briefly in a new mtv advertisement!
22.04.2009 11:10
Adriano Celentano - Bingo Bongo
24.04.2009 14:03
I'm looking for the same song as sam2931

probably knows jemaqnd
24.04.2009 19:54
Yes I know that. I heard it in Munich in 1982, at Hellabrunn Zoo. In front of the orangutan enclosure. I remember exactly because the chimpanzees next door made fun of the primitive vocabulary the utans use. The boss of the baboons didn't care, he just showed his red ass, which was shaped like a VW engine. Cool number anyway. But it's been too long. Unfortunately I can't help.
27.04.2009 15:38
03.05.2009 18:01
@Susilein, @ Sam2931, @Jonny
The Ting Tings - We Walk

... have now searched 3 hours for the song was net so easy with just "ah ah" ^^

06.05.2009 19:45
Hello everybody!
I also looked for a song in this direction for a long time, my solution was this!


or Pfaffendorf - Where are you.
Maybe this is the song you are looking for ... ;-)
11.05.2009 15:43
what I mean is not there yet!
18.05.2009 17:58
Looking for a song that is already quite old, .. believe 'from 2000

This is a guy with a pretty finished voice, "I am wanna uh uh I", at least think he heard that from him
18.05.2009 18:11
05.06.2009 15:59
25.07.2009 00:09
well i think i know what kind of song you mean but i'm looking for that too :(

That sings a young woman who sounds like Mia ... she sings something about: "I want you to feel the way I do" oda bla .. and something with time and then there comes a place where the uuh aah "two the singing is consistent ... hmmm: / I just don't find it ???
01.08.2009 02:40
that with the uuh aah "could be scream from Timbaland: :)
21.08.2009 02:12
Hey I've been looking for a song for years, and I know the melody, but not the text ^^ should be from 2001-2003 but I can be mistaken! is sung rather slowly by a woman, with the refrain there is always a medium-high "uh" and then the same "ah" in a high pitch ^^ then a few more words, like 3 bars in the middle / lower vocal range but directly up again and 5 Acts mixed with high / medium ..

It could be the happy day, or happy (or any other word instead of happy) tears at the end of the chorus, but don't know exactly, that just fits, so it's not a fixed search criterion .. (happy day from sister act isn't it, that's way too happy ^^) ..

looking for that FOREVER and have spent so long going through the charst from 1997-2005 found nothing, would be GREAT if anyone found that: D
29.08.2009 15:59
@ Sam2931

I think that's the song of sido and doreen habs long searched ^^
12.09.2009 12:00
Hello people, I am also urgently looking for a song. It starts with ah hahaha ha uhh. I also heard that in the film The Apartment Horror where Ben Stiller is in the old woman's bathroom and she is undressing.

It would have to be a man singing this and it's a ballad.

I've looked through everything but haven't found anything, maybe one of you knows the song. ;)
12.09.2009 12:45

Should be "True" by Spandau Ballet
12.09.2009 17:16
Hi hopy, thank you that's it: D
19.09.2009 12:27
hi so i was watching tv the other day and there was a song in it, it wasn’t really sung but came in sony .. so not cute but a slightly higher voice in the chorus always so a uuuh uh uh uh that sounds similar like a ringtone or something ...

29.09.2009 15:07
I'm looking for a sorry that "mmmmhhhh u jaaaaaaajjaa uh ah ah ou je it is sung by a woman, I can't tell
19.11.2009 15:02
look for a rap song with ah in the chorus
19.11.2009 15:08
there is a woman singing and then you hear close
19.11.2009 15:12
about as

..... ah ....... ah
23.11.2009 10:17
So I'll try, I'm looking for a song, I only know the chorus, which stupidly only goes ahhhhhaaahhhhh, so a very long ahh sung in a melody ...
I thought it was from Eurhytmics, but didn't find it, the voice sounds like the singer from Eurhytmics and it's sung slowly.
If someone is familiar with musical notes, it should be roughly the sequence of notes:
E D C (long) D C E (long) D C D C
So it's pretty simple!
23.11.2009 16:37
JAAAAAAAAAA thank you thank you thank you I've been looking for it all day instead of just looking in here
04.12.2009 12:10
11.12.2009 23:08
So ... After looking for a long time, I want to ask here ... You know a lot of songs, maybe you can help me.

The song I'm looking for is sung by a woman. He hardly has any text, really ONLY only three alternating sounds: ah, ih, uh.
The rhythm is unfortunately difficult to describe, but that would be more decisive. It's very upbeat, fast, reminiscent of a party hit.

Hmm, I wish I had more information ...
But thank you in advance.
11.12.2009 23:41
Maybe I can add something ...
The text, that is, these ahh-sounds are sung quite long ... And in between there are always other sounds, so ih-wise.
Ahhh-ih-ahhhh I just can't describe it any other way ...

But the song has been following me non-stop for months.

best regards
10.01.2010 13:30
I also heard a song in a shop yesterday where a woman always sings the chorus "uh uh uh uh" u that quite often so uh uh uh uh ...... uh uh uh uh!
Does anyone know of you? I really want that! : :)
Actually, it should be "Mama Do" by UK shooting star Pixie Lott (album = "Turn It Up").
10.01.2010 13:59
that of pixie lott is unfortunately not she sing yes uh oh uh oh.
Maybe this will help you uh uh uh uh comes very quickly one after the other. It was such a good mood;)
10.01.2010 14:10
If someone knows like the song, it's called in the credits of the film
Doomsday Vengeance Is Running? That also has this in the chorus
Ah ah ah
14.01.2010 13:29
hey folks, I've been listening to a song for a long time that only works in the chorus uh uh and at the end a long drawn ahhhhh somehow I understand the text imma so love and what about rain, but I may have misheard and it sounds i-like something like that like umbrella from rihanna
22.01.2010 19:20
Huhu, look for a song with uh uh uh ah ah ah in the refrain. the only thing i know is that it is sung by a woman (black) in a rather run-down city. also comes at mtv in advertising and on ard at the handball game XD thanks for the help
30.01.2010 00:22
30.01.2010 14:37
huhu, many, many, many thanks !!!!! ; D; D; D
31.01.2010 06:34
Looking for 3 tracks from the electronic field (think Electro House & Minimal .. but you never know exactly what it is)
I would be happy if you had a little time and could listen to these 2 recordings on zippyshare and help me with my search. Even if the recordings are bad, if you know the tracks you should recognize them.


The 3rd track I'm looking for is a mix of "Scooter - Maria (I like it loud)" "Player & Remady - Game Over (Egineo Remix)"

Thank you in advance and I look forward to your answers, because I'm looking for the tracks like crazy.
07.02.2010 13:15
hey guys i'm looking for a song with something like my hahahaha heart is beating or something like that in the chorus. it is sung by a man and goes in the direction of alternative. thanks :)
07.02.2010 13:17
hey people i'm looking for a song with something like my hahahaha heart is beating or something like that in the chorus. it is sung by a man and goes in the direction of alternative. thanks :)
17.02.2010 22:04

the song is quiet in places and the woman (yes, it should be a woman!) sings a long drawn out "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah."

It is NOT a moan ..

So for a while the music and lyrics are in the background.

The music direction should be in the area of ​​indie / rock / alternative ..
22.02.2010 05:43
05.03.2010 18:20
07.03.2010 22:26
Hello :) I'm also looking for a song ... that unfortunately only has this "uh uh uh uh" more often and a man is definitely singing and the direction is HipHop .... does anyone know that?
07.03.2010 22:33
08.03.2010 08:35
@sela: in the whole video there is no song to be heard ...
10.03.2010 22:17
hello everyone, I'm looking for a song that I heard in the store today .... that's fast and a woman sings like this:
dj turn it up ...... club 16 and then again so dj turn it up ..... i got ..... club 16.

that would be really nice if one of you could help me
24.03.2010 23:41
nneka heartbeat this is what you are all looking for
01.04.2010 13:51
hey people i'm looking for a hip-hop song !!
a woman sings that yeah uh ah ... uh ah (I'm not sure but I think it's from busta rymes) can you please help me !!

!!!! IT is not what it`s gonna be with janett jackson !!!!

07.04.2010 14:15
Nneka Heartbeat ...
ya man
; D
you're great
15.04.2010 22:16
hi folks, i'm looking for a song that i heard today at germanys next top model. it sings a woman with a sad voice and the refrain is uh uh aaaaaaaaaaah.jmd knows which one i mean.it's so beautiful
17.04.2010 12:58
lil wayne and yes rule: Uh oh
01.05.2010 19:22
There'll be sunshine again tomorrow
Hey you are really good at what you find out from UH UH UH AH AH thanks to you I looked for and found Nneka - Heartbeat.

16.05.2010 14:04
FIDELITY by REGINA SPEKTOR ... was the song I was looking for ... it's soooo beautiful B)
20.05.2010 20:54
i'm looking for a song that came up a few times at germanys next top model, e.g. in the following, where the hairstyle change took place, and again today. they only fade in one piece, that sounds like "uhuhuh, uhuhuh, just like you". do you know anyone? would be really cool!
27.05.2010 19:51
I'm also looking for a song in which a young woman sings rather sadly in the chorus: (and uhuhuh .. then the text .. ahahah) nobody knows that? I heard it on the radio today ..
27.05.2010 20:12
people i did it it is from maria mena just hold me; D; D; D i think that's also the song that jonny and susliein were looking for at the beginning
08.06.2010 19:51
13.06.2010 03:36
Hello everybody,
I'm also looking for a song that is currently in the Pro7 commercial for Michael Jackson's This is it film on June 24th. The song I mean comes at the point when a little girl says "... I Love you ..." and goes something like uuh uuuuhuu uuuh ...
I think it's Michael Jackson too. But I don't mean the Earth Song. Hope you can help me.
thx in advance
27.06.2010 16:32
Also look for a song with ah ah ah ah ah in the chorus it's rather happy
it sings a woman .. I heard it in an episode of Grey's Anatomy and have been looking for it since ..
Does anyone know who it is?
thank you in advance :)
17.07.2010 14:56
Lady in Black by Uriha Heep
that could be :)
17.07.2010 15:38
Hi, I'm looking for a faster spanish song .. I would say Latin in terms of style .. a woman always sings "Vamos a bailar" during the chorus ...
17.07.2010 21:06
Vamos a bailar is available from Paola e Chiara, for example
18.07.2010 20:32
Hey hey, I'm looking for a song too;). There is always a contribution at the end (e.g. after the broadcast of the dressage freestyle) at the CHIO Aachen; when it is played, the WDR always shows the most exciting pictures of the day. It would be really great if you can help me. The chorus is something like this: Uh uh uhuuuh uh uh ... and there may be something else with change / changes.
Thank you so much
18.07.2010 20:36
hey i'm looking for the same song as Gila
I was almost looking for my fingers on google and youtube
but do not find it
the scraps of words that I could still remember were what with top on angel ?! and resuce me
I think the song is really awesome, I'd be really happy if someone finds it
thanks !!
18.07.2010 21:04
19.07.2010 20:40
hey, I'm also looking for a song from the 80s, I guess the lyrics should somehow go like this ..
"odioio ah, odioio ah, ... yemanchick ko areni ... he fet ayehie .... adoro adoro ... adoro .. adoro ... isekuko ahyeeye, ikakuno ayhe ... amachic baybe .." .. unfortunately I don't find anything there. but it's a good mood song .. :)

Thanks! :)

what language should that be? Japanese? :)
19.07.2010 20:54
@ Nick Name: I think the song is African .. and the above is the best description I can right now .. laugh .. But basically it's about the chorus: "odiodio aha, odiodio aha ..." :)
19.07.2010 21:36
@ Nich Name: also nice, but unfortunately not what I'm looking for .. several girls are singing .. as I said, African ... apparently the song was previously in a different language and was then translated ..: /
19.07.2010 22:14
@ music fan: also a great song .. thanks .. but unfortunately not what i'm looking for .. hmm .. my song is faster .. sorry, i don't know anymore .. ???
Girls, a bit of bass, good mood song .. and the chorus "odiodio aha, odiodio ah ..." is very catchy ..
19.07.2010 22:34
@Nick NAme: YEAHHHHH! Suuuper! Thank you, you're a darling! Great .. I'll go dancing some time .. THANK YOU !!! : - *; D; D
20.07.2010 12:03
@Gila and madde

The CHIO song is from The Tamper Trap and is called Fader. I also looked for it and an email to the WDR was answered immediately.


... I'm going to buy the CD now ;-)
22.07.2010 15:27

Hey you, thank you very much, I've been looking for it for ages. It's nice that I'm not the only one who thinks it's so great;) :) :) :)
24.07.2010 01:48
Looking for a rock song that's pretty old there is something (I think) about sunday morning and the man (or 2) singing ahhaa ahha ahhhaaa ....
24.07.2010 21:22
I'm looking for a song that is older about 80s from a French woman who moaned more more was quite peppy and a faster song.

I've asked quite a few people, everyone remembers but nobody can tell me the name

Many thanks in advance
26.07.2010 17:10
Find a song that contains uh uh ah ah !!
One often hears n discos
26.07.2010 17:36
On Friday it was again to be heard in da revan in Teisnach !!
26.07.2010 17:40


Vanessa Paradis ??
01.08.2010 19:29
Okay, since you all seem to find every song, I'll ask you now ... namely:

It's an old techno song, could also go in the direction of house ...

It's kind of like the chorus from Beatraxx - Project Well (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8t5hcJpEA0).

But it's a woman's voice that says "uh, oh, ah" in the background.

So I've been through every song so far and it's not among them.

I think it was between 1995-2004, but I don't know for sure.

Thank you :)
08.08.2010 11:25
Hey hey I'm looking for a Caribbean song, slowly

In the end he always sings in ahhee yeah hey Somehow also a girl like you.

It's so hard to understand :(

lg funny trolleys
12.08.2010 05:29










I hope the information helped

thanks in advance 8-)

ps: the song should have been published from 2003-2005 so in the cut
13.08.2010 19:25
Paffendorf "Where are you"
25.08.2010 21:04
Hey i'm looking for a song a woman sings in the chorus sings she uhhhhhhh the beat is something like edward maya stereo love knows someone ????
26.08.2010 23:11
05.09.2010 16:26
Hello, I'm desperately looking for an older song.

It starts with wah hahahahahaha and then again wahahaha and so on. It is also sung very slowly. It's an older song and sung in English. It's a calm ballad.

You can hear the song from time to time on TV in the background. E.g. yesterday at RTL at this 101 ways show where such a woman fell into the water. Maybe someone knows the song. I need it urgently.

Would be really great if someone knew that.

Thank you in advance
23.09.2010 19:07
Hey hey
I'm looking for a house / electro song that was played at David Guetta's concert on July 31, 2010 in Berlin.It's probably a remix and you can hear the melody on the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DyV5TXeGho
from the 1:07 minute.

It would be really great if someone could help me.

Thank you in advance
11.01.2011 19:26
aaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaahh uuuuuh aaaah !!! : - *: - *: - *
fuck me.
25.01.2011 23:43
hi! i'm looking for a song that can be heard at the beginning of the film love and other drugs-side effects included, i was actually sure it was from sting and i would find it immediately, even though i just said "uh uh uh, ah ah ah "... sounds like from the 80s / 90s ...
Does somebody has any idea???
26.01.2011 13:16
oh my god, yes !!! i am thrilled! thank you very much !!! ; D
27.01.2011 12:14
So hope someone can help me. looking also a song is sung by a man. he always sings something about ah ah ah ah ah and something with "like daddy befor" or something like that. would be cool if someone could help me. oh yes the song should be older.
07.02.2011 18:21
Good day,

I'm looking for a song that will be played in the series: A House Full of Daughters, Episode 16 Disco Disco, at the party that Sandy from the No Angels is also at.

I've heard the song several times elsewhere, but that's the best description I can think of now.

The song goes something like this: UHuhuh ..., then there is singing (by a woman) and then comes the chorus, which is a bit difficult to understand. It sounds like: i check the out or i take the out, or something like that.
16.02.2011 18:56
Also have some uhs and ahs to offer again
it's a pretty crass metal song
and the uhs uhn ahs are screamed

u ah ah ah ah ah u uh ah ah ah ah

something like that
Text hats otherwise I don't think so much !!!
as I said metal
maybe someone has a clue
05.03.2011 12:38
Hey looking for a song is often played in the disco or on the radio (weekend evenings) ... the whole chorus consists of uhuhuhuuuu and in between there are 2 words ...
i something like: walker strizer, water strider ... or something like that ...
06.03.2011 21:04