What is ceph

Red Hat Ceph Storage


Highly scalable storage for demanding applications

Red Hat® Ceph Storage is an open, highly scalable, simplified storage solution for modern data pipelines. Designed for data analytics, artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI / ML), and novel workloads, Red Hat Ceph Storage provides software-defined storage on the industry-standard hardware you prefer.

With Red Hat Ceph Storage, you can:

  • Scale your business processes and accelerate time to market.
  • close the gaps between application development and data science.
  • Get deeper insights into your data.

Massive scalability

Scale your resources to an unprecedented extent, up to a billion objects and more, without compromising performance. Grow or shrink storage clusters without downtime. Get the agility you need to get to market faster.

Simplified installation and operation

With a significantly simplified installation, you can get started faster. Quickly gain insights from huge amounts of unstructured data with optimized operation, monitoring and capacity management.

More security and protection

Protect your data from external threats and hardware failure with built-in data protection and data security features, including client-side encryption at the object level. Perform backup and recovery from a single point of control and management.

Capacity for new workloads

Meet the requirements for AI / ML, data lake analytics, cloud object storage and other new applications. Provide Storage-as-a-Service-like capabilities for data scientists and other data-intensive users.

Our subscriptions include award-winning support, the industry’s largest network of partners, customers and experts, hardware certifications and contact with open source communities, from which we obtain the best functions and make them secure for our company products.

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