What are classifieds

Ebay classifieds: what is it?

On eBay Classifieds you can place ads on the one hand, and buy anything near you or in Germany on the other. In short, there is nothing that you cannot find here. The offer is extremely diverse: services, computer courses, real estate, cars, bicycles, clothing, pets, tickets and even training offers, to name just a few areas.

You can find almost anything on eBay classified ads

Unlike eBay, eBay Classifieds is completely free. Both posting and purchasing are free of any fees. A selection of the categories can be found in the picture and in the following text. You can find all subject areas here.

  • One of the largest categories with the most ads is the Clothing category. From unworn suits to second-hand baby clothes, everything is included.
  • But also services and even apprenticeships are arranged here. Whether wallpapering or pest control - if you can't find what you're looking for here, you've probably looked wrong.
  • The category "to lend, swap, give away" is extremely interesting. Do you want to get rid of something as quickly as possible, for which there are hardly any buyers and the goods are almost worth something? Just give it away or look for free items in your area.

eBay Classifieds: How to Pay

Classically, you pay cash on eBay classified ads, provided the buyer picks up the goods from the seller. If both parties agree on the shipment of the goods, payment is usually made privately via PayPal or the money is transferred to the desired bank account.

  • If you pay the money in advance and if the goods don't arrive, the chances are usually slim of finding the recipient and getting the money back. EBay Classifieds has now taken up this problem.
  • You can now pay for classified ads directly through eBay. This secures your purchase so that you will get your money back if you do not receive the purchased product.
  • The buyer pays the amount by bank transfer, Sofort├╝berweisung or PayPal on Ebay, where the money remains for at least 14 days. Only when the seller confirms receipt of the goods does the seller receive the money. If the goods do not arrive, the case can be negotiated and settled on Ebay.
  • The service is completely free for the seller. The buyer pays a small fee, which depends on the amount of the purchase price. For this he gets the security.

What to consider with eBay classifieds

With eBay classified ads, you are not offered buyer protection by eBay, as the service only brings buyers and sellers together, but does not earn anything from the purchase.

  • To protect yourself from fraudsters, you should meet the buyer or seller in person and hand over goods and money on site.
  • In our practical tip we show you how to prevent fraud on eBay classified ads.

Video tip: New payment function on eBay - more protection when buying

In the next post, you will learn how to contact eBay customer service.

(Original tip written by: Tim Aschermann)