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of Claudia Karner (Celler School 2006)

We sat in the garden of the "Klause" and celebrated Fritz, who was celebrating his 50th birthday. There were only a handful of friends left who, as the hour went on, philosophized about life, love, and wine. Suddenly Fritz became sentimental, talking about dying and the song that one day one should play at his funeral. "A real Viennese song" byRoland Neuwirth. The song begins with the words: "He went out, he stretched the bat, he tore a bank, put it down ..." and enumerates the many possibilities that the Viennese can find to alleviate the gravity of death, at least aurally. Did Fritz already know then that his end was near?

Fritz Kohles was known in Salzburg like a sore thumb. He was what you would call an original. Obvious in its imposing appearance. Former post office clerk, Beislwirt, actor, singer, people watcher and philanthropist. "His stage was everyday life and he had all of us in the repertoire"the man of letters brought it Karl-Markus Gauss, a friend from his youth, in his farewell speech to the point. Fritz died on January 17, 2006. Not entirely unexpected, but much too early.

A year later I was able to grant his last wish. Together with Markus Grüner I organized in the Bad culture In his honor, under the title "... shall live!", a poetic-musical evening revolving around life and death and wine. And when “A real Viennese song” was sung - by Roland Neuwirth himself. He had accepted immediately when I asked him to perform this homage. “Anyone who wants the swan song from me and the extremists must be of the same opinion“, He said. And he also sang one of my Gstanzln, which Fritz had performed in the Brechelbad in Seeham-Webersberg in September 2005, a philosophy of life in four lines: "Feel mi oiwei maroda, ifa first oisa Doda sauf i a soda -either oda! " (A translation into standard German will be submitted on request!)

Richard Pertlwieser and Peter Kronreif, two long-time friends and artist colleagues, had the literary part. Pertlwieser read Fritz ’favorite texts by Helmut Qualtinger, Anton Kuh and Friedrich Achleitner, and Kronreif recited from his own work. And thus also inspired Doris Windhager, the wonderful singer from Extremschrammeln, The Golden Voice from Hernois. It was an unforgettable evening, and not just because of the hurricane Cyril swept across the city, tearing the roofs off the houses and Roland Neuwirth's hat off his head.

"It will be a wine, and we will be nimma!" an old Viennese song prophesies. Before this happens to me, I will quickly ... no, not plant an apple tree, but drink a Kohles memory eight. And remember how Fritz, as the host of the "Klause", wiped criticism of his fermented grape juice from the table. "That is honest draft wine!" He grumbled. Discussion ended! Pointless contradiction!

Such a person is simply irreplaceable.

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