Can ignite car at ola

What can an inefficient exhaust system do?

Today is an article that we are writing as a warning to everyone. We recently discussed the most common exhaust system failures in the guide. You can find this article here.

As we have mentioned many times before, neglecting the slightest symptom of a fault can not only lead to further problems with other parts of the car, it can also pose a real threat to the lives of our and our relatives.

What exactly is threatening us? Today we received a catalyst from the contractor Ford Galaxy, Number 6G91-5E211-BD. The catalytic converter was burnt and luckily the rest of the exhaust system and the whole car did not ignite. However, such situations are not a myth. They occur almost every day and are already a nuisance. Statistically, spontaneous ignition occurs much more frequently than a fire in which the fire is intentionally started by humans.

The most common causes of spontaneous combustion include leaks in the fuel system and defects in the exhaust system. The car can catch fire even when it is parked. How is that possible?

Here we should refer to how the exhaust system works. Catalysts, which form the backbone of this system, have an important role to play. They clean the exhaust gases of toxic nitrogen compounds and hydrocarbons. You do this with a monolith that is rich in precious metals: platinum, palladium, and rod. Successful conditions are required for this task to be successful. First of all, very high temperatures, sometimes reaching over 600 degrees Celsius. It is therefore sufficient if a small leak in one of the parts comes into contact with the fuel or its vapors. Then it is not difficult for misfortune.

In addition to the dangerous factors mentioned above, self-made mechanical and electrical changes as well as independent repairs should also be taken into account. Even such prosaic situations as installing a radio or CB in a garage can short out the installation and cause a fire.

How can you avoid auto-ignition of a car that is dangerous to health and life?

  • Any changes, modifications entrusted to qualified professionals
  • In addition to the mandatory annual technical inspections, during which the efficiency of all installations is not checked, it is worth visiting a truss that will thoroughly check the condition of the vehicle and connect it to the computer and a special diagnostic program
  • Look out for symptoms that suggest a part has failed. Even if they may seem insignificant to the functioning of the vehicle, you should remove them as soon as possible before deepening and destroying other parts.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the catalyst due to the high temperatures at which it operates. The drop in performance of the car, the smoke from the muffler with unusual colors, unusual noises from the exhaust system - these symptoms should bother us and prompt us to immediately visit the workshop
  • An unprofessional catalyst - we should replace it with a new one (original or universal) as soon as possible - the cost can be considerable, but thanks to the Selling a catalyst when buying can we compensate for them. Selling is very easy as these stores are located all over Poland and we are also selling in Mail ordercan settle without leaving your home. Even a badly damaged catalytic converter can be worth a lot - it all depends on the precious metal content.
  • We install automatic extinguishing systems in our cars, they are much more effective than a normal fire extinguisher that we cannot reach
  • Use the main switch to park the car

Remember - we must take care of our family's safety. We hope that thanks to the warning we can save even one car from such tragic consequences ... Keep it up!