What is the google answer box

Polls with Google Docs

In times of the Internet, it is advisable to design surveys online so that the participants can work on them in peace and no result is lost. The answers can then be used digitally, e.g. evaluated on the computer.

An easy-to-use tool for this is provided by Google Form - we will show you how it works.

1. Set the question and answer option (s)

Before you get started online: Think carefully about the aim with which you want to conduct a survey and how you want to evaluate the answers. When doing this, consider how much time and energy the evaluation of your survey can cost you: of course, it is a good thing if the participants have the opportunity to freely formulate their thoughts. Then it is practically impossible or very time-consuming to transfer the answers into a standardized grid during the evaluation. On the other hand, a strict grid is of no use if you want to get an impression of different opinions on a topic.

The type of question and the choice of the associated answer options depend on these preliminary considerations, i.e. whether they enable the respondents to choose from several given answers, to rate a state of mind on a scale, for example, or to be able to formulate something themselves.

2. Sign in to Google

When you have thought through your survey “offline” and, ideally, have already formulated the questions, you can start with the online design.

If you want to use the free survey tool at Google Docs, you need a Google account (this is how you create a Google account. The advantage: it's free and easy to use. The disadvantage: because your survey (s) are hosted on Google, give all related data out of your hands. If you want to work with sensitive data and are a bit advanced, you can also use tools that guarantee data protection or that you can host on your own server, such as LimeSurvey , which we will also present to you with instructions.

However, this only applies to those who create the survey. In order to invite participants to answer the survey, an email address is sufficient, they do not have to be logged in to Google. Google surveys can also be shared via social networks or integrated on your own website - more on that later.

3. Call up the survey tool Google Form

If you are logged in to Google, select the Drive service in the overview (box symbol at the top right) (or alternatively enter https://drive.google.com in the address bar of your browser) and select “NEW” there Point “more” and then “Google Forms”. Depending on the version of your browser, you can also call up the Google survey module directly via the URL https://docs.google.com/forms/ - by clicking on the big red “plus” at the bottom right, you can call up a new survey form on.