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Tips and tricks for taking medication

Correct drinking amount: No division of the amount consumed into several small sips. Drugs that stick to the esophagus wall do not necessarily dissolve when you drink water, which can have serious consequences, especially with drugs that damage the esophagus [10].

The recommendation to take tablets with at least 100 ml of water can be problematic for patients with swallowing disorders, depending on the severity, because they can easily swallow due to the high flow speed of the water.

Thickener can make swallowing easier. People with swallowing disorders often make drinks with thickeners (e.g. Thick & Easy®, Nutilis Clear, Multi-Thick® or resource® ThickenUp) more viscous so that it can be swallowed more safely. Depending on the concentration of the preparation used, three different consistencies can be achieved: syrupy, honey-like or pudding-like. Thickened drinks can also make it easier to take tablets.

A Tablet coating can make tablets easier to slide. Sometimes it helps to switch to medicines that are coated and therefore easier to swallow. Hennig has been offering the Medcoat product since July 2015® on, a lubricious coating for larger tablets and capsules that makes swallowing much easier. Handling is simple, but requires some force to press the tablets into the stretchable coating. Older patients may need support here.

Crushing tablets. It is not only people with dysphagia who have problems with taking larger tablets. Many tablets can usually be crushed without any problems and some capsules can be opened, whereupon the contents can be taken on yogurt or applesauce. It is essential to clarify beforehand whether it is possible to shred the medication without changing its effect.

Take tablets in an upright position. Tablets, coated tablets and capsules should always be taken in an upright position. The common practice of bending your head back when taking tablets is not recommended and is particularly problematic in older people, as the esophagus is narrowed, which makes the act of swallowing even more difficult. Before ingestion, the patient should take a sip of water to moisten the mucous membranes; then place the tablet on the tongue and take with 200 ml of water. It can help to tilt your head slightly forward. If fluid intake is restricted due to heart and / or kidney disease, this must be taken into account.