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The latest on the corona crisis - Moderna wants to apply for vaccine approval for children aged 12 and over

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    Mallorca: The interior areas of the restaurants are also open again

    Another piece of normality has returned to Mallorca: Since this Sunday, the restaurateurs on the Spanish holiday island and the other Balearic Islands have been allowed to serve guests indoors for the first time since March - but only until 6 p.m. until June 5. The outdoor areas may remain open on the Balearic Islands until 11 p.m.

    However, strict requirements still apply: the restaurants that have terraces are initially only allowed to cater to a maximum of 30 percent of the usual number of guests in their interior areas. A maximum occupancy of 50 percent applies to restaurants without an outside area - as long as there are no more than 150 guests. A maximum of four people can sit at each table.

    In addition, all islands in the region are locked at night. Between midnight and 6 a.m. you are only allowed out of the house with good reason. The strict mask requirement that prevails outdoors must also be observed. However, you can take off the mask on the beach and while swimming.

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    Despite more cases: the European Football Championship in St. Petersburg should take place with spectators

    Despite the increasing number of corona infections, the Russian city of St. Petersburg wants to stick to plans for the admission of spectators in its stadium at the upcoming European Football Championship. This was confirmed by the local EM organizer Alexej Sorokin at a press conference.

    "We are sure that we can ensure all necessary security measures," said Sorokin. The 2018 World Cup boss resolutely added: "We are not afraid."

    In Russia's second largest city with around five million inhabitants, more than 800 COVID-19 infections were registered within 24 hours for the first time in almost two months. At the same time, the local authorities reopened a makeshift hospital to treat those infected with corona, which had already been closed in February due to the falling number of cases.

    A total of seven tournament games are to take place at the European Championship venue in St. Petersburg.

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    President of the Vaccination Commission: major events only for vaccinated and tested people

    Large events should be reserved for vaccinated and negatively tested people - at least for the time being. This view is expressed by Christoph Berger, President of the Federal Vaccination Commission, in an interview with the “Sunday newspaper”.

    As long as a large part of the population has not been vaccinated, the risks remain, according to Berger. Big events for everyone could become super-spreader events. Berger is also concerned that, depending on the canton, up to a third of 60 to 80-year-olds are not vaccinated. We have to start again.

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    Moderna wants to apply for admission for young people

    The US pharmaceutical company Moderna plans to apply for approval of its corona vaccine in the EU for children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 in early June. It would be ideal to vaccinate this age group before the end of August, Moderna boss Stéphane Bancel told the French Sunday newspaper “Journal du dimanche”. Otherwise, a fourth corona wave could threaten.

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is currently reviewing the approval of Biontech / Pfizer's corona vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds. The vaccine is already approved for this age group in the USA.

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    Turkey wants and must save its tourism

    Before the start of the tourism season in Turkey, the Turkish Minister of Tourism Nuri Ersoy warned against “unnecessary” criticism of the country's corona vaccination campaign. The government had announced that it would vaccinate all people in Turkey over the age of 20 by the end of June. The vaccination campaign in Turkey started quickly, but is now slow. Almost 19 percent of the population have received the first dose of vaccine so far.

    A video campaign by the Ministry of Tourism had previously caused a stir. Hospitality workers wore hygienic masks with the words “Enjoy! I'm vaccinated ”(“ Enjoy it! I'm vaccinated ”). The opposition called this humiliation. Tourism Minister Ersoy said the video had been removed. Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Turkey and collapsed by around 70 percent in 2020.

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    EU hopeful for the time after the corona economic crisis

    After the economic crisis caused by the corona pandemic, the EU states are confident about the future. "There are good prospects for the economy to recover this year and next," said Portugal's Finance Minister Joao Leao after a meeting of EU economics and finance ministers in Lisbon. Many ministers even assumed that growth might even be stronger than in the latest forecasts.

    The EU Commission has forecast growth of 4.2 percent for 2021 and 4.4 percent for 2022. By the end of 2022, the economy in all EU countries will return to pre-crisis levels, said the EU Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis. In return, the European debt and deficit rules would still be suspended in 2022. However, the countries must unanimously follow the recommendation of the EU Commission.

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    Summer vacation: Timmermans gives EU citizens hope

    EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans is "rather confident" that Europeans will be able to go on vacation relatively normally again in the summer. “The Council and Parliament are currently negotiating this digital certificate,” he tells the Funke media group. “But the most important thing is that we are now making great strides with our vaccinations. It seems to be working, I see it in Germany too, ”adds Timmermans. "If this continues, there will be a great vacation for many."

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    SZ: Voting complaint against Covid-19 law

    38 people filed a complaint against the vote on the Covid-19 law in Schwyz on Friday. The addressees are the Cantonal Government of Schwyz and the Federal Supreme Court. They complain that the vote does not take place on the law in force today, but on the basic decree of September 25, 2020.

    The information in the voting booklet should enable citizens to vote in full knowledge of the facts, the complainants said on Saturday. However, this is not possible because there is no information about the six changes that have taken place since September 2020 and their effects.

    The complainants therefore demand a suspension of the federal vote on June 13th. As soon as the official information in the voting book has been corrected, a new voting date must be set as soon as possible.

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    England: More than 50 million vaccine doses given

    In the fight against the corona pandemic, more than 50 million vaccine doses have now been injected in England. According to the latest figures from the NHS health authority, around 31.5 million people in England have received their first vaccination dose against Covid-19 since the vaccination campaign began in December up to and including Friday, and almost 18.7 million have already received their second. This corresponds to a total increase of more than 560,000 more vaccinations compared to the previous day, as the PA news agency reported.

    The vaccination campaign in Great Britain is very advanced in a European comparison. It is one of the largest and most important national efforts in history, Health Minister Matt Hancock underlined on Twitter. More than 40 percent of adults in England are already fully vaccinated, according to the NHS. Since today, Saturday, 32- and 33-year-olds have been able to book vaccination appointments.

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    Thousands of approved rallies in Neuchâtel

    Several thousand opponents of the measures to contain the corona pandemic are currently demonstrating in Neuchâtel. The city authorities have approved the rally. It was organized by the "Silent Protest" association, which is appearing for the first time in western Switzerland. The demonstrators, mostly from German-speaking Switzerland, have been pouring into the Jeunes Rives area on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel since midday.

    The "Silent Protest" association has organized several rallies against the Corona measures in recent months. Although each of these had not been approved, each time they brought a few hundred to several thousand people together, especially in Rapperswil-Jona, Altdorf, Liestal, Chur and Aarau.

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    BAG assumes that the Covid vaccination basically prevents infections

    The latest statements from Virginie Masserey, Head of Infection Control Section at the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), make you sit up and take notice. Fully vaccinated people are protected from corona infection - and not just from severe courses.

    "We have more and more indications that the vaccination effectively protects against transmission of the virus," said Masserey this week at the point de press of the FOPH. "We see that fully vaccinated people are well protected against infection - with or without symptoms." Why is the FOPH suddenly so sure? SRF science editor Katrin Zöfel assesses the statements.

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    Doctors and pharmacists do without their own Covid certificate

    The associations of Swiss doctors and pharmacists are now dispensing with their own Covid certificate. The two associations write in a message that the project has been postponed until further notice.

    On Friday there were again talks with the federal government - since it insists on a central federal solution, you cannot implement your own solution. At the beginning of May, the two associations had announced that they would issue their own Covid certificate despite the federal solution - as they could do this faster and less bureaucratic than the federal government. According to an announcement by the federal government, it should be possible to issue the Swiss Covid certificate from June 7th.

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    Covid also hits former model countries

    Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand have long been considered model countries when it comes to fighting Covid. But now it hits her harder and harder. While the number of infections is falling in this country, they are skyrocketing, especially in Southeast Asia. Thailand, for example, has reported 100,000 new infections since the beginning of the year. In the whole of 2020 there were only 7,000.

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    Germany: Over 100,000 stores could close

    The German Association of Towns and Municipalities fears that over 100,000 stores will have to close permanently due to the corona crisis. This would put up to half a million jobs at stake, says the managing director of the Association of Towns and Municipalities in the German press. The situation as it was before the pandemic is not coming back.

    People got to know and used the advantages of online trading. Now there is a need for more art, more culture, more event gastronomy and more living space in the inner cities.

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    India's Covid patients are also threatened by the "black fungus"

    It is not just the corona virus that is troubling the people in India. In the second wave, there was also an often fatal infection called mucormycosis, also known as “black fungus”. This is actually rare, but now occurs a thousand times.

    As reported by Indian media, around ten Indian states have declared the fungal infection to be an epidemic. Several cities set up their own clinic wards for those affected.

    The fungal infection cannot be transmitted from person to person, but it is very aggressive. More than half of the sick die.

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    California plans to largely lift restrictions in June

    From June 15, shops, restaurants and other companies should be able to work at full capacity again, distance rules should then be dropped. The health authority of the US West Coast state announced on Friday. Anyone who is fully vaccinated against Corona no longer has to wear a mask.

    However, conditions still apply to large events with more than 5000 people in closed rooms. Those present must either be fully vaccinated or have a negative test. In California, anyone aged 12 or over can be vaccinated. According to the authorities, more than 35 million vaccinations have already been administered.

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    PCR testing for travel: it can be expensive

    Even if the weather these days often makes us doubt it: Summer is just around the corner - and with it the travel season. PCR testing is an important tool in traveling and containing the pandemic. The cost of a single test like this can quickly run to over a hundred francs.

    The prices in Europe are not harmonized. Depending on the country, the costs for the people to be tested vary greatly and in which cases the state pays the costs is also regulated on a country-specific basis. The SRF correspondents report in our overview how these test regulations are in our neighboring countries and popular European holiday destinations.

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    Willingness to vaccinate among German students far higher than the national average

    According to a study, the willingness to vaccinate among students in Germany is significantly higher than the national average. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the digital job placement platform “Studitemps” in cooperation with Maastricht University, the results of which are available to the Funke media group. According to this, almost 80 percent of students would voluntarily be vaccinated with a vaccine approved in Germany.

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    Brazilian senator criticizes Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic

    A Brazilian senator accuses President Jair Bolsonaro of deliberately downplaying the coronavirus pandemic in order to bet on herd immunity. “The president first denied the disease, called it flu, and then argued against social isolation and lockdown. Then he downplayed the use of masks and encouraged people to gather, ”said Renan Calheiros, who leads the House of Lords investigation into the government's handling of the crisis.

    However, it is too early to say whether Bolsonaro has committed a crime with his way of managing the crisis, the senator said.

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    More than one million corona deaths in Latin America

    In Latin America and the Caribbean, more than a million people have died from the coronavirus so far. This is shown by an evaluation of official information from the authorities by the Reuters news agency. Most of the deaths occurred in Brazil: over 446,000 people were killed there in the wake of the pandemic.