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Film music: Superfly (Hybrid SACD) (Limited Numbered Edition)

Film music: Superfly (Hybrid SACD) (Limited Numbered Edition)

Film music: Superfly (Hybrid SACD) (Limited Numbered Edition)
Super audio CD
SACD (Super Audio CD)

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  • Label:MFSL, 1972
  • Order number:8828347
  • Release date: 23.11.2018

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*** Original music by Curtis Mayfield for the film of the same name by Gordon Parks Jr.
Sound: stereo
*** Digisleeve
Curtis Mayfield had already recorded several chart hits with the soul and R&B band Impressions, but he landed the greatest success of his career as a solo artist in 1972 with the soundtrack Superfly.

Mayfield countered the blaxploitation film about a cocaine dealer who was willing to drop out of the film, in which he critically commented on the reality of life in the urban ghettos. His music is a journey through urban districts, ways of thinking and life, which functions both as a description of the status quo and as an emotionally charged wake-up call.

The Chicago-born singer makes extensive use of a falsetto that underlines the contradicting feelings of sympathy, anger, sadness, sensuality, harshness, despair and fear of the protagonists. In this way, Mayfield conveys unpleasant truths and critical perspectives without preaching or taking sides.

Musically Superfly convinces all along the line with rich grooves and funky riffs. The singles Freddie's Dead and Superfly sold over two million times, the album stayed at number 1 for four weeks and was nominated for four Grammys.

The remastering for the hybrid SACD was done by Rob LoVerde. Mayfield's arrangements now noticeably breathe air. They reveal an astonishing degree of openness and dynamism and place the musicians on a broad stage. Limited edition of 2,500 copies in a mini LP cover.


┬╗Curtis Mayfield created a hot mix of soul, funk and black music, which of course went perfectly with a seventies thriller. (...) The current mastering of Mobile Fidelity is characterized by a warmth that comes close to vinyl and no longer sounds as cold as previous editions. "(Good Times, February / March 2019)
  1. 1 Little child runnin 'wild
  2. 2 Pusherman
  3. 3 Freddie's dead
  4. 4 Junkie chase
  5. 5 Give me your love
  6. 6 Eddie should know better
  7. 7 No thing on me
  8. 8 Think
  9. 9 Superfly
  10. 10 Freddie's dead
  11. 11 Superfly