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Typically, in order to obtain citizenship, you must meet the following conditions:

  • a valid residence permit or residence permit at the time of application
  • a legal residence of at least 8 years in Germany
  • proof of income or other proof of finance to cover living costs without using social security (exceptions for residents under 23 years of age)
  • proof of sufficient German language skills
  • an oath on the liberal and democratic order of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • giving up previous citizenship (with a few exceptions).

Spouses and children can often be naturalized before the expiry of 8 years. Spouses of German citizens must have been married for at least two years and have lived in Germany for at least 3 years before applying for naturalization.

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Children: German citizenship at birth

German citizenship is generally assigned according to descent, not according to place of birth. Children of a German father or mother are automatically German citizens. In contrast, not all children born in Germany are also Germans. In fact, around 100,000 non-German children are born in Germany every year.

If both parents are foreigners, the child only receives German citizenship if at least one of the parents has lived in Germany for at least 8 years and a valid one for 3 years Residence permit or unlimited residence permit owns. In this case, the child receives both German citizenship and that of the parents. After reaching the age of 18, they must then decide which of the citizenships they want to keep.

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