What does it mean to be called a bastard

Bastard (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Crap | guy Plural: Damn | guys | le
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈMɪstˌkɛʁl]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Swear word: mean, despicable man
Origin of the term:
1) Derivation of Guy with the derivative (derivative morpheme, especially: semi-prefix / prefixoid) Damn-
1) bastard, bastard
General terms:
1) guy
Application examples:
1) “It was very nice, and it could have been even nicer if this Bastard would not have got in the way. "
1) “I never wanted to go with that again Bastard what to do. "
1) “But the poor one had that Bastard ascribing to himself. "
1) “There this one Bastard see the people peek out from behind the process immediately. "
Nominative: singular Bastard; Plural Bastards
Genitive: singular Bastards; Plural Bastards
Dative: singular Bastard; Plural Bastards
Accusative: singular Bastard; Plural Bastards


  • English: 1) bastard, bugger, scumbag, son of a bitch
  • Russian: 1)

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

A5 is about the gene that makes people obnoxious Bastards should do.
Serienjunkies.de, March 12, 2019

The Bastard wants to run away with her money - he never intended to transfer her personal fortune to a designer. Isabelle can call the police without Yves noticing.
RTL, September 30, 2020

Congratulation! Bastard par excellence You have completed the game with the highest difficulty.
Wooco, August 27, 2020

The whole world is put on hold at the moment just because it is greedy virus-making Bastards The long-time vegan said that bats sold and ate in so-called wet markets.
DiePresse.com, May 12, 2020

He thinks he knows who he owes that and rumbles on the net against 'greedy virus-making Bastards'. It doesn't take long for critical reactions to come.
t-online, May 12, 2020

Among other things, they became 'bought' and 'negotiable' Bastards' called who are 'willing to sell their own mother for $ 20'. The description of the video reads: Here you can see the downside of the 'peaceful protests'.
RT German, August 19, 2020

And Shia LaBeouf becomes the absolute in it Bastard.
Kino.de, June 30, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Monkey ass (rough): colloquial, coarse: the buttocks of a monkey (often noticeably red); Colloquial, coarse, pejorative: a person with unacceptable behavior
  • Ass (rough): colloquial, vulgar: for rear part, bottom, buttocks; Swear word, insult: idiot
  • Asshole (rough): vulgar: anus; vulgar: swear word
  • Bastard: coarse, derogatory: person who is perceived by others as disgusting or mean; obsolete: the human body; out of date: the human being; obsolete: someone who is dirty (and loves the dirt); out of date, only in the plural: fruits of the service
  • Bastard
  • Flat wanker (coarse): vulgar, offensive: an unpleasant male person
  • Pecker (coarse): coarse, colloquial: ugly face, ugly visage
  • Dog: Domestic animal whose ancestor is the wolf; Swear word for a cunning, mean, devious or brutal fellow human being; Mining a trolley (mostly on railroad tracks); a roller board for furniture; Zoology, plural only: canine, one family; a card game, which is particularly common in Silesia, is closely related to the Polish card game Turak and is not very well known in German-speaking countries
  • Son of a dog
  • Son of a bitch (rough): coarse, derogatory: male descendant of a prostitute; bastard
  • Poop (coarse): Colloquial, coarse, derogatory, swear word: an unattractive person, mostly a woman, but also describes a child or a man
  • Poop boots (rough)
  • Sack: a transport and storage container made of coarse fabric,; or other robust material; vulgar the scrotum, the scrotum; Bag (especially trouser or vest pocket); coll., derogatory: man, man, guy
  • Blind face (rough): Person with an unsightly face
  • Sausage bag (vulg.)
  • Bastard: Hunting dog for wild boar hunting; pejorative, but often with an appreciative undertone: devious person
  • Sausack (rough)
  • Bastard: vulg. disgusting, pathetic man
  • Pig
  • Bastard: Swear word: pejorative designation of a person, often with the connotation that they are not behaving properly; in formulations like “inner weaker self”: a person's inherent drive that urges that person to behave improperly
  • Piece of shit (vulg.)
  • Wanker (vulg.): colloquial, coarse: male person who masturbates; offensive male person; obsolete person who jizzes leather greases

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Bastard: Bastard, bastard, bastard, scoundrel Examples of use: 1) "Uh! You are Hiram Witt ?! Uh! - Bastard! Stillje - stann '! Hands on the seams!" (Gustav Meyrink, The evaporated brain, z.n

con: ... for asshole (neuter), see translations for ass violin (female), see translations for bastard (male), see translations for bastard (male) part of speech: ...

douche: douche (English) part of speech: noun hyphenation: douche, plural: douche Word meaning / definition: 1) idiot 2) bastard 3) idiot 4) flushing 5) shower ...

Bastards: ... has incurred the displeasure of another through some behavior Synonyms: 2) Bastard, bastard Examples of use: 1) This bastard from a hangover has already ...

beat up: ... 1) beat up, beat up, hit someone, beat up Examples of use: 1) The bastard should be beaten up properly. English translations: 1) to beat up ...

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