Eggs can be found in butter

Why are you actually vegan? Do you do it for the sake of the animals, do you have the environment in mind or do you want to do something good for your body with it? It doesn't really matter WHY you want to eat a vegan diet. Because you can only be spot on.

However, many people still find it difficult to find the right substitute products. If you want to bake vegan cakes, you usually fail because of this vegan egg substitute. Where milk, cream and butter are fairly easy to replace, it is significantly more difficult to get a vegan egg. Still, we found 5 alternatives that vegans can use to replace real egg.

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Vegans don't eat eggs: what's wrong with them?

Vegans have to make sure that they consume enough protein and protein much more than anyone else. Many people still have the feeling that meat and animal products in particular are the ideal source of protein. But vegan protein is also available in abundance. For example in oatmeal, soy and beans.

Sources of protein include vegetables such as (chick) peas and nuts. You can find out which nuts you should definitely rely on as a vegan here.

What do you need vegan eggs for when baking?

Why finding a suitable vegan egg substitute is so tricky is that eggs serve many important functions. Eggs serve the dough as:

  • as a raising agent: Gases are released in the dough that make it fluffy and loose.
  • as a moisturizer: Eggs make the dough even more juicy.
  • as a binder: One of the most important functions of eggs is that they bind the dough, not make it crumbly.
  • as a flavor enhancer: It should not be forgotten that eggs are delicious. It is particularly important to find a good vegan alternative to egg.

Our 4 tips to replace eggs vegan

Sure, vegan banana bread can probably be enjoyed by anyone after their time in the corona lockdown. But really elaborate cakes and tarts need a little more thought. You can find out which ingredients you can use instead of eggs here.

1. MyEy

Anyone who thought that no product could be launched that could really and truly replace eggs, cut themselves mightily. Even the infamous "Den of the Lions" has jumped on the bandwagon. Tonight, on April 19th, 2021, MyEy will be pitched. We want to see whether the Lรถw: inside the replacement product as a breakthrough on the horizon of the vegan diet, like we at wmn.

MyEy has 3 products launched: Eygelb, EyweiรŸ and Volley. In terms of taste and consistency, they should come as close to real eggs as possible according to the latest research. The products are completely free of animal fats and proteins and consist of vegetable proteins, locust bean gum, salt and spices.

You can buy Eygelb here ๐Ÿ›’

You can buy EyweiรŸ here ๐Ÿ›’

Volley can be bought here ๐Ÿ›’

By the way: If your vegan egg alternative still doesn't taste like real egg enough for you, we have a lifehack for you: There is a special black salt that perfectly imitates the taste of egg. You can find more about this black salt here.

2. Oatmeal as an egg substitute

Oatmeal is not only super healthy and keeps you full for a long time. They are also the ideal vegetable binding agent for cakes and biscuits because they swell when they come into contact with liquid. Even if the consistency of oat flakes in porridge takes getting used to, they are particularly delicious in baked goods.

Oatmeal is also full of vegan proteins that make you full and strong at the same time.

Incidentally, oatmeal soup is the vegan and hearty alternative to porridge!

3. Flax seeds & chia seeds as egg substitutes

Similar to oatmeal, these two seeds can be used universally if you are looking for vegan egg alternatives. Since they are relatively tasteless, they are all the more suitable for baking. Important: It is essential to process into flour beforehand and let it soak a little in water.

The special thing about it: Both ingredients can also be found on our superfoods list!

4. Locust bean gum as an egg substitute

The carob gum is something very special. It works as a binding agent almost better than real eggs. Desserts, puddings and the like in particular need binders and thickeners. Even vegan ice cream can be refined with it.

Here ๐Ÿ›’ you can have your sample pack of locust bean gum delivered straight to your home.

5. Flour as an egg substitute

Of course there are also products which are manufactured precisely for the purpose to serve as a vegan egg substitute. Vegan egg flour, for example, usually consists of several egg substitutes that are mixed together.

With vegan egg flour, you should above all make sure that the powder can be whipped. If it behaves like egg white, then it has fully served its purpose.

Here ๐Ÿ›’ you can get a certified organic egg substitute. The stuff also lasts forever.

Vegan Eggs & Other Alternatives That Make Life Easier

Vegans don't have it easy in life ... Or do they?

To live vegan or at least flexigan is a little more effort than living as a meat eater. But there are now such good alternatives to meat and eggs that this is no longer an excuse.

There are vegan grill ideas here!

Shopping vegan is really easy with these apps!

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