What are some Ouija Board good experiences

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5.0 out of 5 starsRecommendation: Do not use the Ouija board when you are breastfeeding!

Reviewed in Germany on November 30, 2016

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December 4th, 2018 and December 18th, 2018: I have decided to revise and add to this review: First and foremost, a few explanations have been added.

First of all: I think it's good that the willing reader wants to find out about this topic before he / she starts.

The book by Nerthus von Norderney is good, no question about it. But I would definitely not use the Ouija board during the quiet time (approx. October 15th to approx. January 6th - the date for the quiet time varies from year to year) and also not without having completed a circle beforehand! Nobody should leave the circle until it was opened again! Well, everyone can do that as they want - but then sometimes has to be able to live with any consequences. Occupations - especially for people with a media disposition - are not funny! Incidentally, I recommend only contacting higher-ranking spirits, e.g. a certain spirit guide you already know, e.g. from a channeling session of a professional medium. If you are afraid of using the witchboard, you should stay away from it!
P.S. A circle closure (in this case deosil!) Is recommended for EVERY correct magical ritual!

I can still make two book recommendations for everyone who is interested in magic in general and the Ouija board in particular:

1.) Candyra: dangers of magic (highly recommended!)
2.) Carola Cutomo: mediumship, obsession, madness (a highly recommended factual and experience report on the subject of the Ouija board, the back of tables and glasses, automatic writing, etc.)

Both books are offered on Amazon and have already been reviewed several times - including by me - contrary to my original intention to forego a review of these two books. These two books were really worth reviewing!