Binge TV show or a weekly episode

One new episode per week annoys many streaming users

Netflix has revolutionized video viewing. With the streaming service you get thousands of blockbusters at a flat rate and you can watch popular series for hours at a time. This binge-watching is also popular, as a recent survey shows.

Three quarters of streaming users want all episodes of a series to be published in one fell swoop. A large majority is in favor of the possibility of binge watching. This is the result of a representative survey by the magazine "TV Digital". In it, streaming users were asked which publication rhythm they preferred for series.

Contradicting the current trend in streaming services

The survey results are in stark contrast to the current trend in streaming services. These are increasingly piecing up the release of a new series. Disney + only shows one new episode per week of its series - as is currently the case with "The Mandalorian". According to the survey, however, only nine percent of streaming users want this type of broadcast.

The streaming service Amazon Prime Video recently published only three episodes of its series "The Boys" at the same time. After that, a new episode was made available each week. But even this model is rejected across the board, according to the survey: just twelve percent of those surveyed prefer this mode of broadcasting. The desire to be able to see a complete season in a row is age-dependent. Almost 80 percent of 14 to 29 year olds want to have all episodes made available at the same time. Among the 51 to 69 year olds, it is significantly less at 68 percent. (red, November 29, 2020)