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JetPeel in the test Makes you beautiful and doesn't hurt at all

SELF-TEST What do we not do for beautiful skin? Fruit acid peeling peels them, microdermabrasion grinds them and micro-needling pokes them. With a JetPeel thanks to rocket technology, this should be completely contact-free and much more effective. Our editor mingled with the jet-setters at the Aesthetics Institute and tested the new skin rejuvenation method.

Editors also get a lot of emails. Especially a lot of PR texts. Like this: "JetPeel is a completely new high-tech procedure for skin rejuvenation of the face, which is based on the basic idea of ​​the jet. " I want to call the marketing department and say that it doesn't work for women. "Jet your skin" or "multi-application system with rocket technology". Seriously? We never wanted to be a pilot, but always a princess.

A mixture of air and water that penetrates my skin at 720 km / h (ouch!), Removes the top layer of skin with the smallest of nozzles and injects cocktails of active ingredients into my dermis doesn't turn me on. I don't really want to learn anything about aerospace technology either. I want to know what makes my skin so beautiful, as the retro photo filters on my smartphone have you believe - without my having to suffer.

But the scientific studies of university hospitals for JetPeel method confirm the promise. JetPeel penetrates deeper into the skin than comparable methods, up to 4.5 millimeters. And it places active ingredients where even the best face cream never goes. And I read there, it doesn't hurt at all, has no side effects, and it could be the solution to many of my skin problems.

SELF-TEST - Beauty Treatments put to the test

Knock, knock, doctor, what makes our skin really healthy, young and beautiful? The beauty editors at will get to the bottom of this secret over the next few months. Especially for those who want more than the anti-wrinkle cream contains and still want to look like themselves. Our editor-in-chief Nathalie Riffard starts our self-experiment series for younger and more beautiful skin. She has the deep cleansing JetPeel in the Aesthetic Institute Vistaline in Winterthur tested.

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The deep cleansing JetPeel should not only conjure up smoother and rosy Snow White skin, but also make pigment spots, impurities and scars disappear. Maybe high-tech cosmetics aren't that bad after all?

I'm 32 and that's pretty much mediocre. I thank Mommy's genes and oily skin for wrinkle-free eyes, but curse the pores from which little nuisances rise incessantly and sometimes leave small scars. And my thinking forehead turns bad facial expressions into a good game. I have a frown line so serious it took a whole straight pony to make my coworkers think I was nice.

The question arises: why do I still find it okay to leave a few hundred for my hair but not for my skin? Unfortunately, because high-tech cosmetics are also highly expensive.

My first appointment for an aesthetic facial

That's how you cultivate your prejudices. In that case, the prejudice nurses me. When I ring the doorbell of the Aesthetics Institute Vistaline, a petite, friendly woman opens the door to her, whom I don't believe in botox in the forehead. «What can I offer you? Coffee, water, tea? ». The petite woman turns out to be Mirjeta Nesimi and the specialist with whom I booked my first JetPeel treatment by email. (It later turns out we're both the same age and Botox was the only thing that helped her get rid of a nasty, bedridden migraine.)

Somehow, in the world of unlimited rejuvenation, I had imagined it to be different. More pink and plastic, metaphorically speaking. It's all pretty white and minimalist, like at the dentist, with no questionable taste in art. And it smells a lot better here. I am a little relieved when Mirjeta interrupts our initial conversation because she has to quickly handle a botox delivery over the phone.

What have I been doing for my skin so far? Not much. Wash, cream, hope, I tell Mirjeta from the Aesthetic Institute Vistaline, who gave me the JetPeel method want to bring closer to your own body. Because I think those who want to be beautiful look particularly unnatural when they try too hard for it. I want to look like me, just better.

Save face: new minimally invasive wrinkle treatments

About Mirjeta Nesimi

Mirjeta Nesimi is the practice manager and managing director of the Aesthetic Institute Vistaline in Winterthur. As a qualified health specialist (HF) with a master's degree in public health / prevention, she has now dedicated herself to medical aesthetics. She mainly treats acne, assists in laser treatments and offers medical peelings. Thanks to training at the MedWiss Academy, she is one of the few JetPeel experts in Switzerland.

Event notice: On September 5th, Vistaline is organizing an open day. Further information:

Aesthetic medicine, too, has now mostly put the scalpel aside. A facelift is not without risk, without pain, without telltale scars - and it doesn't make the skin a bit better. Popular minimally invasive wrinkle treatments like botox injections or hyaluronic acid fillers can make the skin appear smoother, but it doesn't get healthier, brighter (aren't we all looking for that sacred glow?) Or more even. Scars, stains and imperfections remain.

The trend has been towards minimally invasive and non-invasive methods for a long time, says Mirjeta Nesimi from the Aesthetic Institute Vistaline. (One speaks of such beauty treatments when the body is only penetrated to a small extent or not at all.) Botox is still very strong, but wrinkle and skin care treatments, in particular, are more and more popular You have to hide at home with a red face), do not cause pain and get a natural result immediately.

The greatest ray of hope is in Aesthetic Institute Vistaline the new JetPeel method: «We could only JetPeels offer. »says Mirjeta Nesimi. Another Swiss colleague from aesthetic medicine also assures that JetPeel will replace all other treatments because it has decisive advantages: You can apply at any time JetPeel while microdermabrasion, micro-needling or fruit acid peelings are not advisable in summer because they make the skin more sensitive to the sun. The down-time after a JetPeel treatment is practically zero because the protective barrier of the skin is not damaged. And «the results of the JetPeel are unsurpassable», says Mirjeta Nesimi.

Jet My Skin! My experience with JetPeel

I'm not nervous. I only worry about the mascara. Afterwards I still have to be socially acceptable. Mirjeta hands me a headband and promises that I will after JetPeel won't look like a panda bear. Many customers even come by before larger events because the immediate effect is so great. And when I'm already on the couch waiting for the jet jet's promise of beauty, I get big ears. The JetPeel method is not only an interesting alternative for wrinkles, but also for large pores, acne, couperose and pigment shifts, the deep cleansing peeling with a vitamin cocktail should ensure a finer complexion.

"Some dermatologists prescribe chemical hammers such as isotretinoin (vitamin A acid) far too quickly, which can have serious side effects," says Mirjeta Nesimi. It is known that vitamin A acid initially burns the skin and makes the skin, mucous membranes and eyes dry. And these are just the side effects to be expected. With a JetPeel we can tackle clogged pores, skin impurities and scars much more gently, believes Mirjeta Nesimi.

Quite a small and quiet rocket:How the JetPeel works

Image: Photodisc

Ready! Blow the fat out of my pores at supersonic speed, Ms. Nesimi!

1st step: deep cleansing with oxygen and saline solution

"Now it can tingle a bit". Before the JetPeel, Mirjeta prepares my skin with a cleansing foam from Aesthetico with glycolic and salicylic acid. But it doesn't burn at all and off you go. She picks up a silver tool that is connected to a large machine, leans over me and starts shooting, with saline solution and oxygen.

The air-water jet feels cool and numbing like a violent jet of water from the shower without getting really wet. ÷ The jet stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic activity. » explains Mirjeta. And the right angle of incidence. This and that effect only at 30 degrees and that only at 45 and the other necessarily at 90. I always had a two in geometry. And so I suppress the thought of having to visually imagine what that means. Makes a headache. But it comforts me to know that Mirjeta knows what she is doing. And it is currently removing the dead skin cells at 720 km / h.

2nd step: lymphatic drainage

Everything is still somewhat relaxed and fresh on the face. Can be endured very well and is definitely not as loud as on the runway of an airport. We talk relaxed about the meaning and purpose of the lymphatic drainage that I am now receiving. In a nutshell: the lymph drainage massages my face and ensures that the harmful substances in the lymph flow away faster. Quasi detox for the face without choking down kale smoothies.

Beauty lexicon: How large pores and impurities arise

Pores are channels in the sebum glands, which in turn form skin fat (sebum) to protect the top layer of skin and keep it supple. If the sebum glands produce too much fat, they become clogged. Penetrating dirt particles or dead skin cells encapsulate the pores, creating blackheads that expand the pore channels. More on this in the article: Finally gotten small - How to refine large pores

3rd step: drug injection

My face is sparkling clean and massaged. And now there's a hyaluronic acid shower. With just a few strokes, Mirjeta works her way from face to face and finally lingers on my frown lines, where I can best use the extra portion of moisture and volume. Then I get some vitamin B5. Wait a minute, I thought that was good for your hair? Vitamin B5 is an energy donor and I learned anti-inflammatory effects from Mirjeta. Just what my cluttered pores could need.

"How are you feeling now?" Asks Mirjeta. From all the water vapor I am slowly feeling a little foggy, somehow well fogged and thinking about how much more of the good stuff could be smuggled into my skin. “It is normal that you now feel a little strange, your skin is working and you can feel it. But you should stop when it is most beautiful. Unfortunately, my blissful, dizzy skin does not get any more jet droning, but a care cream and soothing aloe vera gel.

Depending on the skin condition, different active ingredients are recommended: Hyaluronic acid (( is always worthwhile in anti-aging treatments because it protects, moisturizes and makes the skin more elastic. And because it is an endogenous substance that decreases as we get older. Mirjeta advises me to drink plenty of water before and after the hyaluronic acid. Makes sense that hyaluronic acid binds and stores a thousand times the amount of water of its own weight.

If you want to significantly reduce expression lines, you might opt ​​for ATX-NAT (Argireline), a softer plant-based variant of Botox. Unlike the neurotoxin botulinium toxin, ATX-NAT does not cut the connection between nerve and muscle, but acts as a buffer.

For acne-prone skin, vitamins A, E and B5 are recommended. Vitamin C is recommended for dark shadows under the eyes, pigment spots and generally sun-damaged skin. (You can download more information on the individual active ingredients here.)

The thing with the glow: Immediate effect JetPeel treatment

The most exciting moment of my before and after show is about to begin. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful glow in the country? Tada, my skin feels supple and I look fresh and rosy, like my bare self after a shower and the moment when my husband finds me most beautiful.

However, it takes time before I really learn to appreciate the effect. At first I am just a little embarrassed (I always tell the hairdresser that it is blown really well and then do a ponytail) and find myself unusually rosy, mostly I'm rather pale. Only at home in front of the bathroom mirror do I see that my frown lines are really not that deep and that the pores appear finer. in the following days there are also much fewer impurities. Rocket technology, I'm your fan from now on.

A jet peel is right for you if you ...

... stay tuned.

A glow shower here and there is all well and good. In order to achieve lasting results, Mirjeta Nesimi recommends a course of five treatments every two weeks and monthly refreshments. After a JetPeel treatment, improvements in skin metabolism, pigmentation, blood circulation and skin evenness could be observed for up to nine months.

... appreciate natural results.

Is JetPeel better than photoshop? But no! JetPeel does not work miracles, but helps the skin to regenerate itself by removing dead skin cells that make your skin look tired, boosts its metabolism and places care substances where they are most needed, but never get there with skin care creams. Ironing away deep wrinkles, even a JetPeel cannot. Massive, long-term skin damage can be reduced, but not eliminated.

... have problem skin and want gentle medical-cosmetic care.

JetPeel is ideal for sensitive skin. There are specific active ingredient complexes for acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases. Because the treatment is non-contact and the protective barrier of the skin is not damaged, is a JetPeel for every skin condition and at any time.

... are ready to invest in their skin.

A single treatment costs between 150 and 250 francs, depending on your needs. In a package, the treatments are cheaper.

JetPeel compared to other minimally invasive skin rejuvenation methods

In order to improve the appearance of the skin naturally, minimally invasive wrinkle treatments mostly rely on the body's own wound healing process and the injection of well-known anti-aging ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, B and hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin.

"Fruit acid peelings, microdermabrasion, ablative lasers and micro-needling peel, burn, perforate and grind the protective layer of the skin in order to smuggle cosmetic active ingredients into deeper skin layers," explains Mirjeta Nesimi.

They all have one thing in common. They remove the horny layer of the skin, which consists of dead skin cells and covers the living skin like a gray veil (Glow opponent). To do this, you inflict the smallest injuries on the skin so that the wound healing process is stimulated and it is stimulated to form new collagen and elastin. The result is usually brighter, more even and plump skin.

JetPeel bring even better results, but much gentler. Because it does not damage the skin or its protective barrier: “JetPeel transports highly active ingredients without contact via the intact barrier into deep layers of the skin. The protective barrier is maintained and renewed. "

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