How valuable is Tesla Motors

For the first time, Tesla is more valuable than Volkswagen

It's a big moment for Elon Musk: For the first time in its history, the electric car manufacturer Tesla has exceeded a market value of $ 100 billion - and has overtaken Volkswagen. The German group is currently valued at around $ 99 billion. A remarkable result, after all, Volkswagen produced almost eleven million vehicles last year, Tesla only 367,500. In the industry now only the Japanese company Toyota is more valuable than Musk's company.

On Thursday, Tesla shares were trading at around $ 570 on Wall Street - a new record. This is good news not only for investors, but also for Musk personally. Because two years ago he agreed a daring, but if successful, extremely lucrative deal with his shareholders. Just as one would expect from the man who doesn't seem to shy away from any risk. If Tesla's market value is over $ 100 billion for more than six months, the agreement says, Musk will receive shares valued at $ 346 million.

And that is just the beginning. The block of shares grows when further targets are reached. Should Tesla's market value rise to $ 650 billion one day, Musk could even expect a payment of $ 50 billion. The downside of the deal is that if the price falls below the $ 100 billion threshold again in the next six months, Musk will not get a package of shares at all.

Musk builds the best electric cars

It's a surprising development. Tesla has been declared dead many times. The company threatened to run out of money several times. But Musk, who some consider a genius, others a madman, always managed to prevent bankruptcy. For example, when his factory in Fremont, California couldn't keep up with production of the Model 3, Musk had more assembly lines set up in a huge tent next door. It is said that he also stayed there overnight to personally monitor everything.