What is the best fantasy football platform

What is fantasy football?

Always wanted to own your own Football teams be? Then NFL fantasy football just right for you. Slip into the role of General Managers and recruit real players. Slip into the role of the head coach and assemble the best. Your compiled by you fictional team collects points resulting from the statistically measurable performance of these players on the respective game day.

Scoring - how are points scored?

Rushing and receiving yards also bring you points (standard 0.1 pts. per yard), such as those caught or run over Touchdowns (usually 6 points) and 2 point conversions (2 points). For quarterbacks there are also points for scoring Passing yards and thrown TDs. There are negative points for Loss of space, fumbles or interceptions. For kickers and defenses, other parameters are crucial for scoring.

In most formats, you play against another team from your league and clear it victory when you have more points than your opponent. It's that simple Fantasy football. It's best to play with friends, but you can also go to the Social networks find loads of league offers.

The formats

In fantasy football there is different formatsthat you can play. There are differences, for example, in the length of time in which you manage a team. There are formats here in which you can be a team for a game day (DFS) compile, for a whole season (Redraft) or even for many years (Dynasty). There are other distinguishing features of individual leagues in the Type of draft (Standard, Auction), in the Matchups (Best Ball), in the Scorings (Standard, PPR, TE Premium) or in the Squad compositions (IDP, Superflex). For those for whom this is not enough, there are various combinations and other unusual formats (salary cap leagues, vampire leagues, etc.).

You can find more detailed explanations of the formats here.

The platforms

There are also platforms in the area of various providers. Depending on for which format Once you've made up your mind, it may make sense to choose the platform. Not all providers are suitable for all formats. You can register for free on most platforms and get started.

A Overview do you find here.

Your fantasy football team

Draft Day in fantasy football is the best. The fever that your Favorite player until you fall, glorious. By the end of the draft, your team will likely be a safe finalist for you. The draft is that Selection process where you have your Starting squad put together for your team. With most formats, you can always improve your team. If you have players who are not performing or are injured, you can new players in get your team. You have the option to use the Waiver wire or add them as Free Agents to record. Another possibility are Trades, i.e. the exchange of players between you and a fellow player.

The season

The Fantasy football season usually follows a similar pattern to that NFL. First of all, there is one in most formats Regular season (Preliminary round) and then the Playoffs in the knockout system.


In all the decisions you make, you should consider your chances of that To win league, increase. Because nothing is more fun than winning! Is winning really everything? Yes! But you should too, nonetheless Fancy your players to have. You will see, there is hardly anything better than fantasy football.

We at Fantasy Dominator can help you win your NFL Fantasy Football league!

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