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YouTube and freedom of expression

Another YouTube channel tight. This time Sheilaaliens got it. http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/sheilaaliens-youtube-account-terminated-the-loss-of-a-great-video-maker/ She has like Dutchsinse, his channel is up again, and patrioticspace, whose channel has been closed for at least a month, made videos about chemtrails, Haarpwetter, earthquakes and other inconsistencies. Nice people.

Now it is unfortunately the case that the weather in the world, also in Germany, is made by the military (Haarp, chemtrails, the vulture knows what else) and only the military wants to report about it. That is understandable. What is it to people if their house is swept away by a tornado the next day?

I had saved a link from a Nebraska nuclear power plant that was under water. An airplane flies over a new sea, here and there a few treetops peek out of the water, and in the middle of this water landscape a nuclear power plant is secured with sandbags. The video now looks like this: Alert Nebraska Nuclear Plants Flooding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpVlaePd588&feature=player_embedded

News blackout since May.

And this summer in Germany ... didn't you see it?

We are 7 billion people on earth, including a handful of weirdos and their slaves. Most people suffer terribly and die of need and fear. The others are still chewing the last ham and they don't yet know that it will be their last. When he's gone ...