Are there any good beaches in Corsica France

Top 23 most beautiful beaches in Corsica - With pictures + tips

You're planning Corsica to drive and are looking for the most beautiful beaches?

Then you are exactly right here!

One thing is for sure: the main difficulty is deciding which beach to visit! The choice is great: There is everywhere in Corsica worth seeing amazing beaches!

Around to help you discover the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, I have this detailed travel guide with the best beach holiday destinations (in the north and south of the island) prepared:

  • The most beautiful beaches in North Corsica
  • The most beautiful beaches in South Corsica.

And at the end of this article, I also made a map of the beaches so you can find them easily.

So where are the most beautiful beaches in Corsica?

Let's find out!


Corsica: Most beautiful beaches in the north

Here is a list of the most beautiful seaside resorts that you can discover, during your Round trip in the north of Corsica.

1. Saleccia Beach

Let's start this guide the most beautiful beaches in northern Corsica With the beach of Saleccia.

Saleccia beach is undoubtedly one of them among the most popular beaches in Corsica and is all over the world known.

Thiswhite sand beach in the Désert des Agriates offers wonderful turquoise water and is of pine trees limited.

At this wild and remote beach you won't find any buildings, just one small straw hut, hidden behind the pine trees where you can have lunch. Even if this beach is quite crowded in the high season, you still have the feeling of being on a lost island!

This is clearly the best place to spend a lazy day swimming and sunbathing.

The easiest way to get to Saleccia beach, which is located in the Désert des Agriates, to reach, is with a shuttle boat from Saint-Florent. The boat trip takes less than 30 minutes.

You can find more information about Saleccia in my in-depth article: Desert des Agriates: the ultimate travel guide.

If you are going to go to Saleccia beach, you should spend a night in Saint-Florent.

I give you in this article, a list of the best accommodations near the beach of Saleccia.

2. Lotu Beach

Lotu beach is another beautiful beach to discover in the Désert des Agriates. This beach is smaller than Saleccia beach, but just as beautiful with his white sand and the transparent water.

Lotu beach is also a wild beach. Again, there is only one little bar, which you can reach in 5 minutes on foot if you stroll along the sea. Sometimes you can even watch a few wild cows enjoying the sun there!

When you get to the Go to Lotu Beach want, you also have to, like for the Saleccia beach, with the Shuttle boat fromSaint-Florent off, go there. The boat trip also takes about 30 minutes.

All the information you need to visit Lotu Beach can be found in my article: Desert des Agriates: The Ultimate Travel Guide.

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It is possible (and easy) discover the beaches of Saleccia and Lotu in the same day.

A 45 minute hike (direct way) connects these two beaches. However, there is also a slightly longer route (1h30), which on Goes along the sea and is much more beautiful!

And if you don't feel like running, that's not a problem, as it is in summer too 4WD shuttles between the Beaches from Saleccia and Lotu gives.

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3. Ostriconi beach

Ostriconi beach is another great beach to discover on your North Corsica trip.

He is at the mouth of the Ostriconi River, between Saint-Florent and Calvi and near the seaside resort of Ile-Rousse.

This beautiful sandy beach is characterized by its crystal clear waterbordered by the maquis and swamps. A real postcard landscape!

If you want to visit Ostriconi beach, you have to on the street park and 5-10 minutesto walk. A nice little stroll overlooking the beach, great for taking nice pictures!

4. Nonza beach

On the west coast of the Cap Corseyou will the Nonza Beach discover: The atmosphere here is completely different!

This black pebble beach is located below the village of Nonza. Its pebbles are the remains of one old asbestos quarry.

As you might have guessed, this “black beach” is not very inviting to spend a lazy afternoon in the sun! It is better, to admire him from above!

Many artists and tourists draw and write messages on the beach from white pebbles. Some of them can even be read from the village of Nonza!

If you want to create your own piece of art, you have 2 ways to get to the beach:

  • On foot: go from the village of Nonza down the steep stairsthat leads to the beach.
  • By car: Take the small road that leads to this beach, 3 km north of Nonza.

Nonza beach is not the best place to swim in the north of Corsica, because that Water is deep and dangerous in the wind.

When you visit the village of Nonza do not forget the breathtaking view from the Genoese tower from has to be admired!

5. Ficajola beach

Ficajola beach is the only one Beach in the Calanques de Piana, which can be reached on foot.

From postage drive to the village of Piana and then continue your route for 1 km. Then turn right and follow the narrow and winding road to get to a parking lot. From there you walk for about 10 minutes, around the beach of Ficajola to reach.

This small pebble and sandy beach is beautiful, but quickly overcrowded!

If you don't feel like going there, you can go for a cruise decideto visit the Calanches of Piana by boat. From the port of Porto From here you will drive along the coast to the Calanques and admire Ficajola from the sea!

additional Information about this boat trip can be found in my article:Calanques de Piana: The Ultimate Travel Guide.

If you, in Ficajola, to take a bathand want to take a boat trip to the Calanques de Piana,should youspend a night in Porto.

You can find a selection of the best hotels in Porto and Piana in my article: Best accommodations near the Calanques de Piana.

6. Arone beach

The beach of Arone is one of the beautiful beaches near the Calanques de Piana.

This beautiful one large sandy beach,surrounded by mountains and big red rocks, is located 12 km south of Piana, to Capo Rosso. On the way there you will wonderful views of the Gulf of Porto and admire the bays.

There is free parking as well several bars and restaurants at the beach. It's a great place to have a swim between Porto and Ajaccio!

7. Beaches on the Cap Corse Customs Trail

The Zöllnerpfad onCap Corse, is one of the best hiking trails in Corsica.

This beautiful coastal path connects the villages Macinaggio,Barcaggio and Centuri.

During your walk by the sea, you will too many wonderful beaches and bays discover. It's the perfect place to take a swim!

The most beautiful beaches along the customs path on Cap Corse are:

  • Tamarone Beach: The closest beach to Macinaggio, accessible by car or on foot. This large sandy beach is often overgrown with Neptune grass. There is a restaurant on the beach that serves good food. Tip: You should reserve your table in advance, especially in summer!
  • Cala Genovese: a beautiful fine sandy beach with turquoise water. In my opinion it is the best beach along the customs officers path.
  • Cala Francese: another great beach, right next to Cala Genovese.
  • Barcaggio beach: a beautiful sandy beach, bordered by dunes and macchia, in a nature reserve. Its shallow water is ideal for children!

It takes more than 3.5 hours to reach Barcaggio from Macinaggio (one way) so you have to plan a full day for this hike. So plan Spend one night in Macinaggio and do the hike the next day.

All information about Cap Corse and its best accommodations, can be found in my article:Cap Corse: The Ultimate Travel Guide.

8. Calvi Beach

With its 2.8 km of fine sand, Calvi beach is one of the most popular longest beaches in Corsica.

This beautiful one Sandy beachbordered by pine trees shallow, translucent water and a beautiful View of the Citadel of Calvi!

You can find them all along the beach numerous bars and restaurants and you can here Rent sun loungers and parasols.

On the beach of Calvi you can also find a variety of nautical activities like kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddling or catamaraning.

This beach is one of the most touristic in the north of Corsica, but it is so big that you can always find a quiet place even in summer!

Before or after your beach visit in Calvi you should also take a short walk through the town of Calvi.

More information about the best sights and activities in Calvi, you can find in my article: Top 15 sights in Calvi.

9. The other beautiful beaches in the north of Corsica

Now you know everything about them 8 most beautiful beaches of northern Corsica!

But there are many others grgreat places which are also suitable if you want to take a refreshing bath! So don't hesitate during your road trip through Northern Corsica, too stop at these somewhat less beautiful seaside resorts, to refresh you.

Most of these beaches and bays are located at Cap Corse:

  • Pietracorbara beach, a large sandy beach, 40 minutes by car from Bastia, on the east coast.
  • Cagnano beach, next to the village of Porticciolo.
  • Santa Severa Pebble beach.
  • Meria beach, sheltered from the wind and with a Genoese tower.
  • L’Anse d’Aliso, Located 9 km south of Centuri, one of the best beaches is the Calanques de Piana. You have to take a small back road to reach it.
  • The Marine di Scalo, 1 km from Pino.
  • The Giottani Navy, 11 km from Pino. Leave the D80 road and take the small back road that leads to this small pebble beach.

Would you like to find out more about the sights and activities of Cap Corse? Then I recommend you read my following in-depth article: Cap Corse: The Ultimate Travel Guide.

Corsica: the most beautiful beaches in the south

Now let's do this Guide to the most beautiful beaches in Corsica in the South of the island continue.

During your Corsica trip, be it in Ajaccio, Bonifacioor Porto-Vecchio, you will discover gorgeous beaches that too the most beautifulBeaches in the world belong!

10. Palombaggia beach

Palombaggia is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches Corsica. You can see this beach on many of the island's postcards!

You will come from this paradisiacal beach with turquoise water, white sand, big rocks at the water's edge and from Pine trees limited, be enthusiastic.

There are also several in Palombaggia trendy bars and restaurantsas it is one of the most popular beaches in southern Corsica.

From Porto-Vecchioone reaches Palombaggia in approximately 15 minutes by car:

  • First take the T10 road towards Bonifacio,
  • Then follow the signs to Palombaggia (about 10 km).

There is one near Palombaggia beach paid parking lot (5 € / day). But you can also use the free parking along the street park and then continue on foot to the beach.

You should come here early in the morningif you want to find free parking, especially in the High season!

Since this beach is trendy, famous and beautiful, it always is very crowded.

If you have a equally beautiful beach looking, but with one family atmosphere, you should continue to walk 5 minutes to get to the Tamaricciu Beach to reach.

The most of most beautiful beaches of South Corsica are located near Porto-Vecchio. Plans so to spend a couple of nights thereto discover them all!

All the information about the best sights, activities and places to stay in Porto-Vecchio, can be found in my article:Top 17 sights in Porto-Vecchio.

11. Rondinara beach

During your tour of Corsica, you should also do this Rondinara Beach do not miss. He too undoubtedly belongs to the most beautiful beaches in Corsica!

The splendid and perfectly shaped Rondinara Bay offers calm and transparent water.

At the right end of the beach there is a restaurant and you can here too Rent sun loungers and parasols.

If you Rondinara can be reached from Porto-Vecchio want, it is very simple:

  • First take road T10 towards Bonifacio (13 km)
  • Then turn left towards Suartone / Rondinara.

There is one large paid parking lot (5 € / day) next to the north entrance of the beach of Rondinara and a smaller free car park (at least it was free when I went there) on the left, next to the south entrance.

Good to know: the south side of the beach is quieter and wilder!

12. Santa Giulia beach

Santa Giulia beach is another beautiful beach near by Porto-Vecchio.

This splendid, at the base of a mountain located bay offers turquoise and shallow water. This beach is at least as well known as Rondinara and Palombaggia and is therefore also very busy in summer.

There are several restaurants on the beach, and here you can too Rent sun loungers and parasols.

Lots nautical activities such as water skiing, towing buoys or paddling are offered on this beach.

From Porto-Vecchio, are about 15 minutes by car, to the beach of Santa Giulia:

  • First take the road N198 towards Bonifacio and reach Precojo,
  • And then take the second left towards Santa Giulia.
Voyage Tips

If you want to spend a few relaxing days on these paradisiacal beaches, you should plan several days to stay in Porto-Vecchio.

Here is my list of thebest hotels in Porto-Vecchio.

13. The Petit and Grand Sperone beaches

Petit Sperone beach is another beach that you absolutely must during your Holidays in the south of Corsica have to discover.

Located near Bonifacio, this beautiful one also counts Sandy bay with turquoise water to the 10 most beautiful beaches in Corsica and is clearly worth a visit!

This beach is located just 10 minutes walk from Piantarella beach (You can find more information about this beach later in this article).

From the Petit Sperone beach you can walk in 10 minutes the beach of Grand Sperone to reach, which is a bit bigger and windier, but also very beautiful!

On these 2 completely wild beaches you won't find any bars, restaurants, toilets, or lounge chairs.

If you want to spend a relaxing day on the beaches of Petit and Grand Sperone, you should stay overnight in Bonifacio. Here is my listof the best accommodations in Bonifacio.

14. Piantarella Beach

The Piantarella Beach I already mentioned above. This sandy beach is located right next to the Petit Sperone beach.

While the beaches of Petit and Grand Sperone are prettier, the Piantarella lagoon is the perfect place if you're looking for some exciting things to do nautical activities!

You have the choice between Windsurfing, stand-up paddling or kayaking. There are also a bar / restaurant.

Since there are no parking spaces in Piantarella and Sperone, you have to park your car on the side of the road.

15. The beaches of the Lavezzi Islands

If you're planning an itinerary in southern Corsica, you really should one Plan the day to the sublime beaches and coves of the Lavezzi Islands to discover.

There you can enjoy a wonderful landscape, with huge rocks and crystal clear water. The best place to swim is that La Chiesa beach on the island of Lavezzu.

On this completely wild island there are no restaurants, no drinking water, no toilets and not even garbage cans. So don't forget to bring everything you need for the day with you!

The Lavezzi Islands are by boat from Bonifacio reachable.

All the information you need to visit these islands can be found in my article: Lavezzi Islands: The Ultimate Travel Guide.

16. Mare e Sole beach

Mare e Sole beach, also "Plage d’Argent“(Silver Beach) is a beautiful one white sand beach with transparent water.

Be shallow water is ideal if you can is traveling with children in Corsica!

On this beach you can too Rent pedal boats and several small beach restaurants enjoy.

This beach is located south of Ajaccio and Porticcio. Access is easy and parking is easy as it is here lots of parking gives.

17. Portigliolo Beach

The Portigliolo sandy beach is only located 9 km from Propriano, one of the most famous seaside resorts in Corsica.

This 4 km long beach, located at the mouth of the Rizzanese River, is one of the longest beaches in the Gulf of Valinco in the south of Corsica. The landscapes here are really magical!

In Portigliolo you can numerous nautical activities how Towing buoys, water skiing, pedal boats or kayaking exercise. You can choose one too guided snorkeling excursion decide or rent a boatto discover the area (with or without a driver's license).

Good to know too: Here there is one restaurant facing the beach.

The South side of the beach offers shallow water and is therefore ideal for children.

And if you are one are looking for quieter and wilder surroundings, should you rather go to the north side of the beach walk.

18. Roccapina Beach

Roccapina beach is located on the road between Ajaccio and Bonifacio, 20 km south of Sartene.

These small sheltered bay offers wonderful turquoise waterbordered by large rocks.

It's quite difficult to get there as you can about 2.5 km of a dirt road must follow, but this beach is still very popular and lively! At the beginning of the dirt road, however, you can park without any problems, as there is one here large and free parking lot gives.

On this wild beach there are no restaurants or lounge chairs, so it is still relatively unspoiled! Unfortunately, however, many anchor Boats a little too close to the shore and thus spoil the view a little.

From Roccapina you can too walk to Erbaju beach. This wild and secluded beach is wonderful!

Even if you don't feel like going down to this beach, you should anyway stop at the Casa di Roccapina viewpoint.

This vantage point offers a wonderful view over the beach and you will also get one large rock in the shape of a lion can discover!

19. San Giovianni beach

The San Giovianni beach is not the most famous in southern Corsica, but personally I think he is too belongs to the most beautiful beaches on the island!

This wonderful beach is from 2 huge rocks and one Genoese tower limited. This makes the beautiful bays sheltered from the wind with fine sand.

If you have a Are a snorkel friend, don't forget your diving mask and explore it magnificent seabed from San Giovianni!

This in the Gulf of Figari The beach is quite difficult to find as there are many tall trees on the roadside and you can hardly see the beach. Plus point: this beach is because of it wild and calm remained!

20. Chiuni beach

Chiuni beach lies near Cargese.

At this large sandy beach is a "Club Med" hotel where one many nautical activities how Jet ski or Tow buoyscan exercise. You can even walk along the beach here horse riding!

If you just want to spend a lazy afternoon sunbathing, this beach is ideal: here you can Rent sun loungers and parasols.

And if you like hiking, I recommend you either go to the nearby ones Genoese tower to run or even to undertake a 3-hour hike around the Cap.

There is one free parking along the beach, but you can too walk from Peru beach to Chiuni beach. This hike takes about 1 hour.

21. Paragan Beach / Fazzio Beach

Paragan's beach is a very nice beach near Bonifacio.

These large bay, sheltered from the wind, offers shallow and turquoise water. It is clearly a great place to in the south of Corsica to bathe!

There is no parking, but it is easy to park along the street, right on the beach.

From Paragan Beach you can also walk 15 minutes (from the left side of the beach) to the To reach Fazzio beach. Surrounded by large rocks and cliffs, this little bay looks a bit like a fjord and offers a very nice backdrop!

If you plan to spend a day on Paragan or Fazzio Beach during your road trip in southern Corsica, you should also take advantage of it to discover the city of Bonifacio, since this only a few minutes by car away.

If you want to know more about the best things to do in Bonifacio, you can read my following article: Top 20 sights in Bonifacio.

22. Tunara Beach / Stagnolu Beach

Tunara beach is another beautiful beach in the area of ​​Bonifacio.

You can do it easily reached by car, as there is a large parking lot next to the beach restaurant.

There you will become one fairly large sandy beach with shallow water discover.

Walk along the path by the sea to several small bays to discover, which are ideal for a refreshing swim. If you go a little further (for 5 minutes) you will achieve the beach of Stagnolu.

Stagnolu is a wonderful white sand beach, much wilder than its neighbor!

From there you can too a coastal path (on the left) follow and around Capo di Feno hike, the Paragan beach reach and even after Bonifacio go further!