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Coding BMW F30 - What can be coded - Complete list

With the BMW F30 you can code a whole lot of useful, hidden and just plain cool functions. If you want to know what you can code on a BMW F30, then you've come to the right place.

So what can you code in the F30? We are aware of over 50 different areas with well over 100 possible codings. The following list applies to the models F30, F31, F34, F35 and the BMW M3 F80:

  • Active sound design
  • Ambient lighting
  • Audio
  • indicator
  • Brake light
  • Corona rings
  • Parking aid (PDC)
  • Getting started
  • Driver assistant
  • Driving dynamics
  • Window regulator
  • High beam
  • Head-Up Display
  • Tailgate
  • Rear spoiler
  • Home lights
  • iDrive menus
  • Engine start stop
  • navigation
  • to open
  • Rain light sensor
  • tires
  • cleaning
  • Switching point display
  • Headlight cleaning
  • Shut down
  • Side view cameras
  • Sidemarker
  • Seat
  • Seat heating
  • Voltage monitoring
  • mirror
  • Sports ads
  • iDrive start logo
  • Parking light
  • Speedometer
  • Daytime running lights
  • tank
  • phone
  • Door light
  • Time / date
  • Video while driving
  • Warning system
  • Warnings
  • Welcome light
  • air conditioning

All of the codings listed can be implemented quickly, safely and inexpensively with the help of the Carly app and the associated adapter - provided that your car's control units support it. So find out in advance which codings are all available for your model. They are different depending on the year of construction.

A list with technical descriptions of the codings on the BMW F30 can be found here.

Now we want to introduce you to the most popular codings for the BMW F30 and its siblings in more detail.

Coding BMW F30 reversing camera

We have all found a parking space that was very small and, thanks to the reversing camera, we found it intact. The rear view camera of the BMW F30 is one of the many cool features that you have on your Code BMW F30 can. Even if the camera is a huge help in itself, you can still code or personalize some things. Today we will show you how and what you can do with yours Code BMW F30 can.

You have no idea how you are about yours BMW can do coding? Don't worry, we'll explain everything step by step.

First of all, you have to understand a few terms that will appear in this explanation. For example, “REM” stands for Road Experience Management. The SEM is responsible for the reversing camera and various rear lights. It is also becoming more and more important for autonomous driving, as it recognizes the environment through the imported data and thus guides you safely and quickly to your destination. The SEM is a built-in chip that is located on the right side of the trunk.

Here you can, for example, set when the reversing camera switches on and after how many meters, after engaging forward gear, it switches off again. You can also code at what speed it switches on and off.

Another important term is the Car Information Computer (CIC). It is responsible for ensuring that all navigation data is saved on the hard drive installed in the BMW and is the successor to the Car Communication Computer (CCC). To find the separate menu, you have to go to the main menu on your board computer. Then push the controller, which is located next to the switching module, for about 10 seconds, i.e. in the direction of the board computer. When that's done, turn the controller three times to the right and then back to the left. Then again to the right and left and finally to the right again. If you go to the “Settings” menu item, you will see various options that weren't there before.

Here you can, for example, view the Code reversing camera to horizontal or vertical.

The last term you should know is Park Distance Control (PDC) and means nothing else than electronic parking aid. The sensor is located at the rear of the car or at the rear and the front.

You can encode the volume of the warning tone at the front and rear in your board computer.

So you have the possibility to set the warning tone volume to very weak, for example, if your ears are still fit and to very strong for those who have been on earth a little longer.

Coding BMW F30 ambient lighting

The ambient lighting is something very cool and definitely an eye catcher. But did you know that you have the brightness of light in your Code BMW F30 can?

Ambient lighting is an absolute must for every BMW enthusiast. Not only does it look cool, it is also sometimes really useful. Often, however, you have the problem that it is simply not strong enough to look really good, as the ambient lighting is automatically adjusted to the brightness of the speedometer lighting. We took a closer look at it and found a simple solution. With the help of Carly.

You simply have to turn on the coding “own brightness” in your front electronic module (FEM), which is a combination of several control units. Then you can easily change the brightness as you like.

BMW F30 Navi coding

Would you like to spice up your navigation system and add a few features that make your life a lot easier? Today we show how you do with yours F30 can code the navigation system.

As always, you have a wide range of coding options that you can make. Today we're going to show you the coolest and the ones you will need the most.

Often no preview is displayed for an entered route. This can be really uncomfortable when you are later in a kilometer-long traffic jam that you could have avoided. That's why we show you like you at your F30 can code the preview for the route.

You can easily do the coding in your board computer and it is child's play for every BMW enthusiast. You don't need to be a mechanic to make this change and you save an expensive visit to the workshop.

Second, we decided to use the fuel stop coding in your navigation system. This shows you possible gas stations on the entered route so that you don't get left on the route if you run out of fuel. This function is very useful as it saves you unnecessary stress and especially those who drive alone, who are deep in thought, will benefit from it.

Last but not least, we have some coding that can be very helpful. You have probably all carried out an update on your navigation system at some point. Then you will have noticed that while a map update is being downloaded, the navigation system is not ready for use. With this coding, the navigation system is still functional, although an update is being carried out.

In order to be able to use this coding, you have to activate the coding “Navigation during update” in your Car Information Computer (CIC).

Another useful function is the display of menu items for route info. With this coding you can see the entered route step by step and don't need to be afraid to get lost.

A function that most BMW F30 drivers are probably not familiar with, but which can be useful, is the route magnet. This coding helps you to choose your preferred route to get to your destination. For example, you can decide whether you want to travel via Nuremberg or Stuttgart when you travel from Munich to Frankfurt.

With this simple yet helpful coding you can make your life and yours a little easier Code BMW F30 and personalize.

BMW F30 Start Stop Coding

Many BMW drivers know this: you are standing at a traffic light and the engine switches off. However, you know that this is not so good for the engine and has various other disadvantages. However, there is no setting point in the board computer to switch this off in the long term. What now?

Today we show you, among other things, how you do this and other codings with yours BMW F30 can make.

As mentioned above, you can switch off the automatic start-stop function on your BMW F30 by default. You can easily do this coding in the Front Electronic Module (FEM), which is responsible for linking different areas.

Another helpful function that you can code is the automatic start in Eco / Eco Pro mode. Here you can set that as soon as the engine is started you are in Eco mode. This function is particularly beneficial for environmentally conscious drivers. Unfortunately, you cannot code to get started in Sport / Sport + mode. So all racing drivers among you have to set this function manually.

If you cannot decide to switch off the automatic start-stop system for good, you can do the following: Your BMW F30 has the “Start-Stop Memory” function. This allows you to save the last used function for the next time before switching off the engine. So you can easily switch before you finally say goodbye to the start-stop automatic. To illustrate it a little, here is a short example: You switch off the automatic start-stop and switch off the engine a few seconds later. When you come back the next day, you will find that the automatic start-stop system is still switched off.

BMW F30 lane departure warning coding (lane assistant)

The overview is of great importance in road traffic. But we don't always succeed in keeping them. This is why you have the option of using your lane departure warning system, also known as the lane assistant, on yours Coding BMW F30. You will find out today what exactly you can change by coding.

You probably know the fear of the curb. Where is she exactly? Do I still have a little space or will my rim be scratched right away? You shouldn't have to worry about it in the future. You can with yours BMW F30 add curb detection coding and grass detection. These functions are available separately, but can also be used together. It is also possible to switch both off completely. The fear of a scratched rim is a thing of the past.

BMW F30 digital speedometer coding

Do you sometimes get distracted from the traffic by looking at the analog speedometer? We know how to help you. Thanks to the digital speedometer, a quick glance is enough to read the speed. With a conventional speedometer with a needle, this is not so fast. In addition, you will not be able to read the speed with an analog speedometer as well as with a digital speedometer. For this reason there is the possibility to choose your preferred representation through a simple coding.

Here you can easily display a digital speedometer below the analog speedometer. You can also let the ´corrected´ speed disappear. Because normally speedometers are corrected “upwards”. This means that you are actually driving slower than it is displayed. Usually it's a few km / h. Also stupid if you don't know exactly how fast you are currently traveling.

BMW F30 folding mirrors coding

There are definitely situations in which, as the owner of a car, you have to fear for your rear-view mirrors. Narrow parking spaces, in which the cars are standing next to each other, are certainly familiar to everyone. But even for this problem we have a solution for yours BMW F30. We'll tell you exactly which ones in the following points.

With an integrated LIN bus (often only with built-in exterior mirror heating), it is possible to open the exterior mirrors with your key BMW F30 expand and collapse. All you have to do is hold down the lock button to fold the mirrors. When unlocking, they can either fold out fully automatically or not, depending on the setting. You may have to code the CAS module (= immobilizer) for this. This is also done quickly and in any case no magic.

Another advantage of the codable exterior mirrors will make smaller drivers in particular sit up and take notice. We made it possible for the mirrors to tilt down in reverse gear to better keep an eye on the area around the rear tires. To do this, you have to activate the mirror tilt functions 1st and 2nd in the control system. There you can also set how much the mirrors should tilt downwards. Here you can choose between the settings weak, medium and strong.

If you have not selected the option for the mirrors to automatically unfold when the car is unlocked, there is a practical additional function. With this you can choose the speed at which the exterior mirrors fold out by themselves. The options range from 1km / h to 40km / h. You also have the option of setting the maximum speed for folding the mirrors. The range here ranges from 10km / h up to 60 km / h. Practical, isn't it?

Coding BMW F30 indicators

Often it is the little things that make life beautiful. So it is with the turn signals on cars. Every car has them, and indicators are actually nothing out of the ordinary. But you can do yours BMW F30 make it a real eye-catcher. Today we will show you how you do it.

Before you even get in, you can let your car greet you. If you have selected that a visual signal should be given when unlocking, you can choose how often the indicators should light up. Especially at night you stand there really cool in front of your friends. When you have arrived safely at your destination, you can have the whole thing done while locking.

But there is another function that is visible from the outside. In the event of an alarm, you can have your turn signals switched on to draw even more attention to the possible break-in. Nevertheless, we hope that none of you really need to use this function.

While driving, you can give 3 flashing signals by pressing or pulling the indicator lever once.

You can easily do it yourself and do not need to drive to the workshop. This will save you time and probably a lot of money.

Coding BMW F30 tailgate

One of the coolest features in modern cars is the automatic tailgate. It enables easy storage of the trunk and the automatic locking function means that you no longer have to get your fingers dirty to open the tailgate of the BMW F30 close.

The comfort access allows you to open the tailgate with the key. An optical signal is emitted if you want it. If you often use the convenience access when shopping and want to open the tailgate from further away, so that you can then walk to your car with the shopping, there is the option of opening the tailgate with a delay. This is helpful if you don't want the trunk of your BMW F30 open too long before you arrive.

The tailgate can then also be closed again with the remote control key. For this you have to deactivate the coding ´Panic alarm remote control´ in the ´CAS module`. If possible, you should also activate ´Close tailgate with remote control key - addition´. So you can leave the trunk open for your companion and then simply close it from wherever.

If you are already sitting in the car and someone forgets to close the tailgate, the tailgate can be comfortably closed from the driver's seat using the footwell switch. This can be coded in the tailgate module and is only possible if an automatically closing tailgate is installed.

Code BMW F30 Head-Up Display

In recent years, the head-up display has become more and more fashionable. This is mainly due to the many different possibilities that it brings with it. There is a long list of possible codings that you can use in your BMWF30 Head-Up Display can integrate. Today we'll show you exactly how you do it.

Before we get to the possibilities of the infotainment system, let's talk about the tools that affect driving itself. The following options are available for coding the display. The cruise control can be activated with changes in the iDrive control unit under the item “Cruise control in Head-Up Display”. It is also possible to move the indicator display to the head-up display. This also includes the hazard warning lights. However, this coding only works with models up to 2013. To achieve this, you have to activate the “Blinker in Head-Up Display” item in your iDrive control unit.

Now we come to the points which offer us helpful information about various things. When the head-up display starts, the start screen menu is also shown in the display. Cool entertainment services such as radio stations or the music list can also be easily imported into the HUD (short for Head-Up Display). The call list, which is often used, can be projected directly in front of the driver in addition to being displayed on the center console.In addition to the call list, the phone book can also be added to the other menu items already mentioned in the head-up display. This is especially helpful for those of you who are heavily involved in cell phone use in your job.

For all those who, in addition to all other things, also frequently use the voice command service, there is the option of having confirmations of the given commands shown in the head-up display.

You can also use the voice recognition function to show you where the next motorway exits are. This makes it possible to determine new routes while driving and to have information on route changes displayed in the HUD as quickly as possible. These features can also be found in the iDrive control unit.

BMW F30 video encoding

Do you want to watch a video while driving? Unfortunately, this function is not standardized on the BMW F30. Fortunately, there is the Carly app, which makes this very easy and saves you the trip to the workshop. So you can do yours BMW F30 Simply code yourself without any prior knowledge.

With this coding, you can enjoy your video in peace even while driving. However, we do not advise anyone to watch a film while driving and thus endanger your own safety. This coding is only possible if your BMW F30 DVDs in the stand supported.

This function is often blocked by the coding “Video only with handbrake”. So in order to play the video while driving, you have to deactivate the coding mentioned above.

Do you want to play a video on your iOS device or do you prefer a USB stick? With your BMW F30 you can decide for yourself what you want to play your videos with. When it comes to video format support, you have the choice between playback via a USB stick or an iOS device. Unfortunately, playback on an Android device is not possible. So you have to switch to a USB stick to play your video files.

In order to play videos with the iPhone, however, you have to connect your mobile phone with a snap-in adapter and not with the conventional USB cable.

Another cool coding is customizing the iDrive menu. With this setting you have the option of replacing the normal title menu with the menu of the inserted DVD. Not only does this look a lot better, but it's also a lot more practical. The menu is then displayed as with a conventional DVD player. You can easily code this setting yourself and do not have to go to an expensive workshop.

It is also possible to personalize the video function with the handbrake. For example, you can only play videos when the handbrake is on and you are in parking mode. It is also possible to play videos where you are only in parking mode. Here you can simply use the one that suits you best and is most comfortable for you.