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Ny’alotha: The secret Mythic phase at N’Zoth

Ny’alotha: The secret Mythic phase at N’Zoth
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In the past few weeks, due to the successful work of some data miners, many players assumed that the fight against N'Zoth at the end of Ny'alotha definitely has a secret phase that only shows up when the boss is on the mythical difficulty level fought through. Even if many players have not yet been able to check this assumption themselves, the efforts of the American top guild haveComplexity Limit but so far both the existence of this phase has been proven and its approximate course has been discovered. Apparently, Mythic appears after a period of time (Boss was always at 70% to 75% health) a portal into the Chamber of Heart of Azeroth that is being attacked by the servants of the Old Gods and needs the help of the players.

When players jump into this portal and enter the heart chamber, then they become the mini-boss Annihilator of the Voidspawn (Skills) faced. Not to be underestimated, this enemy has 76 million health, attacks players with a range of different abilities, and can damage the ventricle defenses itself. As soon as a group has defeated this add, the portal opens again and they can enter the Room of N'Zoth to return. Surprisingly, this excursion into the ventricle of the heart has so far had no effect on the Old God, which is why the players of Complexity Limit were still faced with a N'Zoth with 70% health after 11 minutes.

At the moment it is unfortunately not really clear whether the fight against N'Zoth should actually take place in the way Limit has seen. It seems a little strange that the boss is after the secret phase no changes goes through and the fight has such an extreme length. However, since the Complexity Limit players were the first top guild in the world to see this aspect of the encounter, it is currently quite possible that there were one or two errors with this fight and certain mechanics were not triggered correctly. This theory is supported by the work of the data miners who advance some not yet shown elements of the fight (hostile versions of Magni and mother) in the game data. The next hours and days will show how the MythicOnly phase should affect the actual encounter.


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