What is a radial blower

Blower (German)

Part of speech: noun, (neuter)

Blowers, Plural: Blowers
Word meaning / definition:
1) Device that blows air in a specific direction at a higher pressure than a fan
General terms:
1) fan
Subordinate terms:
1) Motor fan
Application examples:
1) That fan the bouncy castle is unfortunately broken.
1) "In relation to performance, fans achieve high volume flows due to the low pressure ratio, fan average volume flows due to the average pressure ratio. "
1) "A vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device that is equipped with a fan to create a negative pressure."
Derived words:
1) Fan cooling
Nominative: singular the fan; Plural the blowers
Genitive: singular of the fan; Plural the fan
Dative: singular the fan; Plural the fans
Accusative: singular the fan; Plural the fans


  • Swedish: 1) fläkt

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

When it's cold, the window stays closed and air comes through fan into the car. But clogged filters are common - and cause much more than just a bad climate.
20 minutes, December 10, 2018

The police have ended professional hemp breeding in Floridsdorf. In the house of a 57-year-old there was a professional hemp grower in the basement fan and filter system, cannabis was dried in the attic.
ORF, September 14, 2018

The acid rain of the 1980s is still having an impact today. The forestry office therefore uses helicopters and huge ones to regenerate the soil fan a.
Stuttgarter Zeitung online, August 16, 2019

When they arrived, the farmer activated it fan for fresh air supply. The workers were admitted to the Cantonal Hospital in Graubünden with breathing difficulties.
Radio Liechtenstein, October 03, 2018

That is why you should never set the hair dryer on the hottest setting and make sure that there is 15 centimeters between them when blow-drying fan and the hair prevails.
Brigitte.de, September 13, 2018

A metal part flying around hit a farmer in Reutlingen on the head and fatally injured. The piece of metal was in a fan guessed, accelerated and hit the woman.
Stuttgarter Zeitung, August 01, 2020

With the i TURBO ® - fan INVENT has developed a new generation of air conveyors for water and wastewater treatment.
GFA News, June 16, 2020

According to the police, she was busy in a barn on Friday afternoon, carrying delivered straw with one fan to blow into the camp. A metal part of a loading wagon came loose and got into it fan.
SWR.de, August 01, 2020

The perpetrators captured an angle grinder, a silicone gun and a fan with three batteries and the associated charger, each from the Makita brand, as well as an industrial vacuum cleaner from the Hitachi brand.
Police press release, October 9, 2020

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Exhaustor
  • Gas conveyor
  • Fan: Technology fan to generate an air flow for cooling or ventilating rooms or devices; In technical terms: a sharp iron tool for brass wire pullers
  • Miefquirl (coarse): colloquial, casual: a joke term for a rotating air movement device that is often used for cooling
  • fan: Technology, device that conveys surrounding air by rotating an impeller with blades
  • Bellows
  • Wind turbine
  • Winch

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blow:… Brass band, wind music, wind orchestra, blowpipe, blow jet, blow method, blower, blower Translations Chinese: 1) 吹 (chuī) English: blow; 1)…

wind: ... 2) Biology The discharge of flatulence from the intestine through the anus to the outside 3) Music, the air supplied to the organ pipes by a blower 4) Metallurgy that (e.g. during iron extraction ...

Fan: ... Origin of the term: from air Synonyms: 1) Fan, turbo machine, blower 2) Fan, (CPU) cooler Superordinate terms: 2) Device cooling, processor cooling ...

Foul: Five large fans that you have set up in front of your house to protect against the smell would not keep the breeze off, says the neighbor

Rhyme: German: -ɛːzə: Rhyme pronunciation / phonetic transcription (IPA): ɛːzə spellings: -äse, -aise Similar rhymes: -eːzə, -ɛːsə rhyming words two-syllable ase chaise milling cutter cheese read three-syllable blower malaise read four-syllable ekossaise mayonnaise mayonnaise polonaise over

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