Which hair oil is best

Hair oil test 2020: the best products for silky-soft hair

Not only in winter our hair experiences a stressful time due to wind, cold and dry heating air. Even beautiful, sunny summer days can affect our hair and deprive it of moisture. In addition, there are endless styling exertions with straightening irons, curling irons or colorants.

Therefore, in addition to shampoo and conditioner, good additional care is required that protects our hair and prevents it from drying out. Hair oil is a popular all-rounder. It wraps around the hair like a protective coat, keeps it nice and supple and prevents brittle ends. But which product does what it promises? We have put 6 different hair oils under the microscope for you - from cheap to expensive.

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Inexpensive hair oil in the test

Garnier Fructis miracle oil

Price: approx. 6 euros

You can buy the Garnier Fructis Wonder Oil in the drugstore or online, for example here at Amazon. *

This is what Garnier Fructis hair oil promises:
The Fructis hair oil is intended to intensively care for dry and damaged hair and immediately make it more supple. The non-greasy formulation should not weigh down the hair and should provide a natural shine.

Rating of the gofeminin editorial team:
The Garnier Fructis Wonder Oil has a sweet scent that may be a little too intense for one or the other. Compared to other products, the oil is more liquid, so you have to be careful when applying it because it runs quickly through your fingers. We massaged it into damp hair after washing. After use, the hair can be combed through better and feels smooth when dry. However, we could hardly notice any more shine in the hair.

Points are deducted for the many additional ingredients such as perfume, silicone and parabens. The price-performance ratio is overall ok. We would only recommend the product to insensitive hair types.

L'Oréal Paris Elvital Oil Magique Hair Oil

Price: approx. 7 euros

Here you can order L'Oréal Paris Elvital Oil Magique Hair Oil from Douglas. *

This is what Elvital Öl Magique's hair oil promises:
The oil should be suitable for all hair types and make the hair supple and shiny. In addition, the hair should be easier to comb and less prone to frizz.

Rating of the gofeminin editorial team:
The Elvital Oil Magique Hair Oil from L'Oréal Paris gives the hair a subtle, pleasant scent. The oil feels a bit sticky, which is why we definitely recommend using it only on damp hair. The product is too rich for use when dry and sticks the hair.

The product scores well in terms of care. The hair lengths feel soft and smooth. Natural curls appear more grippy and well-groomed. However, if you have fine hair, you should use the oil sparingly so that the hair is not weighed down.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor

Price: approx. 8.50 euros

You can find Aussie 3 Miracle Hair Oil here on Amazon. *

This is what the Aussie 3 Miracle hair oil promises:
The oil should optimally care for and tame dry and stubborn hair. The combination of macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil and avocado oil should ensure a silky-soft mane and more shine.

Rating of the gofeminin editorial team:
The hair oil from Aussie feels pleasantly soft, not too runny and it smells great. It is very easy to use: Simply rub 2-3 pumps into your hands and then comb through your hair with your hands. The approach should be left out. The product can be applied to both wet and dry hair.

The oil straightens and tames stubborn hair immediately without being greasy. The hair appears well-groomed and supple. A really good additional care for the hair lengths.

Expensive hair oil in the test

Newsha Luxe Treatment Oil

Price: approx. 22 euros

You can find the Luxe Treatment Oil from newsha here in the Newsha online shop. *

This is what Newsha hair oil promises:
The Newsha product contains argan oil, should feel particularly light in the hair and still care for it intensively. The hair should appear smoother and shinier.

Rating of the gofeminin editorial team:
The Newsha hair oil has a great scent, slightly nutty and like vanilla. Not too intrusive or artificial. It's not too runny and feels light as a feather on the hand. We applied the oil to towel-dried hair after shampooing. Simply apply a small amount into the tips and lengths of hair. It is extremely easy to distribute, it does not weigh down the hair and does not leave a greasy film. The product can also be applied to dry hair if the tips feel dry and brittle.

The oil cares really well, the hair looks well-groomed and does not look dry. In addition, the hair shines beautifully. Also great: You really only need very little of the product, even with long hair. Thus the quite high price pays off. It is also sulfate and paraben free.

Shue Umura Essence Absolue Oil

Price: approx. 42 euros

You can order Shue Umura's hair oil online, for example, here at Flaconi. *

This is what Shue Umura hair oil promises:
Shue Umura's product with camellia oil is said to protect the hair from drying out and to strengthen it. In addition, it should give the hair shine and help against frizz.

Rating of the gofeminin editorial team:
The hair oil has a pleasant consistency and is not that super liquid. This makes it easy to apply and distribute. In addition, the oil smells very pleasant. Practical: This product can also be applied to damp as well as dry hair.

The hair becomes super soft and well-groomed, but not greasy. Points are deducted for the really high price. But the quality convinces us.

Hair oil without silicone in the test

Do you have very fine hair that quickly becomes weighted and greasy from too rich care products? Then you should try a silicone-free hair oil. It is true that silicones are not bad for our hair through and through. They smooth the surface of the hair and make our mane shine. In addition, they are extremely heat-resistant and optimally protect our hair from styling with straightening irons and Co.

However, non-water-soluble silicones have the disadvantage that they are very difficult to wash out of the hair. So over time they are deposited on the hair, weighing it down and robbing the hair of strength and volume. Therefore, natural hair oil without silicone is better suited for fine hair.

Organic argan oil from Alterra

Price: approx. 6 euros

You can buy Alterra organic argan oil from Rossmann.

This is what Alterra Argan Oil promises:
The oil is a natural beauty all-rounder and can be used for hair, but also as a skin care product.

Rating of the gofeminin editorial team:
The oil has a subtle, natural scent. It is liquid, but it is very easy to distribute in damp hair. The oil detangles the hair and makes it nice and supple. In the case of straight hair, however, we recommend that you be sparing when applying it and that you only apply the oil to the lengths of your hair so that it does not appear stringy.

For very dry hair and frizz, the oil can also be used when dry. The hair surface is immediately smoothed. Overall, a really good, natural alternative to other hair oils.

Popular online: Forest & Shore hair oil without silicone

Price: approx. 22 euros

Here you can buy the Forest & Shore Hair Oil directly online. *

Forest & Shore hair oil consists of coconut, sesame, olive and sunflower oil. The product is 100% natural and organic and is supposed to provide damaged, stressed hair with plenty of moisture.

In the customer reviews on Amazon, the good quality of the oil is particularly praised. The oil is very economical, has a pleasant smell of lavender and intensively cares for dry hair. It should also make your hair shiny.

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