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Getting rid of porn addiction: advice and help

Admitting one's addiction is not only the first step, but also a prerequisite for healing. But many of those affected either hide reality completely or act mostly invisibly in secret out of shame. So they get entangled more and more in a sexual double life, and that takes its toll at some point: While the entry into addiction is characterized by high feelings, both private and professional obligations are gradually being neglected. A vicious circle begins. But where can those affected find help? And when does porn addiction have to be treated professionally?

First aid for porn addiction

"If you want to fight your porn addiction yourself, you need willpower. That is an important basic requirement, because without it a cure is not possible," says Heike Melzer, neurologist and sex therapist from Munich. According to the expert, addiction is indeed a chronic disease, but there are ways and means to overcome it in the long term:

  1. To inform: In order to be able to understand one's own behavior, information is required. There are many articles and publications on the internet that deal with the topic of porn addiction.
  2. Isolation from the addictive substance "porn": Withdrawal is also inevitable with porn addiction. For example, special filter software or apps that monitor your own porn consumption can provide support. In addition, behavioral methods help, such as learning what are known as "thought stops". Clarity about external and internal triggers, which can be circumvented if they are transparent, deletion of addictive material, conscious use of the smartphone and clear "off times" etc.
  3. Self-help groups: Feeling not alone with an addiction can be comforting and helpful. In almost every major city there are self-help groups that work very appreciatively and not in a stigmatizing way. Those affected can openly and anonymously exchange information about their porn or sex addiction and support one another.
  4. Increase self-esteem: The self-confidence of those affected is usually very weak and that cannot be changed overnight. But trust in yourself can be actively promoted, strengthened and learned. For example, by looking for a new hobby, trying out different sports, or developing your own skills. Nice side effect: the activities distract from the addiction.
  5. Relaxation: Porn addiction often leads to internal stress, tension, and impulse control disorders. It is therefore important to consciously improve cognitive performance and to be mindful of oneself and one's surroundings. Various types of relaxation, such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness exercises or autogenic training can help to release pressure and to be able to focus better.

Relaxation exercises for the home

Relaxing can be learned. Do you already know our online course "Meditation and Mindfulness" at TK-GesundheitsCoach? With nine consecutive instructions, you can build and practice your mindfulness skills step by step. Would like more? In the TK HealthCoach, further varied courses on fitness, nutrition and stress management await you. Free of charge, of course.

Porn addiction therapy can help

Porn addiction is now recognized as a compulsive sexual disorder by the WHO as a disease and can be both diagnosed and treated by therapists. This is important because many sufferers are often unable to get to the causes of the addiction. These are often in the past and are in unconscious contexts that can only be revealed and treated as part of a therapy.

Similar to dry alcoholics, many former porn addicts are no longer able to consume pornography to a normal extent after successful therapy. Repeated use is often the beginning of a protracted relapse. Sex therapist Heike Melzer nevertheless gives reason for hope: "Addicts can find their way back to a self-determined, mindful and binding sexuality and also learn or even develop their ability to relate. A very worthwhile project to be healthy and attractive in the long term."

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