What are the causes of masturbation


Karl Hörmann: LChM 1976, Sp. 1413-1417

Masturbation is understood as the sexual arousal up to orgasm (with corresponding excretions) that a person undertakes on his own (other names: self-defilement, ipsation, masturbation, false onanism).

1. Statistical studies show that masturbation is widespread, especially among male youth. This observation has led some to speak of masturbation as a normal phenomenon. However, the term "normal" is ambiguous. Masturbation can be called normal if one understands by it that it is a typical expression of the erotic ego attitude (autoeroticism) of the person and that it occurs frequently in connection with it; this does not mean that masturbation is "normal" in the sense of "sittl. correct is.

Man can come to masturbation for various reasons. The basic cause is the sex drive (cf. gender) itself, which can be intensified by various influences. The depth psychology shows that the sex. Maturation of the human being leads from autoeroticism through homoeroticism to heteroeroticism. For the sexuality of the young person, the path to the partner has not yet opened up. The young person is on his own, auto-erotic. The possibility of fulfilling the awakening and growing instinctual desire through self-gratification can come about through chance discovery or through seduction; later he knows about it through experience. Masturbation is a typical expression of autoeroticism. If it extends beyond a certain age, it indicates that the person has got stuck in auto-eroticism or has fallen back into it again. He can become more fixated on this attitude and the self-satisfaction associated with it, the more difficult it is for him to open up to you through experiences with his surroundings (masturbation under the pressure of displeasure).

In the past, some consequences of illness were ascribed to masturbation. It has long been recognized that these statements are incorrect and that it is therefore incorrect and disastrous to try to prevent masturbation by referring to them. The psycholog. However, research has shown that masturbation is due to human deficiency. Personality indicates, namely, an ego attitude that is understandable for a certain stage of development, but must be overcome. So it's not just about the symptom of masturbation, but about the auto-eroticism behind it.

In coping with autoeroticism, behavior towards self-satisfaction plays a certain role. Man can behave differently to her: he can simply give in to the desire and thus reinforce his autoerotic attitude; he can suppress the urge to masturbate without changing the autoerotic attitude; he can grapple with the drive to self-gratification stemming from the auto-erotic attitude and choose not to give in but to endure the tension. The latter behavior sets the course for a development that leads to further gender. Maturation leads. It is not a matter of so-called repressive sublimation, i.e. giving in to the pressure of society that wants to suppress something and put something else in its place, but rather real sublimation, the free endurance of the tension of needs that drives the process of maturation.

2. Accordingly, masturbation should be viewed as a malformed sexual behavior.

a) As such, however, it cannot be proven by some arguments that have been used frequently in the past.

You wanted to see the mistake in wasting semen. It was not taken into account that this characterization only affects the masturbation of the sexually mature man (not the woman, the child, the old man) and that nature itself is wasteful with the sperm.

The accusation of unbridled desire for pleasure could be made against a large part of those who satisfy themselves, but not those who are not looking for pleasure, but rather relief from tension. Incidentally, pleasure is not to be judged separately, but according to the activity from which it arises; The first question to be asked is the moral nature of auto-erotic sexual activity.

b) Man should mature in general and in his sexuality in particular “from love of the ego to love of love” (R. Affemann). Masturbation is not only an expression of the ego attitude, but also suitable for holding people to oneself (narcissism = pleasure in the automatic sexual arousal of one's own body) and not in love with the opposite sex. You and certainly not to crown the two sexes. To let love arrive in the child. Their deficiency is hardly in their aptitude to physically. or cause mental illness, but in the obstruction of personal love through them.

The individual act of masturbation may not yet cause great harm, but it is predisposed to repetition (the fulfillment that the individual act cannot offer is sought in the accumulation) and thus to the addictive fixation on an immature sexual pleasure that is in the way of personality maturation stands.

The ecclesiastical teaching office has on the not inconsiderable. Lack of masturbation pointed out (D 688 2044; Pius XII., UG 156 2242), which she had not only through a positive prohibition, but by nature (D 2149); even a good purpose for which it is practiced does not make this deficiency disappear (D 3684; Pius XII., UG 2333 4730).

Moral inaccuracy is indicated by the widely observed feeling of guilt associated with masturbation; also their rejection by simple indigenous peoples.

c) It comes free for the subjective guilt of man in the individual act of masturbation. on how far he is responsible for the attitude behind it. is and how far he understands that he should renounce autoerotic instinctual satisfaction, and how far he is able to do so. Children and adolescents often grasp at the beginning. the importance of masturbation doesn't. Man can be aroused to orgasm even without his intention; if he foresees that the excitement will occur as a result of his own doing, which has a different aim, the question is whether this action can be justified (cf. action with two different effects). Besides In the moral area, the orgasm lies in sleep (in men: Pollutio nocturna). Respectl. Guilt or innocence are blanket judgments out of place (see Holy Office, July 15, 1961; Kongr. F. D. Doctrine of Faith, December 29, 1975, 9). Anyone who has to look after someone with this difficulty should not dramatize them or frighten them, but should encourage them to strive for better things and, if possible, help them to open up to you. He would not do the cared for a good service if he tried to dissuade him from feeling guilty by claiming that there was nothing wrong with masturbating. The mistake appears even worse when the young person is asked to masturbate on the grounds that it is normal in the sense of morally correct or impeccable, or even that it serves a necessary practice of sexuality. The mature attitude should be practiced.