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Nonverbal communication in women *)

This chance find on the Internet tries to solve the problem Interpretation of women's body language and contains one or the other nice curiosity. The signs mentioned here are intended to make it clear to a man whether he is making progress in rapprochement.


  • Big smile showing the upper and lower rows of teeth
  • Biting your lips or showing your tongue lightly, licking your lips
  • It moisturizes the lips, some women only once, others more often
  • She presses the lips outwards and also presses the breasts forward

When assessing body language one must also take into account that fuller lips can now be produced artificially: the procedure takes barely thirty minutes, i. i.e., shorter than a hairdresser appointment. First, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lips, and after about ten minutes, hyaluronic acid is injected along the edge of the lip with a fine syringe. This is then lightly massaged in so that it is well distributed in the lips. Shortly after the treatment, the lips are still a little swollen, but the end result can be seen after one or two days. Incidentally, such non-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular and demand has been increasing for several years. Without general anesthesia and a scalpel, wrinkles can be smoothed, facial features redefined and fat cells dissolved, whereby young people between 18 and 25 in particular are increasingly discovering this type of beauty treatment for themselves.



  • She looks into the eyes of the other person with deep interest and the pupils are dilated
  • She raises her eyebrows for a few seconds in an exaggerated manner, combined with a smile and eye contact
  • When she speaks to the other person, she often winks

Historical note: To impress the male sex, women in antiquity and in the Middle Ages used the deadly nightshade to dilate their pupils. The scientific name of the deadly nightshade, "Atropa belladonna", is derived from this. Carl von Linné, the founder of the scientific classification and naming of plants, knew this cosmetic "trick" of the female sex, because the Latin epithet "belladonna" means "beautiful woman".

Oddities: When women apply mascara, they usually open their mouths at the same time, although the women themselves do not know exactly why they are doing it. There are various explanations for this phenomenon: When women open their mouths, they tighten the facial skin so that the skin shifts less and it becomes easier to wash the eyelashes. It may also be due to the imitation, because girls watch their mothers exactly how they put on make-up. Another explanation lies in the coinnervation of muscles, because people have stored entire movement patterns, so that instead of individual muscles, a whole group of muscles is always controlled, whereby when applying make-up, the movement pattern for astonishment is called up from the brain, in which one not only does Eyebrows pulls upwards, but at the same time also opens the mouth.
source: New Osnabrück newspaper from January 3, 2015


  • She runs her hand through her hair
  • She uses her fingers as a curler;)
  • She tosses her hair back from her shoulder

It is well known that some women have a habit of frequently taking theirs To twirl strands of hairwhich usually occurs when they are nervous. It is believed that calming down in the chaos of everyday life can help reduce stress. Obviously the twirling gives a feeling of security, because the breathing usually becomes slower and deeper, and after a few minutes the person concerned is calm again. Twisting hair falls under the nervous habits, which includes thumb sucking, which is particularly typical in preschool age. Such rituals reduce inner tension and help to cope better with stressful moments. Such actions are usually harmless and usually stop on their own at some point, but are sometimes also taken into adulthood, whereby they then just as in stressful situations transitoryRegressions occur.


  • When she wears clothes that show her breasts underneath and you watch them get hard
  • When she is constantly fiddling with her clothes to look better
  • She moves to the music with her eyes on the opposite
  • She is sitting up straight and her muscles are tense
  • She is sitting with her legs open
  • She rubs her legs together
  • She rubs her legs against the table
  • She crossed her legs, but is rocking one leg

Geoff Beattie (University of Manchester) sees three Basic positions: If the flirting partner holds her legs together, if she is undecided, if she keeps her legs crossed, this indicates rejection, while if she is stretching her legs away from the body, a woman signals sympathy for the other person.


  • She has turned the bottom of her hand up while looking at the other person
  • She plays with the drink, with her keys or other items on the table
  • She plays with her jewelry, mainly pushing and pulling
  • She touches the arm, shoulder and hip of the other person while she talks to him
  • She looks at her watch when he walks past her


  • She turns up the volume or speaks more softly to match the other's tone of voice
  • She speaks slower or faster to match the other's pace
  • She laughs when he laughs
  • In a crowd, she just talks to him and focuses on him


  • It reflects the body language and attitude of the opposite
  • Their skin tone turns red when near him
  • She stands with her head tilted slightly to one side, one foot behind the other and hips slightly forward
  • At a party when it looks like it keeps popping up from nowhere

Signs of interest over a short distance

  • Glance out of the corner of your eye
  • Look now and then
  • Withstands the gaze of the other person
  • Then look down and away
  • Changes her posture
  • Straighten the hair
  • Turns the body in his direction
  • Tilts his head
  • Smiles
  • Glittering eyes
  • Licks her lips
  • Pushes the chest out

Positive signs

  • Attentive
  • Dilated pupils
  • Slowly open her posture
  • Keeps drink deeper
  • Caresses objects
  • Crossed and uncrossed her legs
  • Playing around with his feet
  • Do not touch the face with your hands
  • Touch the other person
  • Leans forward

Hip movements make dance attractive to women

The way of dancing has a not unimportant function when looking for a partner, with women dancing more attractively during their fertile days according to a recent study. McCarty et al. (2017) had women dance to a simple rhythm and create avatars using reflective markings, which were then made to dance on the screen in an experiment so that only the attractiveness of the movements and not that of the women could be assessed. It showed that both men and women heavily moved hips and arms more attractive, although it was also attractive when the Thigh of the avatars moving independently. Apparently they are Hip movementsfrom which the gender of the dancing person becomes visible, with asymmetrical movements of the limbs signaling well-coordinated motor skills.


Whether it will be something or not ...

This will be something: Smile, tilt your head slightly while listening, one open posture show: These are all signs that indicate that the other is showing interest. Yourself deep look in the eyes and keep an eye on: This behavior is typical for people who want to get closer to the other. Sympathy is also shown by that Mirroring behavior of the opposite. Displacement: In the middle of a magical conversation, an outsider bursts and tries to get in touch with you. If the interlocutor now suppresses the competition, he is signaling that he is interested in you.

It won't work: Nodding around bored in your hair can be a sign of boredom - if the outside of your arm and the back of your hand form a barrier. If someone avoids eye contact, keeps checking the cell phone or the newspaper, then he or she is probably really not interested in contact. Body turned away: Even friendly looks are of no use - no interest. Staring is not a good way to get the other person's attention to you. If someone fits into the other's prey scheme, he or she will definitely seek eye contact.

Dress typology in women

Incidentally, in a women's magazine there was a typology of a wardrobe psychology by Jennifer Baumgartner, according to which clothing would always be an expression of the inside, because one unconsciously decides on clothing that reflects one's own psyche. There are therefore six style types for women:

The merchant

You are a real shopaholic and love the comforting feeling that comes with you when you stand at the checkout. And your overflowing wardrobe won't stop you from hitting the stores again and again. The disadvantage of your shopping madness: bad purchases! There are a lot of items in your closet that you have never worn before.

The collector

Is your closet crowded and do you have a lot of clothes that you haven't worn in years, but that you just don't want to say goodbye to? Then you are one of the collectors. You think about the past and maybe your clothes remind you of certain situations.

The cautious one

Are black and gray tones dominating your wardrobe? Do you think that colorful clothes don't suit you? Then according to Dr. Baumgartner on the group of the driveless. You don't like to be the center of attention and that's why you prefer to wear inconspicuous clothes.

The veiler

Your wardrobe is full of loose clothing and you can't see anything figure-hugging anywhere? Then you belong to the group of concealers. You want to hide your body with clothes because - let's be honest - you don't feel comfortable in your skin. We tell you: Even a few pounds more are no reason to hide!

The expressive

Colorful, flashy, daring. One look in your closet is enough and you know: You like to let it rip! There are many dresses, skirts and sexy tops in your wardrobe. With this fashion you radiate self-confidence - but what many do not know: It sometimes looks very different inside you. For you, the eye-catching clothing is also a kind of protective shield that symbolizes 'I'm fine'.

The practical one

Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers: the contents of your closet are simple and convenient. And that's no wonder! You don't have time in your life to worry about your outfit. As a mom, you have a real full-time job. Your everyday life is organized down to the last detail - the styling falls by the wayside.

Red color as an attractor

In a study, Andre J. Elliot and Daniela Niesta (2008) presented photos to male test persons in which women were depicted, either dressed in different colors or marked with a colored frame. Women dressed or framed in red were classified as particularly desirable, but the color had no influence on the assessment of sympathy and intelligence. Presumably, the relationship between red color and sexual attractiveness was not a result of cultural influences, but may have biological roots, e.g. chimpanzees and female baboons signal to the males that they are ready to conceive by the conspicuously red color of their sexual organs.

source: University of Rochester (2008, October 28). Red Enhances Men's Attraction To Women, Psychological Study Reveals. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 29, 2008, from (08-11-30)

Become an authority in a woman's life through the technique of coldreading ;-)

Cold Reading (Cold reading) is a kind of targeted poking around in the dark with certain minimum information, which can produce amazing effects. Non-verbal communication plays an important role in this. A person with whom a woman has the feeling to learn more about herself has a very special place in her. Due to their socialization, women are often prone to dominant behavior or strong leadership. Using Cold Reading gives you access to her behavior and an unprecedented commitment from her, whereby she does things that you have never dared to dream of before. MathewM gives the following rules of conduct for cold reading in a forum, not without pointing out the great responsibility:

  • The key to a good coldread is getting Self-confidence! If you are convinced of what you are saying and stand by it, the other person will identify with it a lot more.
  • Be creative in the Inclusion of social opinions and conventions! If you take into account the opinions of others, you can take these findings into account in your statements.
  • Have one List of phrases in the bag. If you have a few phrases ready in advance, it will be much easier for you to get into the flow of the speech. Phrases are not there to replace a conversation, but to make it easier, to make it more interesting at first! The whole thing should be fun. Later you will develop your own material that can catapult your success with women far beyond the natural level.
  • Keep your eyes open! Use your senses as best you can. What kind of clothes, jewelry, shoes does she wear. How is their expression. Everything that can give inferences about your personality is interesting.
  • Use the Technique of "fishing"by asking inquiring questions or how she feels about it. Ask and have their feelings explained to you. You can later reuse this information and mirror it that way.
  • Be a good listener! In the best case, the woman speaks about 70-80% of the time. During this time you can collect a lot of information in order to be able to draw even more precise conclusions about the character structure.
  • Always give her that Feeling that you know more than you say! Over time, the woman will confide in you more and more.
  • The last and GOLDEN RULE reads: Always tell the woman what she wants to hear!

Much of cold reading is based on the Barnum or Forer effect, according to which widespread wishes and fears, as well as statements, generalities and ambiguities lead to those who put on the shoe that it fits or even seems to fit . Incidentally, because of their greater sensitivity, women seem to understand other women better because they unconsciously practice cold reading in everyday life by carefully observing emotions and behaviors.

Tips for proper flirting

Tilt your head to one side: When women do this, they present their necks - a vulnerable part of the body. They show themselves to be vulnerable and harmless. In combination with a smile it can also mean: "Take me."

Seductive look: Women can practice this - close their eyes for a moment, pull up their lids with one swing and look deep into the man's eyes.

Open attitude of the man: He puffs up, makes himself taller, clasps his hands behind his head, sticks out his chest. Open-legged seat.

Brush your beard: When men rub their heads - if they have one - they want to make a good impression, to "clean up" themselves. A short plucking of the tie should have a similar effect. But it can also be a sign of nervousness.

The man's look: If he strays, the woman should get up and go. Wasted time.

The woman's gaze: An interested man holds the woman's gaze without being intrusive or staring.

Mirror the other: Do you like the opposite? This should be shown by mirroring the behavior. Lean forward when the other is doing it. The other crosses his legs - do the same.

Arm around shoulder: If the man puts his arm around his wife, he asserts ownership claims. The woman, conversely, lays her head on his shoulder, hooks herself under, takes his hand. The message: "I can be close to him. This is mine."

The right distance: We feel safe when we can move freely. So it is good not to impose yourself when someone backs away. In principle, men take up more space than women.

posture: The more open our posture, the more secure we feel. An upright posture makes you beautiful.

status: He can be recognized by his posture. People with high status look like a rock and solid footing. They make themselves tall, stand upright. People with a low status hunch their shoulders, toes point inwards, they make themselves small.


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OÖN from August 1, 2014

Sad men more interesting to women?

A team of researchers at the University of British Columbia (Canada) had the attractiveness of men assessed on more than 1,000 photos, showing either a happy face with a big grin, a proud facial expression or a sad one with averted eyes. While the happy men were hardly liked, the women liked expressing proud or sad.
For men, however, it was different, because they preferred women with happy faces, because a smile symbolizes less dominance and is therefore more attractive for men. However, the results of the study only apply to the first impression and only refer to sexual attractiveness, because women look a second time and the friendly man can convince.
source: Psychology Today, October 2011.

Under stress, voluptuous women are more attractive

Although overweight is generally considered to be rather unattractive for women, according to an English study, stressed men are more attracted to more voluptuous women than to slim women. Earlier studies had already shown that the experience of psychological stress can influence the ideal image of physical attractiveness. One suspects evolutionary history Causes, because full bodies convey a feeling of security, adequate access to food, better health and a more stable female cycle in stressful situations than with thinner women.

Smiling makes you old ;-)

Women are less likely to smile when taking photos trying to appear young, because one experiment found that people with smiling faces are classified as older regardless of actual age, although it is generally thought that smiling faces appear younger should. It is believed that the aging effect of smiling occurs because the wrinkles on the face are emphasized and sometimes only become visible, especially those around the eyes and mouth.

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