The term casual nonchalance is superfluous

Why Jörg Hauschild did not become a real Cologne native

The co-founder and co-partner of the IT company Midoco works as a kind of translator between the world of tourism and technology. However, Jörg Hauschild is still unable to program today.

Carrying the son's things as a father? Jörg Hauschild shows the smoke-blue hoodie with a smile. "Is something big," he says about the favorite piece. But his son Florian towers over him with 1.96 meters by 14 centimeters.

The co-partner and one of the three bosses of the IT forge Midoco immediately followed up with an anecdote. As die-hard Loriot fans, father and son enjoyed themselves royally in the flick "Papa ante Portas" when it was said: "Dieter, the old coat is still flawless." Since then, garments have been passed on with this saying.

The manager is proud of his "cool" son. During an argument, the then 16-year-old put his hand on his shoulder and said calmly: "Dad, we won't get any further here." "I was exhausted," says Hauschild, "and he was right."

What the 54-year-old tells so frankly and freely says a lot about him. He is obviously able to hear his counterpart even in an argument, and he has the ability to put personal vanities aside - qualities that benefit him in professional life.

In addition, the manager with the sleek short hair has a certain nonchalance. This is exactly what the apprenticeship position at the traditional Hebbel travel agency in Leverkusen gave him. "The intensive training laid the foundation for everything," says Hauschild looking back.
Career: The parents lived in Cologne, but Jörg Hauschild was born in Leverkusen in January 1967. After graduating from high school, he got an apprenticeship position at the Hebbel travel agency in Leverkusen in 1992. The company was way ahead in its own travel agency technology and took a stake in Travel Management Systems with DCS. When Saber took over DCS, Hauschild suddenly had a manager in Dallas and a project colleague in India. Together with his colleagues Marcus Haarmann and Steffen Faradi, he founded the IT company Midoco in Hilden in the Rhineland in 2004 under the umbrella of Pisano Holding. Hauschild mainly takes care of the product, sales and personnel.

Private: The manager is married for the second time and lives with his wife Jana, their daughter Greta (17) and his son Florian (21) in Bergisch Gladbach in their own middle row house on the edge of the forest. His daughter Lena (25) lives and works in Hamburg.

In fact, Hebbel was way ahead when it came to travel agency software and was a co-founder of the IT company Travel Management System (TMS). Hebbel put the then 27-year-old tourism expert at the side of the newly acquired programmer Marcus Haarmann. And this is where Hauschild finds his calling: to bridge the gap between tourism requirements and technology, to be a kind of translator between these worlds. To do this, it is essential to listen to the customer. "But to this day I can't program because the cow can ride a bike better."

The Rhinelander, in whose philosophy of life the glass is always half full, drops such humorous assessments rather casually. For example, that he would like to be a real Cologne native, but his parents had to go to Leverkusen for the birth. "It remains the eternal flaw to be an Immi," he jokes. Fortunately, he can mitigate this with a season ticket for the south curve of 1. FC Köln. And in the Cologne Carnival he romps about as an intrepid Viking.
Coincidence: A fam trip to the west coast of the USA with a detour to Las Vegas was the trigger. The dazzling city in the desert cast a spell over the four tourism experts Jörg Hauschild (Midoco), Heiko Amenda (Midoco) with twin brother Hanno (Hanseat Reisen) and Björn Oberländer (Gebeco).
Incidence: The shamrock left the city with the mutual promise: We will be back. Since then, they have been traveling together for a week to the legendary gaming paradise every two years. Of course there is also gambling - quite manageable: "With 50 dollars you have a great evening at the blackjack table."
Applause: His favorite is the knight spectacle with dinner for the spectators and pyrotechnics in the arena. The themed hotel Excalibur puts on the show twice a day. "That is sensational."

Hauschild crosses his arms over his chest with a smile, turns his chair back and forth and thinks back to 2004. At that time, US IT giant Saber took over the TMS shareholder DCS and thus the management of TMS. A turning point for Hauschild as well as for his colleagues Steffen Faradi and Haarmann.

They got out and founded their own company Midoco under the umbrella of Pisano Holding. "We knew what travel agencies and the emerging online sales force wanted," explains the manager - and this is how the trio gained renowned customers. Since the Corona crisis fueled the topic of process automation, they have been working at full speed. "Everyone expects top performance, so you have to be able to switch quickly," says Jörg Hauschild.

That doesn't cause him any problems. He has been training concentration and focus in sport shooting for years. He even made it to a championship in the Olympic discipline "ten meter air rifle". However, the training is currently suspended - due to Corona.

But Hauschild is not a man who can be easily misled. For him, continuity and stamina count: “What matters to me is what comes after the start.” That also applies to his private life. He likes cruising through the Bergisches Land on his 700cc Yamaha. Wife Jana accompanies him - on her machine.

The two really get moving when jogging and hiking. This is how Hauschild recharges its batteries - also for his role as HR manager. It is important to him to motivate his colleagues, especially now. His motto in conversations: "Polite, but direct, that has helped me further."

With this insight, he is not afraid to discuss his own problems with daughter Lena. She lives and works as a social worker in Hamburg. Needless to say, the father is very proud of her too.