What is the truth about Nibiru

Unknown planets are racing towards us, the end is near!

Even if many media have already announced its discovery in the past few weeks: "Planet 9", which is supposed to do its laps far away from the sun, has not yet been found. There are still only indirect indications of its existence - but these are now quite promising.

When it comes to such news from science, esotericists and pseudoscientists also like to listen carefully. Because they have also had unknown planets in their repertoire for a long time. They are called "Planet X", "Nibiru" or "Hercolobus", and apart from the fact that they are all supposed to bring the end of the world to us (of course!) In one way or another, they have one thing in common: They do not exist, and there is she can't give either.

Enslaved humanity

In 1976 Zecharia Sitchin (who called himself "Antiquarian") wrote a book called "The 12th planet". In it he tells what he supposedly reads from ancient Sumerian texts - it sounds like a science fiction film: When our solar system came into being, there was a planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter called "Tiamat". Then at some point another planet - it was called "Nibiru" - entered our solar system from outside and collided with "Tiamat".

"Nibiru" survived the collision, "Tiamat" broke in half. The asteroid belt, which still exists today, emerged from one half, the other became our earth. Life and the powerful civilization of the "Annunaki" developed on "Nibiru". At some point the "Annunaki" ruined their environment and needed (for whatever reason) large amounts of gold to purify their atmosphere. Hence, they flew to Earth about 450,000 years ago and created a race of work slaves: the humans!

According to Sitchin, "Nibiru" comes close to the earth every 3,600 years - and with it the "Annunaki" too. And when they are back - which according to the various followers of Sitchins and the doomsday prophets will of course be very soon - we have to toil in the aliens' gold mines again.

Tilting earth axis

The story of "Planet X" is completely different, but no less absurd. This term is also used by astronomers to generally refer to all larger celestial bodies that may still be present in the outer solar system. But in the esoteric scene it means the planet from which a certain Nancy Lieder from the USA first reported.

In 1995 Lieder - a housewife from Wisconsin - published on her website the conversations she allegedly had telepathically with the aliens from the star "Zeta Reticuli". These "Zetas" talked about all sorts of things, including a "Planet X" that will cause major catastrophes on earth in the near future. Lieder and the "Zetas" were certain: In spring 2003, "Planet X" would come close to the earth and cause the earth's axis to tilt.

Ninety percent of humanity would die. There were only a few safe places on earth, and whoever wanted to know where they would just have to ask the "Zetas". Nancy Lieder did not shy away from scare tactics: In a radio show a few days before the alleged end of the world, she quickly explained to listeners how best to kill their pets in order to save them the agony of the coming catastrophe.

Intentional deception

Now we obviously survived the year 2003, but that didn't irritate the "Zetas". Because as she and Nancy Lieder later announced: Everything would have been just a deliberate deception. If they had announced the end of the world too early, the governments would have declared martial law, kept people prisoner in the cities, and no one could have escaped to the safe places. But "Planet X" is coming, don't worry! The great catastrophe is imminent, and "ZetaTalk" continues to provide information about the imminent end of the world.

Despite all the failures of the world, the world of conspiracy theorists is still full of various deadly planets. The continuing enthusiasm for the unknown celestial bodies can only exist in contradiction to the knowledge of astronomy gained in the past centuries and decades. Since Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler we have known how planets move and can also predict their movement.

Now so precise that space probes can be steered precisely to their target over unimaginable distances. If we did not understand the movement of the celestial bodies, the New Horizons space probe, for example, would not have flown past Pluto exactly as planned, but would have whizzed through empty space somewhere. But since we were able to calculate exactly where Pluto would be in July 2015 when the probe was launched in January 2006, New Horizons reached its destination.

Missing facts

If "Nibiru" or the "Planet X" of the "Zetas" really existed and such a planet would regularly approach the earth, then it could not do that somehow, but on a path prescribed by the law of gravitation. This orbit can be calculated, and on the one hand it can be shown that such a planet could be discovered long before its arrival at Earth. On the other hand, such a path, which regularly leads from Earth to far out into the solar system, is also unstable. Such a planet cannot exist.

If there are other planets far from the Sun, and most astronomers believe they are, then they will not be easy to spot. Because they inevitably have to stay far away from the sun, otherwise they would have made themselves felt a long time ago. So far we have only found a few anomalies in the orbits of a few distant asteroids that suggest that they may be caused by the disturbance of a distant planet. A planet that is so far from the sun that it will hardly be observable anytime soon (if it even exists).

But if it is found at some point, it will be thanks to the work of many astronomers who have spent years researching to understand our solar system. "Planet 9" will be discovered by scientists through the application of scientific methods, and not through telepathic messages from aliens or horror stories of the end of the world.

Exploitation of ignorance

There is certainly still a lot to discover in the outer areas of our solar system. The dark, unknown regions have the potential for many surprises. But unfortunately the unknown is always used to reinforce the fears and hopes of the ignorant.

As long as there are still so many people who have no real idea of ​​what is going on in the universe, they can also be persuaded that out there, where astronomers have not yet looked, there are some evil planets lurking just waiting to jump out and to destroy the earth. And once again take advantage of mankind's fascination for the unknown to earn money with scaremongering. (Florian Freistetter, February 2, 2016)