At what age can you work at McDonalds

With this part-time job you stay flexible. And always fluid

Finding a good job after school wasn't easy. Then I got the chance for an interview. I've been with it for four years now and it's still varied and exciting every day. In the summer I will start training as a specialist and maybe I will make it to the shift supervisor.

Redouan G.
Restaurant staff

McDonald’s as an employer

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13% short term
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12% slightly
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Variety is guaranteed in your job.

  • Cash register:

    Be a host, take orders and spend. Here you are the face of McDonald’s.
  • Kitchen:

    Teamwork and dedication count in the kitchen. Together you bring legends to life here.
  • McCafé:

    At the McCafé you sweeten the day for our guests and quickly develop a loyal customer base.
  • Facility manager:

    Your job: Make sure that the restaurant is always in top condition and that the guests feel welcome.
  • Guest Relations:

    Here you live the McDonald’s service philosophy and motivate your colleagues.
  • McDrive:

    At the McDrive you have everything in view and always a friendly word for your guests. Action and teamwork are the order of the day.
  • Lobby:

    In the guest area you will delight our guests with a pleasant restaurant atmosphere.

Application tips

  1. Simply apply online. Applying to McDonald's is easy. Under points 2 to 3 you will find everything you need to do this.
  2. Have an application photo ready. For your online application you need a professional application photo, preferably as a JPG or PDF file. It should be a maximum of 2 MB in size.
  3. To your résumé. If you want, send us your résumé so we can get an idea of ​​you. The good thing, however, is that it is not absolutely necessary and you can apply without your résumé.
  4. Ready for the interview If we like your online application, we will invite you to an interview. In a restaurant very close to you. Do you want to convince us? As a future host, it is best to make sure you look well-groomed, have a smile on your face and are not afraid to ask questions yourself.
  5. Try it first? If you are not sure or would like to convince us even more, you are welcome to try out your future profession for a few days. Just ask about it at the interview.