Why are films made in Atlanta

Filming Location Georgia: Film Tours in Peach State


Since the passage of the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act 2008, which grants film productions tax savings if they shoot in Georgia and meet certain requirements, the US state has become the most popular filming location in the United States.

Georgia is also popular because of its geographical diversity, which extends from mountain landscapes to swamps to extensive beaches. But also the huge metropolis of Atlanta, the romantic Savannah and idyllic small towns are increasingly forming the Setting in international blockbusters and TV series.

These are "camera-ready" at any time and are therefore able to best conditions for film crews to accomplish. Film studios such as Pinewood and service providers from the film industry also found their way. Georgia thus opens up numerous opportunities for travelers Locations of your favorite films and series on your own or with guided film tours to discover and to walk in the footsteps of their stars.

The movies and TV series made in Georgia include Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg, The little mermaid, The house of mysterious clocks with Cate Blanchett, Jack Black and Kyle MacLachlan, Venom with Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, season two of the Netflix series Ozark starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, the ninth season of the Walking Dead starring Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, and season three of the Netflix series Stranger Things with Winona Ryder and David Harbor.

Vacation in the film set


Atlanta is considered the epicenter of Georgia's film industry and was the location of the cult series The Walking Dead as well as films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, The Blind Side and Hidden Figures.


Also Senoia south of the capital developed into a Mecca the Walking DeadFans. The TV series enjoys cult status and fans all over the world follow the fate of lead actor Rick Grimes, his companions and opponents from season to season.

The tranquil town of Senoia serves as the backdrop for the fictional towns of Woodbury and Alexandria and has been attracting numerous onlookers since filming began. In addition to the filming locations, you can visit the Woodbury Shoppe with souvenirs and film props or Nic & Norman’s, the restaurant of lead actor Norman Reedus and producer Greg Nicotero.

With The Walking Dead Studio Tour, Riverwood Studios offer the rare opportunity to take a look behind the otherwise strictly screened filming locations in Senoia. This gives fans access to the streets of “Alexandria” and the Riverwood Studios with well-known sets from the series that are not open to the public. The exclusive bus tour takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the town of Senoia and lasts two hours.

The guided The Walking Dead Studio Tour mediates Interesting facts and background information about the shooting of The Walking Dead firsthand. It begins with a tour of various sets at Riverwood Studios. There you will find, among other things, the Sanctuary - the hiding place of Negan - and Hilltop, a huge farm with an antebellum mansion, stables, sawmill, blacksmith shop, water tower and gardens. Can also be visited Oceanside - the women's group's secret retreat - and Heaps, the Scavengers dump. The tour also stops at the place where the popular characters Glenn and Abraham died, and the guide reveals inside information about the filming process of this moving moment.

From Riverwood Studios the route continues into the center of Senoia, which is the city in the series Woodbury and represents the seat of the governor. The absolute highlight is a visit to Alexandriawhere Rick and his companions find safety behind a high wall. This almost four hectare site on the outskirts of Senoia is a completely normal residential complex, the only difference being that the residents make their houses available to the film team for a while. This filming location is cordoned off to keep onlookers away, but the gates of “Alexandria” open for the tour and allow fans a glimpse into the most important location of the series. Visitors there have the opportunity to take a look at Rick's house, the infirmary and other well-known places and feel very close to their series heroes for a moment.

After the film tour, that offers Town of Senoia more opportunities to discover. In its charming pedestrian zone there are small boutiques that The Waking Dead Cafe as well as the Woodbury Shoppe with countless fan articles and movie props from The Walking Dead. A highlight for fans of the series is also a visit to Nic & Norman’s, the restaurant of lead actor Norman Reedus and producer Greg Nicotero.


The tiny village has a similar effect Juliette with the Whistle Stop Cafe made by the movie Green tomatoes It became famous and still serves 100,000 visitors a year with green tomatoes or barbecues.

Georgia Film Selfie Spot Tour

The Georgia Film Selfie Spot Tour makes it easy for you to discover the locations of films and series. A total of 33 blue badges are spread across Georgia in popular filming locations. They identify which film was made there and show the best Space for the perfect selfie in the original setting.

  • For example, you can pose in the luxury hotel The Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, where Melissa McCarthy appears in the film “Fully ripped off“Let it be served like a prince.
  • Fans of the Marvel heroes pulls it to Cartersville Depot, the home planet of the character Peter Quill / Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
  • She is draped with moss and beautiful Oak Alley of the Wormsloe State Historic Site at Savannah, the once Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in "With you by my side“Drove along.
  • Not in Alabama, but in town Rome in Georgia is the fictional one Carmichael Plantationwho have favourited Reese Witherspoon in the film "Sweet Home Alabama“When her parents' home passed away. In reality it is the Oak Hill Villa on the campus of Berry College.

The film industry is an economic engine

With the many productions that were filmed in Georgia, the film industry supported Jobs for locals, boosts and expands small businesses Offer for tourists. Today Georgia is one of the top film production destinations worldwide and communities across the state benefit from it.

Since 2010, more than 300 new companies have moved or expanded to Georgia to serve the movie industry.

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