How would you meet rich people

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Learn the tried and tested 6-step formula with which you, as a normal woman, will snap up a nice AND rich guy tomorrow! 146 pages packed with the most valuable information that will change your life

Why it is absolutely realistic to date rich men this week who are just as nice and handsome as the men you usually date, only that they are also rich. No, you don't have to throw yourself at old crackers, become a call girl or advertise yourself in any dubious portals, but you will get to know men in your everyday life who exactly correspond to your loot scheme, which you have had so far. (Page 19)

I'll also tell you why you haven't had any dates or relationships with rich men before. (Page 20)

I will tell you why people fall in love and how you can use scientifically proven psychological tricks to increase the probability that a man will fall in love with you. (Page 23)

What you need to know about rich men and their characteristics and behavior: How to recognize them, what they expect from a woman, what makes them tick. (Pages 31-48)

How you can see in great detail whether a man is rich or just a dazzler. (Page 30)

Why is it not bad at all if you are not familiar with the world of the rich and luxury and why it is nonsense to learn in behavior classes which knife to use for which food.

In which 20 places you will meet even today or in the next few days masses of flirtatious rich men who correspond to YOUR prey scheme. (Page 53-71)

Which internet platforms you can use to get to know nice, handsome and rich men from the sofa. (Page 75-80)

How you program your everyday life to only get to know rich men.

I will tell you exactly which part-time jobs you are still working this week there, where rich men cavort and how you can get these jobs quickly. (Page 86-91)

How to make sure that he speaks to you or that you open a conversation in no time, even if you are actually shy. (Page 96-102)

How to get into conversation and to flirt, train and perfect your skills. (Page 103-106)

What different types of rich men there are and which ones you should stay away from. (Page 112-115)

How to pull him under your spell with flirt tricks and psychological flirt boosters. (Page 116-127)

How to successfully develop a relationship with a rich man and bind him to you. (Page 128-133)

How you can get him to spend money on you and give you one gift after the other. (Page 134-140)

How to have a relationship with a rich man to ensure that you are forever at home in the better circles. (Page 141-145)

More than 5,300 women have already bought my report and overwhelm me with their success stories. Here are a few of them (names changed).

Success story 1: Jana B. from Hanover

I was a test reader of the 6-step formula and bought the book at the introductory price in 2016. I believe that every woman must have read this book. It makes you realize that everyday habits and behaviors are responsible for the type of man we relate to, and that our choice of men actually affects our entire lives and that of our children. The 6-step formula leads every woman understandably and simply through the steps that only wealthy men can get to know, date and, best of all, get married at the end. I can unreservedly recommend the book. I am currently living with a high-earning young entrepreneur and we are as in love as we were on the first day.

Success story 2: Ivana S. from Biberach

I have never read a book where I thought so often “yes, yes, that's true, I haven't really thought about that.” It is written very logically and can be wonderfully put into practice and YES, I can say that I have been very successful with it. I have dated some rich men and have been in a relationship with a wealthy man for 4 months now. I'll keep you up to date Mia

Success story 3: Regina A. from Salzburg

I especially liked the fact that Mia recommends not to change his prey scheme and to continue to date the same type of man as before, just make sure that he is rich. Of course I implemented a few things and I can say that the book has changed my life in a positive way. I am 25 years old and currently use the book to make acquaintances and meet men. It works exactly as Mia wrote it.

Success story 4: Michael R. from Winterthur

I am a gay man and the 6-step formula is very useful for me too. A book that doesn't lie around for a long time, but rather what you literally devour. All the while, you really want to know what the next step is. Mia not only gives practical tips on how to easily rearrange your everyday life in order to come into contact with more rich men, but also has a lot of psychological background in the book. A clear buy recommendation from me

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