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ZDF shows the story of Auma Obama
Documentary about the American President's half-sister

02.02.2012 – 12:48


Mainz (ots)

The Kenyan half-sister of the American President is the focus of the ZDF documentary "The Story of Auma Obama" on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 12:10 am. In her portrait, which was created in collaboration with the ZDF TV show, Branwen Okpako gives deep insights into a life between Kenyan and Western European culture.

It tells chronologically how Auma's father is sent to study in the USA and how his son Barack Hussein Obama is born in his second marriage. The father's political maladjustment plunges the family into difficulties on his return to Kenya. Auma escapes to Germany with a scholarship. She studies in Heidelberg. The unclear circumstances surrounding her father's sudden death awakened a new understanding in Auma of the political values ​​for which he stood.

In Germany she is becoming more and more politically active, giving seminars and speaking out in talk shows on issues of development aid and globalization. During this time she received a letter from her half-brother Barack for the first time. Through her he gets to know his previously unknown Kenyan family. She, in turn, finds a confidante in him with whom she can intensively exchange ideas on political issues.

After further studies in Berlin and a stay in London, Auma Obama returned to Kenya in early 2000 to give children and young people new opportunities for their lives.

Branwen Okpako met Auma Obama at the film school in Berlin in the early 1990s. She says: "We talked a lot about how we can influence the portrayal of African women in films with our film work. Auma impressed me and others around her with her eloquent and magnetic personality."

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