How to challenge an introvert

Introverted at work: Get out of adjustment

Diversity is currently a big topic in the world of work, but we rarely think of introverted people and their special needs and strengths. A mistake, says Britta Moser, a management consultant and herself a rather introverted person.

In Katarzyna Mol-Wolf's podcast, she explains: "The ideal person in our world is the ramp pig. " Typical extroverted traits would always be expected, especially in the job. A fact from which the 40-year-old, who worked for a long time in a high position in a large publishing company, suffered herself. "I always thought I was wrong," she says, admitting that she tried for a long time to work off her special needs. That worked well - but it wasn't sustainable, it took a lot of energy.

Today she no longer adapts, but knows how to best develop her potential. The digital expert demands that companies finally rethink this and has some great ideas.

Listen now:

Find out in this podcast episode:

- why introverted people and their strengths are important in this day and age

- what really brings them something in their job - and in life - and what doesn't (purpose!)

- how companies can benefit from them

- how extroverts and introverts can work better together.

About Britta Moser:

Britta Moser is a studied cultural anthropologist and now works as a freelance transformation strategist. That means: She advises companies in the areas of digitization, sustainability and the interaction of people. She also founded the "Introversiert" project to bring the subject of introversion more to the fore. Britta had previously worked in various media and publishing houses and was on a trip around the world in between. She lives with her family in Cologne.

Literature tips

Introvert? Britta Moser recommends these books on the subject:

  • Susan Cain: "Still: The Power of Introverts" (Riemann Verlag, German edition 2013, original edition 2012)

  • Brian Little: "Me, the others and us: The psychology of personality and the art of well-being" (Springer Spectrum, German edition 2015)

  • Marti Olsen Laney: "The Power of Introverts" (Hogreve Verlag, German edition 2015, original edition 2002)

  • Sylvia L√∂hken, various books on the subject, for example: "Quiet people - good life" (Gabal Verlag)

  • Study by Adam Grant et al. (2011): "Reversing the Extraverted Leadership Advantage: The Role of Employee Proactivity."

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