What is my grandmother's cousin to me

What is my father's cousin to me?

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What am I to my grandma?

The brother of yours granny is your great-uncle and the child would then be your aunt or uncle 2nd degree, but many also call this a great cousin or great cousin, but officially it's called aunt / uncle 2nd degree. ... Your uncle's child would be your cousin, so your great-uncle's child is your great-cousin.

What is the coucousin?

The cousins ​​are the children of uncles or aunts: cousin ([kuˈzɛŋ], [kuˈzɛ̃ː]) (also German cousin) = son of aunt or uncle = son of brother or sister of a parent.

What is a nephew?

nephew m. 'son of brother or sister', ahd.nevo 'son of brother or sister, grandson, descendant, relative' (9.

What do you call the daughter of my mother's cousin?

The Daughter of the cousin yours mother is your cousin 2nd degree. "A cousin 2nd degree is the Daughter of the cousin or the cousin of a parent, i.e. the granddaughter of a great-aunt or great-uncle.

Is cousin male?

The French word "cousin"Is derived from the Latin" consobrinus ". "Consobrinus" is that male Form and served as a designation for siblings on the maternal side or from the 2nd

What is a grandson

grandson1 m. 'son of the son or daughter', in a broader sense generally 'direct descendant in the third generation', in the plur.

When do you become a grandma?

Majority will be between 50 and 60 granny or grandpa

The majority (45.6 percent) are between the ages of 50 and 60 when their first grandchild is born, but it is not uncommon for their own children to have children again between 40 and 50 (36.0 percent).

What is a grandfather?

1) father of father or mother. 2) colloquial: old man. Origin of the term: ... One word for »grandfather«(And probably also» grandmother «) did not exist in the basic language, since here the head of the family was generally the» father «.

What is the opposite of nephew?

Your siblings' daughters are your nieces. The opposite are your Nephews, so the sons of your siblings. You are (depending on your gender) your uncle or aunt Nephews and nieces.

What do you call my aunt's husband?

A person then only refers to aunts / uncles by marriage as aunt/ Uncle, if the marriage took place before they were born. Someone calls the spouses who are more likable and closer to them as aunt/ Uncle, the less likable / more distant than Uncle's wife, man of aunt.

When do nephews inherit?

If one or both of the grandparents' parts has already passed away at the time of the inheritance of the uncle or aunt, then he or she inherits nephew or the niece only if her father or mother, who is related to the deceased as a sibling, has also died.