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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2: Business operating system with performance co-pilot

Red Hat releases the Linux distribution of the same name, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 with Performance Co-Pilot. The basis is the RPM-based operating system Fedora 28 and the operating system kernel Linux 4.18.0. The market leader among the distributions specially geared towards business customers has been further optimized.

Focus on the user

The focus of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) in version 8.2 is clearly on an improved user experience for new and existing customers as well as on new functions and tools for extended system performance monitoring.

Performance co-pilot creates clarity

One such tool is the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) v5.02, a monitoring and recording tool that can also be used to read, visualize and control the system, the server or the network. Red Hat itself presented the Performance Co-Pilot v5.02 as part of the RHEL 8.2 beta and also showed it in action.

RHEL speaks its own language

With the release of RHEL 8, so-called “application streams” were introduced, which separate developer languages, runtime environments and applications from the elementary software packages of the enterprise operating system.

The new RHEL 8.2 extends these application streams with new, supported programs and tools. In addition to the Python programming language, which has been updated to version 3.8, the build management tool Apache Maven 3.6 should be mentioned in the first place.

When RHEL 8 was released, Red Hat explained how the application streams work.

RHEL 8.2 can be tested for 30 days

The business operating system is aimed exclusively at business customers and can be tested in advance for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

A self-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux workstation costs $ 99, the regular workstation costs $ 179, and the developer workstation costs $ 299.

For more information on changes and improvements in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2, see the official RHEL 8.2 announcement and the very extensive release notes of the latest edition.

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