Is histamine bad for you

Histamine intolerance

If there is a histamine intolerance, the intake of the biogenic amine histamine through the diet must be reduced. Likewise, foods that inhibit the breakdown or promote the release of histamine in the body (histamine liberators) should be taken in moderately.

Individual tolerance varies

The individual histamine tolerance is very different. Some things are well tolerated, others poorly, even in small quantities. In addition to foods that are particularly rich in histamine, such as long-matured cheese or various alcoholic beverages, the consumption of pineapple, raspberries, bananas, cocoa, kiwi, teas such as mate, green and black tea as well as energy drinks can trigger complaints. At the same time, there is often a glutamine intolerance (China restaurant syndrome).

Enzyme preparations containing diamine oxidase can improve the tolerance of foods containing histamine.

The food pyramid should also serve as a basis for a diet that is low in histamine. You can find information on this under The Austrian Food Pyramid.

For more information, see Nutritional Advice and Therapy.

Danger!Some drugs block the enzyme responsible for the breakdown. These include the active ingredients acteylcysteine, ambroxol, aminophylline, amitriptyline, chloroquine, calvulanic acid, isoniazid, metamizole, metoclopramide, propafenone and verapamil.