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Can I wash shoes in the washing machine? Have you often asked yourself this question, but still haven't found the answer? That's what we're here for - the RENO guide explains how washing machine and shoes can go together, which shoes you can easily put in the drum for cleaning and what you should pay attention to. We'll start with an example, the classic wet walk:

As soon as the pattering stops, there is nothing like going out for a run or a walk. Because after a downpour the air is very clear and smells wonderfully fresh. So the best time to let off steam outside. Annoying side effect: the dirty shoes. The question that inevitably arises: into the washing machine with the mud treads or do you prefer to lend a hand yourself?

Which shoes can you wash in the washing machine?

In general: The manufacturer's instructions for use are the most reliable indication of whether a shoe can be put in the washing machine or not. As a rule, however, you can now wash many sneakers and trainers made of fabric and synthetic or even sports shoes made of mesh material in the washing machine with a clear conscience.

These shoes are mostly machine washable:

- sneakers
- sneakers
- Shoes made of fabric, synthetic, mesh material

In the truest sense: No guarantee for shoes in the washing machine

But be careful - there is always a residual risk due to the different easily soluble adhesives. Before washing, you should be aware that there is no guarantee or warranty for damage to your shoes when you wash them. Therefore, you should only wash shoes that you are sure will not leave your shoe closet. In any case, you play it safe with the classic shoe polish products that you can find in our shop.