What is the meaning of LIC

I will become a lawyer. What does that actually mean in Switzerland today?

Current problems regarding the recognition and compatibility of legal training offers

The fields of activity and career aspirations of lawyers today are more heterogeneous than ever before - lawyer, official director, general counsel, compliance officer, etc. What are the possible paths to the respective professional goal in Switzerland? What entry opportunities are there? What are the differences between the various training courses and which training is appropriate for which activity? The following article gives an up-to-date overview and shows problems that can arise with regard to the combination of offers and, in particular, can jeopardize the achievement of personal goals.

I. Introduction

"I'm studying law and becoming a lawyer." This is how many imagine the career aspirations of Swiss students. Well - that has little to do with reality today (and actually not in the past). First of all, the law degree has not existed for a long time, and secondly, the fields of activity and, increasingly, the career aspirations of graduates (“lawyers”) are much more heterogeneous today than ever before.1 Admittedly, the latter is also not a completely new phenomenon. Nevertheless, in the minds of many (especially new students and those involved in recruiting) remains astonishingly traditional and the longer it has, the less it has to do with reality.

A rethink is urgently needed. It seems imperative that the Status quo to examine more closely and give those responsible and students a certain ...