How effective is ECT


The finding of tumor recurrence or metastases is shocking news for patients and their families. In many cases, the chances of a cure are poor, as conventional therapy options reach their limits. Palliative treatments using conventional methods are also usually associated with considerable side effects and pain. With electrochemotherapy (ECT), however, new possibilities are now opening up in the treatment of complex and advanced tumor diseases - in a gentle way.

Electrochemotherapy is not new: With many thousands of patients treated in over 100 medical facilities worldwide, ECT is a method that is already established in certain areas for the treatment of various types of cancer where conventional methods fail. The ECT is minimally invasive, painless and in most cases only needs to be used once.

For example, the clinical ESOPE studies have shown that with a single application of ECT to skin metastases, 74% of the treated tumor lesions were completely removed and 11% partially removed. Furthermore, no significant side effects were reported after treatment with ECT. Evidence of local recurrences was extremely rare.

Electrochemotherapy represents a new possibility for the effective and gentle treatment of cancer. Due to the low side effects, ECT can also be used in cases in which conventional procedures, such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, are too dangerous or too ineffective . Patients with advanced primary tumors and complex tumor recurrences, in which surrounding organs, vessels and nerves must be spared, will particularly benefit from this. The ECT has a significantly shorter treatment time and avoids postoperative pain.