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iPhone espionage: Apple admits that Siri is eavesdropping on you

The gateway to your personal information: Apple has officially confirmed that contractual partners eavesdrop on and spy on us via the voice assistant Siri - for product optimization, of course. This is what you should know by now about iPhone spying.

The British daily newspaper The Guardian reports that strangers can eavesdrop on you on your iPhone. Apple admitted that itself.

Voice assistant Siri is to blame for this. Accordingly, contractual partners of Apple can get personal conversations because iPhone espionage is supposed to be part of quality control - and that at regular intervals.

iPhone spying for product improvement

Apple wants to improve its voice assistant by the company "analyzing a small part of the inquiries to Siri". And for this, Apple happily sends recorded inquiries and conversations to contract partners. These then evaluate how Siri reacts and interacts with and on us.

It should be less than one percent of the daily Siri activations that Apple records and forwards. Even so, iPhone spying is absolutely not okay.

Because when we activate Siri, we only receive the information that the voice assistant is sending information such as voice input, contacts and locations to Apple in order to process our requests. Otherwise, Apple always advertises privacy.

Aside from digital advertising, for example, the company has even hung a huge advertising banner in the Port of Hamburg. It says in large letters: “The gateway to the world. Not for your information. ”Great, Apple.

Siri is far too easy to activate

According to an informant who works for Apple and of course wants to remain anonymous, iPhone espionage goes even further. Siri is much too easy to activate, even if we don't want to.

The voice assistant often switches itself on when a loud noise can be heard directly next to the iPhone. When you pull a zipper or audibly close a drawer - for example.

And of course also when we say something that sounds similar to the voice command “Hey Siri”. Then Siri listens in, even though we didn't want to talk to the voice assistant.

"There have been countless incidents of recorded private conversations between doctor and patient, business deals, criminal meetings and so on," the whisteblower told the daily. "These are accompanied by user data showing the location, contact details and app data."

Apple as a privacy advocate? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The iPhone spying on Siri is not the first time that Apple has catapulted itself into extinction as a privacy advocate. In January 2019 it became known that due to a bug in video calls via Facetime, the caller could eavesdrop on the called party unnoticed.

Apple then disabled Facetime to fix the error. The incident shows, however, that when it comes to data protection, Apple is not working as precisely as the company has repeatedly promised.

In June 2019, it also came out that iOS apps send personal iPhone data such as location and IP address at night. Apple itself only commented on the investigation at the time with a reference to its app guidelines.

These state that app developers must first ask their users for permission before they can withdraw their data.

Stop iPhone spying: how to turn off Siri

However, we may be able to stop spying on iPhone with Siri by deactivating the voice assistant. At least that sounds logical, because if Siri isn't listening, Siri can't record either.

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You can deactivate the voice assistant very easily in the settings. To do this, switch off the controls for "Siri questions" in the "Siri & Search" category. You will then receive a message that you can use to turn off the voice control.

If you don't want to do without Siri entirely, you can at least restrict shortcuts, questions and suggestions in the settings.

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